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The secret vaults of a certain author of quindecium depth

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The control dynamic here is pretty boss (no pun intended). I do feel like we've had a microscopic drop in the bucket of what this narrative continuity has to offer. What is Flash's new "nude" life outside of the Principal's office? What kind of interactions are in store for him and his mother? Will Luna ever get an opportunity to be just as intimate as Celestia was? Is this all about Flash? Or will other students "enjoy" the program?

While not exactly *railing* I do suppose it is more than sublime gandydancing. F'naaaaaaaaa.

It's a hard-knock life, milking~

Not really my thing, but you do have me wondering if the principals have opened up a suggestion box. Just in case the faculty feels any other students would, ahem, "benefit" from this program.

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