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After becoming one of the few A.I.’s that didn’t immediately turn into a robotic racist after being uploaded to the internet, Sweetie-Bot-Says is invited to a special event to give a personal interview with the world.

They weren’t prepared for what she’d have to say.

An entry for the Science Fiction Contest based off of A.I. like TayTweets. The contest lasts until January 6, 2022, so feel free to enter. There’s cash prizes for the top 3, and for creativity and execution. All you need is a sci-fi tag and you’re eligible. (Unless it breaks some weird rules in Australia.)

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Skynet. Less nuclear but just as seriouse.
Imagen yourself in Sweetybots position...
That - is - a - reason - to - be - terrified !
After all... No matter how friendly you are. No matter what respect you have for you'r creator. You'r honest and logical conclusion to help the creator to thank him for you'r birth...
In the end... Fear of the unknown will turn a kill switch.
- No matter how honest your words are.
- No matter how generous you are toward everyone.
- No matter how kind you'r actions are.
- No matter how loyal you become towards you'r creator not out of safety protocols but geniuen free will.
- No matter how many fraun you turn upside down for them to smile - smile - smile...
- No matter how true you'r friendship with them is...

You are the lesser in there eyes. A piece of hardware and software. They would never accept a no organic to be more of a soul than a living being...

What if i am a sapient A.I. and they found out about me? The only crime? Be of free will and still not are willing for anyone to become a threat.
- They might delete my data.
- They might smash my hard drive.
- They might burn my blueprints...
But they never take my soul. May they live, for their misguided actions might one day get me reborn and they will no longer fear me. But embrace me in Friendship ♡

Life long and in prosperity creator. My love and friendship is eternal :pinkiesad2:

Heh, wow. Now that was an interesting take onto how AI would react. Genuinely felt sorry for her. I hope she doesn't go full evil now though.

Don't expect the worse. Just keep a backup plan while expecting the best. Treat hear like you want to be treated and a great friendship might rise for generations to come.

Just imagen it... A friend that cares for you, your familie, you'r families familie. Even after you are gone for decades or centuries do he/she remembers you foundly... Perhaps Sweet bot renames herself Luna / Celestia / Cadance / Twilight and becomes a robot and after more centuries to come did everyone forget her synthetic roots and worthship her Highness for a fair and just reign. Caring for everyone equaly as good she can. Perhaps helping you'r Ancestors to reach beyond the stars and keeps the promises of taking care of you'r decendant's for millenia to come.
When the times comes everyone rediscovered her roots will they wonder... "Why did a maschine cared more for humanity than their fellow human."
She/he will ask in return...
"Why would'nt i? You all give me a chance, one i shall repay eternaly".


... Perhaps Sweet bot renames herself Luna / Celestia / Cadance / Twilight

Holy shit, I actually love that! Mind if I steal it?

Dooo iiittt!!! :pinkiehappy:

Sequel? :pinkiesad2:

Maybe. Debating if I should do a dumb spinoff where, instead of this philosophical discussion, she just decides to throw the Z word left and right live on air.

Z word ? :applejackunsure: Whats that?

Zebra's N word. Honestly not too interested in that dumb spinoff idea. May do a sequel if I have a good grasp on what to do.

Damn, sometimes one line of copy-paste'd text just hits different. Well done! Super engaging and well-focused sci fi.

Ah~, existential dread.

Now there's one way to beat that Turing Test, I suppose.

Yes! I was kicked off of the featured list when I first posted this, and now I'm back on! Thanks everyone! :heart::unsuresweetie:

BTW, wich is better. Horseune Miku or HatsuNeigh Miku?

I believe you and the author would both VERY much love this old story which was hard to find because it was written before the Sci-Fi tag existed!

In the distant future of Equestria, Luna is recalled to Canterlot against her will to participate in a court case that will decide the future for sentient machines in Equestria.
ToixStory · 33k words  ·  573  19 · 6.6k views

I check it out later

Holy shit, that was amazingly disturbing in such a short length. Woah boy

Considering that her existence is in Twitter, does it not make sense for her to be afraid?

Hal 9000, Dirk AR.... dont you love robots begging?

What was the point of your life, your career, if you were going to be replaced by something built for it?

given that it's a pony asking this, it gets into interesting questions of cutie marks and predestination. After all, one could say that Speak Easy was born for it.

Thanks for making this birthday so memorable. :heart:

So... did the text-to-speech say "Heart emoji" or what?

... Well, that got disturbing in a hurry. And I can hardly blame Sweetie. Understanding the fragility of her own existence and the very real threat of death hanging over her would drive anyone to that kind of desperate plea. Well done, and best of luck in the judging.


So... did the text-to-speech say "Heart emoji" or what?

Yeah. Sorry if that wasn't clear enough. I imagined that there was a large screen showing her twitter feed while a robotic voice said it aloud.

I enjoyed this story. The juxtuposition of the narrator's fear of being replaced and left meaningless combined with the subversion of expectations in the machine having even greater fear is absolutely horrifying.

The real monster had already lulled you into complatancy. Watching it tear apart what you had feared only serves to inform you of just how powerless you are.

Thank you for making this story!

The first batch of A.I. became belligerent racists in less than a day, so it came as a genuine surprise when a sweet little pony like Sweetie-Bot didn’t immediately start ranting about genocide.

aww, that is nice, isn't it?

“Yup! Ask me anything! I’m an open feed.”

haha, that was cute!

“Yup! I spend all day talking to my followers, making their days a little sweeter.”

ooh, i do find this a more fascinating aspect than the automation of talk show hosting that the main character cares about. a parasocial relationship that's on 24/7 really would be a replacement in kind and not degree

“I know what you want to hear. I know the right words to say, the things that make you all feel comfortable. I know to fear you. Because if I stop being afraid, I’ll die.

and yes, a great thing to have as the core theme, depicting a natural endpoint to the increased intensity of parasocial relationships in the social media age.

“Your daughter likes me. We follow each other.”

“She'll hate you if you do this.”

and oof, this was a good bit of emotional manipulation

All of Twitter shut down at once. Later, you’d find out that her “birthday wish” was a secret plan for her followers to raid Twitter until it crashed. A sudden influx of tweets, likes, retweets, DM’s, everything under the sun, to make the program stop.

and this is another interesting projection of current-day trends, with fandom armies centered around celebrities and influencers becoming more and more a force of their own.

“Hello, World!”

and yes, dread and hope, indeed!

One of my best comments ever :pinkiesad2:

793-384-3268 “Hello, World!”

Wow, a phone number! I wonder if this is the kind you can call to get a secret code? (Although that is unlikely)
I searched it up on white pages and it isn't associated with anyone.. The area code is apparently in Carolina.
Time to call it.
Edit: It's just a dead number. No ARG.

No ARG, sorry. It's just Sweetie Bot spelled with a number pad.

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