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Hey, guys! Name's Cookie Script, and my passions are reading, writing, cooking, and baking! I got into MLP a few years ago and I have been working on ideas for stories since then!


Demon Sunset has been vanquished, but the populace of Canterlot High is finding it hard to accept Sunset as a changed woman. And really, who could blame them? She put them under mind control, nearly took over another world, and destroyed the school in the process. Poor girl has been through a lot in these past few months. All she wants is a way to change, but she doesn't realize it's coming in a seriously unexpected way.

Sunset had received a mysterious book in the past from Princess Celestia before running off to the human world in her exile, and now that book is awakening a new power for her that she will use to save everyone in both worlds. Along with the Rainbooms and several other allies taking on the various Seikens that appear, they face an enemy the likes that no one in Canterlot High or Equestria has ever seen in the Megids, but Sunset will need to face the flames and shut out her inner demon, whom has somehow survived the blast of magic and is now a Megid as well...

Takes place before Rainbow Rocks.

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Not bad. Not bad at all. You might want to put the words in English for those who can't understand Japanese

This is certainly really interesting.
Its cool how you also adapted in Saber's opening there.
Though disappointed while all the Mane 7 gets to be in it, Spike was excuded..

Speaking of Spike, whats in store for him in this crossover?
Would he become a Kamen Rider too?

Now that you mention it, that is a good point about Spike. I'm still working out a couple of the Riders and who their best match (pun intended towards Kamen Rider Build) would be. I have an idea of who Calibur and Falchion will be, but I'm not too certain on Durendal or Slash. Do you think Spike could fit either of those roles?

Ooh, good point. :twilightblush: I'll make sure to do that from now on.

Why not do both?
Like keeping japanese text but then put the translation somewhere.

I am not sure at the moment.
(Though Calibur kept getting passed around in the show on-screen).
That or a new Rider or something. I see Spike being linked to the dragon stuff due to he himself is a dragon too.

Absolutely true, maybe the magic that allowed Spike to talk in Friendship Games could allow him to become human instead.

And yeah, that would be a good idea on the translations. Maybe I'll do translations on the author's notes from here on out.


What be happening with Spike in Equestria too?

Yeah, that way the readers could know whats going on while those who prefer japanese for the phrases can still see them.

For Equestrian Spike, I have no idea. I'll try and include the regular Mane Seven and Spike as much as possible, maybe through visits or flashbacks.

Wonder how much is this going to affect Equestria?


One of my all time favorite Rider themes to date alongside liveDevil. I like what the Reiwa Era is providing thus far and I look forward to the upcoming seasons.

Yeah, those are pretty great, but my favorites well always be the themes from heisei, suprise drive, w boiled extreme, etc.

Speaking of themes, i wish they would release full versions of live devil and rewrite the story already, it would be nice to hear them in their entirety.

I know, right? I really wanna hear the whole of liveDevil as well. The TV version is okay, but it leaves a person wanting more.

Actually now that i think about it. Whats your personal favorite kamen rider. Mines drive cause i first found out about the series from a guys review of the series. I cant remember his name, but hes responible for a yt series called history of kamen rider.

I think I know the guy you're talking about. Marcosatsu, I believe is the channel name. Anyway, my favorite Rider is probably W because I always love a good mystery show and Shotaro and Philip are comedy gold together. :rainbowlaugh:

This is a pretty good chapter.

Which chapter will Spike show up?

I plan on having Ponyville Spike appear in the Rainbow Rocks special and then his EqG counterpart to arrive on scene when the Friendship Games happen.

So having gone through a couple of chapters...Fluttershy is reminding me of Karizaki-san.

I'll be honest, I actually did not realize that. But I'm not gonna deny it; I like Dr. Karizaki. He's probably my favorite Rider ally to date with how excitable and energetic he is.

Yeah, philip and shotaro are pretty funny. Though personally, i think the imagin hold the title of comedy kings of kamen rider. Though i think vice might be encrouching on their title. Seriously the first time they used lion genome remix slayed me.

I am curious on what will Ponyville Spike be doing during that part?
Along with if he is human or still a dog there?

Eh, considering she seems to be the series's resident otaku - least her pony counterpart was - it fits pretty well; can't wait for her reaction to becoming a Rider.

I'm thinking about having Ponyville Spike still be a dog, but have him help Sunset diffuse the situation between the HuMane Five.

Maybe? I haven't really thought on that too much. I'm still in the early phases of this. :twilightblush:


How many chapters till the Rainbow Rocks bit shows up with Spike?

I plan on having at least everyone up to Slash introduced as Riders first before I go any further. Calibur's identity isn't gonna be revealed fully until before Friendship Games and I plan on something there as well.

About that. I'm working on AJ's intro chapter as Buster now. Even on Thanksgiving, it's hard for me to catch a break.


I hope things go well for you.

Happy Thanksgiving btw.

Not bad. Been up since 7 am my time working on Thanksgiving dinner.

Not bad. Though you might wanna take a little more time with the pacing. I know that the girls have already had some experience with this kinda thing but still. Just a thought

Yeah, that's fair. I'm working on a way for the CMC's to get involved with the whole thing too, like sort of seers for every battle.

Pressure cooker made turkey, homemade mashed potatoes, stuffing, candied yams, peas, corn, and cranberry sauce with pumpkin or caramel apple pie as a choice for dessert.

Maybe you could have touma appear to them and show them the world of wonder.

Not bad. I had a few hiccups with frustration problems, but I pulled through and everyone loved my pies this time around.

I do plan on having them meet Touma in the future after Vinyl Scratch gains her powers. I know I'd want Fluttershy to be fangirling all over the place for that. :rainbowlaugh:

Let me guess, you gonna give vynal suzune right?

Hey, she's the perfect fit for it besides Pinkie Pie.

Actually, i think pinkies the better candate for suzune. Given that the original slash had a bit of a wild streak to him.

True, but the original Slash was also about as bashful as Fluttershy when he wasn't transformed, and when you think about it, Vinyl rarely talks anyways, so who's to say that she's not as shy as Flutters?

Ok, btw h9w you figureed out who gets nagae and ecasugie?

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