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What does Rainbow Dash not have? She did the Sonic Rainboom, arguably making her the fastest pegasus of her time. She saved Equestria multiple times, giving her a lot of respect. She even accomplished her childhood dream of becoming a wonderbolt, giving her another reputation of a celebrity of some sorts.

Yet, one dream eludes her to this time. A seemingly silly and simple dream. But now, after biding her time for the right moment, every single piece has fallen into place.

Today, she's going to be a very happy mare.

Just felt like writing something short and heartwarming~

On a rather off topic talk, am I the only one who actually felt like crying when witnessing something truly adorable?

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Me: This is one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen
Rainbow Dash: https://youtu.be/GPhXP0RNfPU

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