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It was a dark and stormy day when I began the next chapter of my latest book, which was concerning, given that it had been sunny just moments before.

Featured 1/13/2022 - 1/17/2022!

* Post-S7 finale.
* Edited by Double R Forrest.
* Cover art commissioned from the awesome KamDrawings.

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Super atmospheric, wonderful dialogue for all three characters, really interesting worldbuilding as well. It feels like the prelude to a larger story, but it's still satisfying as is. Great job :heart:

MORE. I must have MORE! This is SO GOOD!

Luna and Discord bantering will never get old.

b a n g e r fic
especially for a drama fic, the genre which i find to be dour and dull most times
you managed to intersperse brief moments of levity, which kept it from getting too dreary

also, semi-related aside:

Discord swiftly whirled himself into a tornado. He emerged again with a yellow vest, hat, and some curious red box with a lever.

is this a reference to The Mask?

Haha, this will forever be my telltale quirk as a writer. I write captivating oneshots and leave a grander story open to interpretation. :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you! Atmosphere was definitely the goal. What little there is to Stygian's character naturally has a flair for the dramatic, so this one really wrote itself. Originally planned on this only having Stygian and Discord. About halfway through decided to incorporate Luna, glad I did.

Thanks! Slice of Life, Drama, and Comedy are my strongest genres, so they all tend to have bits of each other sewn in the fabric somewhere. Definitely know what you mean about the Drama tag. I've found it's very underpopulated compared to most of the others, and is rare as a solo genre. I actually like it, given the proper characters and setting. I'll likely dabble with it a bit more.

As for the Mask, that wasn't intentional, but now that you mention it, I can't unsee it. I was picturing some generic construction or demolition worker, but this is probably even better. :moustache:

well done with the interactions. Felt like real people, and nothing bogged down the conversation. Hope to see more like it!
Oh and i listened to this while reading
Relaxing Sleep Music with Night Sounds • Deep Sleep Music, Calm Music, Study Music - YouTube

i think its meant to be a Saftey vest, a Hard hat, and a Cartoon style Dynamite Plunger the tornado thing could go either way though

Wonderful job with the story!!! Was very heartfelt and meaningful, I can't wait for the follow-up blog!

I don't think it was a Reference Specifically to The Mask but rather the same reference as the one from The Mask. The old school dynamite charge detonator control (the red box with the plunger trigger) producing explosions regardless of presence of explosives. Also the character being engulfed in a whirlwind in order to change wardrobe in a matter of seconds or as 90 cartoon Tiny Toon Adventures called it "The Spin Change" being standard tricks in any "Toon " power set. Both The Mask (Especially Stanley Ipkis) and Discord have this power set as do characters like Bugs Bunny.

really liked this, i personally always hated the idea Luna becoming nightmare moon was some outside force or demon and not from her own depression and negative emotions, so i liked where you went here with Luna and Stygian,

I really enjoyed this, and it really makes sense

new55 #12 · Saturday · · ·

That was a good story.

Interesting! Luna & Stygian have rather similar stories, & while there is much of Stygian & Twilight on FimFic, I haven't seen much of Stygian & Luna explored. It's wonderful that even years after the show officially ended, we can still find these sorts of interesting ideas to explore. Have an upvote!

Agreed with you in the Author’s Note about Stygian. Really wish more was done with him.

"This is why she's best princess, Stygian."

I agree with Discord Princess Luna is awesome

This was a really nice story that I really wish we could have seen more interaction with Luna and stygian since they both have in common with each other about dealing with dark magic and being influenced by hate and jealousy and pretty interesting for Discord to join in which it's pretty nice of him to get together and talk about how they can be better in the future and even destroying that well which I guess that's a good thing just in case if any dark magic does comes out this was a pretty nice story keep up the good work and yes I really wish we had more stories about stygian

This is a very interesting story and I really like the world building you did about the Hollow Shades, how Nightmare Moon and the Pony of Shadows happened, and how magic works. I also thought the character interactions were very good, and I thought the first person perspective was very good.

All and all, a good read! Have a follow~:heart::heart::heart::heart::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

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