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All Sprout wanted to do was protect his loved ones. Instead, he accidentally took away the life of the pony he cared about most in the world. Forgiving himself will be impossible... but perhaps his foalhood friends can offer some comfort during his time of grief and solitude.

Sort of a "What if" story, about what would've happened if Sprout hadn't been able to divert Sprouticus Maximus in time (after Phyllis jumped in front of it).

Cover art by Aga_Wisnia

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I could easily believe this to be an alternative ending given how things played out. :fluttershysad:

This is so beautiful!!!! I'd thought of Phyllis dying when that scene happened, thinking that if it wasn't for it being a kid's movie she might have...well, you know. I didn't think of this concept before, and you did such a good job!

Interesting. I like it.

I know how Sprout feels as I lost my mother to complications of COVID-19 along with serious infections in her heart, lungs, kidneys, blood etc 7 months ago back in early April. :pinkiesad2::raritycry:

Pretty good story man

On the one hoof, your mommy’s gone because of you, Sprout. On the other hoof… … *comfort snuggles* :fluttercry:

Jhoira #7 · Nov 16th, 2021 · · 27 ·

Send him to his mommy. *Shotgun racking sound.*

I am crying man, why do you hurt my boy Sprout?

this story is very good and also touched my heart because I know how it feels to lose someone.

There've been times where I don't really read other people's stories, but I became interested based on the description and the nature of the cover art for your story.

I want to say that this story is causing me to actually cry. Like, I really am crying while having read the last parts of it. I never would've thought a story like this could cause me, a man in his twenties to shed tears with how well written your story is. Death of a family member, especially if it's one of your parents, can really hit hard. It makes a person think about life and how short it is.

The story makes me think about my grandmother. She passed away without suffering, and I still remember crying at the table, wishing that I had spent more time with her when I was 19 upon her death. It took me a week or more to get myself together, knowing that I was a college student trying his best to get an education.

I know what Sprout is going through. Knowing that he lost his mother, he could no longer hear her voice or see her alive and spend time with her anymore. Death of a parent is something that takes extreme amount of time to get over, it can be an emotional roller-coaster for any son or daughter to get through.

I want to thank you for writing this story for all us to read and to think about our struggles on the basis of death. :pinkiesad2:

Dang that would be very sad if that would end like that and basically having Sprout feeling even guilty for accidentally killing his mother he felt like he should be punished but it is nice that hitch and sunny it's going to help him go get to this not just only Redemption but also the lost that he's going through as well it's going to be a very long time but knowing this he will never be alone this was a pretty nice story very sad one but good keep up the good work

The description and picture alone made me tear up... oh boy...

Love it
I say as I'm crying

Now I really feel bad for Sprout. Makes me wish to get into your fic and give him a hug.

.. Holy fuck... This made me cry.. *hugs Sprout*

That last line is very true, sometimes all you can do is be there for someone. Sometimes that might be one of the most important things you ever do.

I don't know where that cover art comes from, but what an incredible pic. I really shows just absolute despair, complete and utter devastation. I don't know about Sunny and Hitch's expressions though. I just don't believe you can look that serene when someone is going through that much emotional pain.

Those we love don't go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near, so loved, so missed, so very dear.

it pains me to say this, but it was very close to be real in the movie, o.o

Why do I hear this in the voice of Peter Cullen A.K.A Optimus Prime?

I admit that I haven't seen the G5 movie, but I was intrigued. It was touching to see Sunny and Hitch comfort Sprout in his time of need, even though he seemed to be an antagonist.

Hey, that wasn't nice at all :fluttercry:
I like my ponies alive and smiling

I believe you meant irreparable.

This really hits home due to how I lost grandpa earlier this year.

I feel sad for both Sprout and Sunny there..

I also lost my brother-in-law this year as well and it still hurts

With Sprout being afraid of being torn away from his mother's home also hits hard too..
Due to probate hell I am going through, grandpa's house might end up being sold.

Upvoted, even though I think the content is a little rough. It's well-written, though, and I feel like the subject matter is something I've been thinking about (Sprout is such a momma's boy but nearly killed his own mother).

You heartless, callous, perverse monster...

I like you.

Sad stories had never triggered my tears to drop, but this story did. Good job man, you made a good sadfic.

While I do believe Sprout should've gone to jail, I could definitely call him a tragic villain after all the lies and lack of real guidance.

I enjoyed this story; Sunny being the better pony and forgiving Sprout for what he did. Losing a parent is very hard, so I can relate to his pain. Keep up the good work.:scootangel:

This is truly heart-wrenching.

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