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A chance to do school away from school and visit the exotic breezies has the CMC packing their saddlebags! They are ready for a new adventure, and it'll be their smallest one yet!

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Well now they have been turned into breezies and the learning begins, looking forward on how this story goes.

Oh no.

Sweetiebell cooking Breezie pollen.:twilightoops:

interesting concept, will follow

I always do love a good Breezie story so I will be following this story with great interest.

CMBreezies sounds adorable. But it sounds like the Breezies might be up to something...

Sweetiebelle entered the kitchen.

The granola bar didnt catch fire.:rainbowderp:

What a great chapter I can't wait to see these adventures that CMC turned Breezies will get into.

I like Swirley. Will we get a chapter showing how the breezie foals-turned-ponies are doing in Ponyville?

Don t want to find out first hoof that these fruit are cherry bombs.:twilightoops:

Hopefully, the CMC are careful if they interact with animals or ponies.

Now, this was a very good and great thing with the potion idea I suggested. Thank you and hope I can suggest something else in the future if you wish to.

I wonder what Rhysling is in Breezy?:unsuresweetie:

I imagine many more adventures await them.

I wonder if a breezy named James is hanging around the peach tree...

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