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My curiosity is piqued, but I have to admit I'm wary of reading the story because I don't know what the fetish is. :twilightsheepish:

“That is a baseless and unfounded rumor,” Starlight said. She picked her bottle up and raised it to her lips. Her next words echoed feebly into the upper hollow of the container, providing a metallic tone: “ But you're both on point. ”

wrong tho
ponies are about the size of large dogs
about waist height

people can't be "wrong" about their own worldbuilding you idiot

"(...) that crazy invisible sky orgy where humans share cats and conspiracy theories...”

“The Internet?”

Well, she's not wrong there :rainbowlaugh:

I feel bad for Rainbow and Starlight. I hope they find happiness someday :pinkiesad2:

Insightful conversations about adult life done by adults. An amazing read, truly.

I'm always impressed by your thoughtful characterization of Fluttershy in stories like this. I like to imagine her type is out there somewhere, equally hesitant but hopeful to get what they desire. :heart:

If you say so. Okay, I'll give it a shot.


I don't really think it matters much either way in this story. It's just banter.

You can be incoherent with your worldbuilding, but there's way too much of that in canon to complain about it in fanfic and his actual point was even stupider.

This is a sweet character piece. Thoughtful and insightful. I dig it.

therers not even any sex in it, just a weirdly wholesome fixation on a specific fetish and starlight being like, a disaster lesbian

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11049939 in my story about your OC being trans, the ponies will be the size of giraffes.

Good to know. Thanks for telling me!

The beginning of the second chapter alone reminds me of this.

Starlight and Trixie being mutual disaster lesbians will forever remain the best thing.

It could literally be different in this story. Alternate universe and all that.

“They're boys—er... men .” Fluttershy jerked, holding a stack of envelopes up to her face, obscuring her blushing expression. “... … ... young men. Legal age—of course—but... b-but some of them might be willing to pr-pretend that they're even younger .” A gulp, and she hid her reddening face even more. “W-with a female partner who's... uhm... t-taller than them. Consensually, of course.”

I said this was a fetish of hers as a joke...I actually hit my mark?!?

She probably has a shota fetish it something.

no alt universe tag

I dont think ONE thing like that warrants an alt universe tag you dumbfuck

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11050786 you should post an alt universe tag on your profile pic, because it is non canon.

try getting a life, sweetums

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11051187 bro, I ain’t the one posting pedantic nitpicks and whining about non-issues on stories that don’t conform to my headcanon all the livelong day, and DMing copypasta swear-rants to people who tell me to shut the fuck up. by contrast it takes like two seconds to tell you to shut the fuck up, then I continue with my day.

anyway, if you want, I can make a canon-compliant version of your PFP. I always have time to help out a fellowe browney :twilightsmile Broofhoof!

you are hounding me across the whole fucking site
over a few slights
i have taken my L, and you still refuse to leave me be
you are nitpicking my nitpick, after recognizing it as a nitpick
*ahem* Get. A. Life.

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here is Fluttershy with her pony-shaped lettuce dish. I hope you like it! ^^

honest question, why the fresh fuck will you not just leave me be?
what did i do to you personally?

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11051284 Contrary to what you might think, I don’t go out of my way to scout every single story for comments from Lettuce_Knight. You have a reputation for saying inane shit, picking nits that aren’t even there, or just whining about “muh canon” on stories where Sunset Shimmer gets bottom surgery, or whatever the hell. You have made a habit of complaining about flouting canon on a website built upon flouting canon; it’s like going to a Mexican restaurant and complaining to the chef that there’s cilantro in the salsa. No fucking shit; I think they know that, but just in case they didn’t, Lake_Knife is going to swagger on in and remind you.

“hmmhmmhmm, you fool, Starlight Glimmer does not have a penis in canon!” he declares, carefully resizing his OC/Fluttershy fanship profile pic for maximum obnoxiousness. “I am very intelligent, and I’m going to make it everyone’s problem!”

If I went out of my way to respond to every such instance, I really would have no room in my life for everything else. By coincidence, both skirts and Scampy made it into the featured box within a few days of one another, you commented on them (with the same inane shit as always), I read them too, saw your comments, and decided to respond. I probably didn’t need to; then again, I probably didn’t need to purchase a ten thousand dollar replica of the codpiece Alexander the Great was wearing when he received his fatal wound.

That is all there is to it. I don’t give a shit about you; I think most people don’t give a shit about you. You might self-righteously describe yourself as “public enemy number one,” but tbh, you’re just not that important. The general consensus whenever you show up in a comments page is a collective eyeroll and a “this guy again,” actually.

It’s just, when every single remark or comment you post drips with the kind of condescension you could find in your average MLP rantsona review video, it compels people to respond. Angrily, and with frustration. And I’m sorry, but you don’t get to shed crocodile tears over people being mean to you when every single thing you say seems carefully crafted to be the written equivalent of nails on a chalk board, when you have made it your business to be That Guy to everybody who isn’t as jaded and pretentious as you.

You want people to be nicer to you, then stop making it your mission to be a big, stinging, swollen hemorrhoid in people’s comment sections. Stop sending people whiny, profane DMs when they call you out, and stop blocking them like it’s some kind of victory.

I’m going to inhale the fumes from an entire can of Barbasol so I forget this entire exchange, and by extension, you. I think that this will improve my life.


It’s just, when every single remark or comment you post drips with the kind of condescension you could find in your average MLP rantsona review video, it compels people to respond. Angrily, and with frustration. And I’m sorry, but you don’t get to shed crocodile tears over people being mean to you when every single thing you say seems carefully crafted to be the written equivalent of nails on a chalk board, when you have made it your business to be That Guy to everybody who isn’t as jaded and pretentious as you.

would you believe that i intend literally 0 condescension? that i'm just speaking my mind? that if my mere talking pisses you lot off, maybe it's a you problem?
and you do know that if you(and by extension, literally everyone here) just let my opinions be if they piss you off, we'd all be better off for it, right? if you decided to just not reply/respond, we'd all be so much happier?
and, y'know, i really gotta fuckin take this bit apart like abstract art:

And I’m sorry, but you don’t get to shed crocodile tears over people being mean to you when every single thing you say seems carefully crafted to be the written equivalent of nails on a chalk board

first fuckin off, they aren't fuckin crocodile tears, you fuckin jackass. you don't get to invalidate my feelings cuz i irritate you. that ain't how this shit works, at all.
especially when i'm not intending to be as grating as you so tactlessly put it.
i'd wish you a good night, but i'm not one for lying.

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bro this a my little pony website

I don't give a shit.

That is all, Stfu.

You may not have intended it, but you most definitely caused it. An apology from you would be appreciated by everybody right now, I feel like. Maybe enough to warrant apologies from them as well.

Since OCs tend to be self-inserts, threatening, even jokingly, to write a story where someone's OC is a different gender would seem to be somewhat more egregious than merely using the wrong pronouns, but I guess misgendering people on purpose to bully them is okay now? Good to know.

I love everything you write, and seeing you write stuff like this absolutely makes my day.

I think it's probably okay if you're misgendering a cis person because turnabout is fair play.

If you genuinely think that two wrongs make a right, I'm not sure what to tell you. But that's not the only problem, here. You've also implied that guilt by association is perfectly fine, that it's okay to misgender "a cis person"; one who has said nothing here regarding gender or any other social issue, but is still, according to you, guilty of what other cis people have done merely for being part of the group. This is the fundamental reasoning behind all bigotry. If guilt by association is okay, then you have no basis on which to object when someone says that all black people are criminals, or that all gay people are child rapists; because according to guilt by association, treating every member of a group as guilty of the transgressions of any other member is perfectly valid moral reasoning. And this has a real world impact; I have encountered people who have justified their bigotry against women or gay people on the basis that guilt by association is championed by "the left" so it must be fine.

While you're probably right in general, this specific guy is such a douchenozzle that the "baby's first empathy lesson" of doing it back to them to make them realize how awful they're being is overdue.

That's not how people learn empathy, that's how people learn to dig in and keep being a douchenozzle. Bullying just makes more bullies.

The "how would you feel" question is fairly effective with actual sociopaths who would legitimately never think to ask that question on their own, but you do have something resembling a point. Given this particular guys omnipresence and insistence that he's the victim, I suspect this is more of a "Then Let Me Be Evil" thing.

I haven't been active in comment sections lately, so I don't know the ongoing story, here; but I do know what has happened in this thread, and what has happened is that somebody made a minor stupid statement that could easily have been downvoted and ignored, and then it escalated out of all reason with personal attacks against that person and then justification of those personal attacks seemingly on the basis that "after we personally attacked him, he got angry, therefore he's a worthy target". I don't know if that one allegation that the person in question has sent expletive-laden PMs is true, but if those PMs hypothetically were sent out in response to comments like the one I initially commented on, which resembled nothing so much as middle-school bullying, then expletives were entirely justified. I find it hard to imagine what prior actions he could have taken that could recontextualize the response he has gotten here as reasonable.

This looks, to an outsider, like a case of "somebody says something stupid, bullies pile on and then declare post-hoc justification because victim got upset about being bullied." And if that's what it looks like, then maybe, just maybe, people should take a step back and ask if they WANT to look like that.

"...and then a bit of Evangelion beyond that... but... who doesn't move on from Eva?”

...Feeling a little attacked right now.

Honestly, excellent little tale. Did not go the way I was expecting at all. Especially enjoyed drunk/insecure Dash. Felt very realistic.

Well, usually he's complaining about the actual premise of the story. Sometimes without even knowing said premise ("I don't know what ship this is but it's probably trash" and that's not even me making it up, he said that).

Well this comments section was certainly an adventure and a half

boy these sure are some comments huh

I liked this story. I gotta say from the ending of chapter 2 I expected it to be, like, Fluttershy is secretly a hard dom with a thing for dubcon and chapter 3 would be pure clop, but this was rather pleasant! Not sure I completely understood the last few paragraphs though.

Hmm, yes. Today I have decided that I will not be reading the comments section.

I am getting the overwhelming premonition that doing so would be a bad idea.

Cute story. Kudos.

Aro Ace Pinkie? Honestly I like it.

And I slightly doubt AJs comment that she will know it if she sees it, might be staring right at her.

I think this story was a great way to introduce the concept of DMLB to people who have no idea what that is.

Possibility for a sequel it feels like the ending is kind of hanging a little too loose if Im being honest

Was good, until the pedophilic shit start showing up at the last chapter.

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