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Let me guess... you're going to bring ki usage to this world aren't. Well if not then well, I can't to see how the ponies react to Cyre. And I also wonder which you play truly. Because I play as a Earthling and if you look at Danny Phantom's build and powers then you can guess what powers I gave my (cac?) and you and I chose the same hairstyle. Cac name is AIR Phantom the air part are my initials.

Great to see this story up again. Will continue reading on. But there is a problem.

After getting his personal Gi, Cyre started wearing it, liking the identity and flare it provided him, rather than completely following in the footsteps of Goku's turtle hermit Gi and outright copying all the colors.

The link under this text can not be see. (At least I can't see it)

Ewww. Sunny is on the same power level as Sprout. Gross lol

I didn't name Cyre after a vegetable. Is that stuff REALLY a requirement?

I know right. Lol Gohan, or Goten isn't a vegetable.... LOL

Do more, this is great, better than the other human w/ Gen5 fictions

...That's..how you revealed it... Wow buddy. Lol XD

AYO?! Shocking new development! Also the whole heat thing. I am fine with. It's usually only really good to read thru once when it involves that aspect of pony life

Wait wut....... that ending raises so many questions lmao


That was the point. All I'm gonna say is that we're gonna explore different timelines throughout the story where Cyre... or different versions of Cyre... exist. That’s gonna be a bit further down the line though. If I choose to really go through with it. I’ll just edit it out if that’s the case.

the story was ok but i liked the old version

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