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I watch a series or video game... and the Mane 6 play the original characters!!!


For twenty years, after the Rainbooms defeated the threats caused by Equestrian Magic, Canterlot City enjoyed a certain period of peace ... until the Autumn of Terror.

In 2041, a series of ghoulish and mysterious murders spread panic in Canterlot City.

The city's brothels are warm and safe compared to its streets... where women are mutilated and grotesque corpses left in plain sight...

Twilight Sparkle seeks out the elusive killer, to end the terror of...


(Based on the DLC of the video game "Assassin's Creed: Syndicate" with the same name)

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I'm guessing this is a copycat killer who uses Jack's methods, rather than the historical figure.

I hope that Sunset and the Rainbooms can stop this serial killer before he kills Sci-Twi.

More or less...

No, only Sunset will be the one to do it, with help of the allies that she will make along the way.

Then the Vorlons came for Jack...


That makes sense, seeing as 'Jack' is almost certainly long dead.

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