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There is beauty in the way of things.


After a horrible accident, Twilight Sparkle falls into a deep coma. Will Twilight wake up? Will anything ever be the same?

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good so far. And even if there is a 'sad' tag, I'm hoping for a happy ending

well this is cute...in a rather depressing sort of way. I'm hoping for more soon, any ideas on a timetable?

That was beautiful to read, you have captured the essence of the moment. I commend you on your works, and hope to see more in the future. :twilightsmile:


cute :heart:

great story. I will follow.

I see there is no "Tragedy" tag, so I hope this will end well.

tears flow, my friend... I hope to read more soon.

Once again, Twilight is dead or in a coma.

Regardless, have a stache and a like. :moustache:

will twilight ever wae up?a simple answer!without my great D.N.A.R.T.:no.:fluttercry: with it:HELL YES!:pinkiehappy: reply if you are interested:trollestia:


I'd hoped we'd never need a "flag as spam" button on this site.


I was looking for one after I saw that comment.

My gosh... Poor Dashie... Please... don't let Twi die... just please...

I love the way how you make Dash and Twi share their love, it's one of the sweetest ways :twilightsmile:

The story is going outstanding so far, looking forward to read more :pinkiehappy:


I knew we didn't have one, but that's the first time I wished we did. Also, it's unfortunate that blocking a user doesn't make their comments invisible to you. I'd really rather not waste the millisecond it takes to load his comment.

You've a habit of switching tenses in the middle of a sentence.

Also, dat center alignment. :ajbemused: It's not so bad when it only spans a single line, but when the sentence gets long enough that it wraps around it becomes annoying.

First of all, thanks to everyone who read this, I really appreciate it.

1257884 1258851 Only time will tell. :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

1257940 I've already started work on the next chapter, though I don't really have a set schedule.

1257966 Thank you very much, I'm glad I got the feelings right, or at least close to right.

1258173 1258789 1258792 Glad you liked it! Hopefully more soon!

1258880 I'm glad I got you to feel something. Mission accomplished

1259090 *cough*incompletetag*cough

1259733 Thanks for the constructive criticism! I'll keep an eye out for the tenses and hopefully there shouldn't be as much center alignment for the next chapter.


I think 1259090 was commenting on how that seems to be a recurring theme these days. 'Something terrible happens to Twilight and the others are left to cope', y'know?

1260018 Yeah, they are rather popular. I'm a big fan of them myself. We'll have to see if mine can break the mold.


:ajbemused: I hate that saying, "breaking the mold." Always makes me think of All Star, which makes me think of how long ago it came out. YER MAKIN' ME FEEL OLD. STAHP IT.

1260104 Ha! Sorry!:twilightblush: I'm just too young!

1260496 Glad to hear it! There should be another chapter up tonight or tomorrow.

Instata track.

Also, got me right in the heart. Are writers on this site fueled by tears, what's going on?

1260555 I took all the tears I've shed reading other fics on the site, and I forged them into this!

Ah I'm looking forward to the rest but if it is a sad ending I will hate you FOR-EV-ER. :pinkiesad2: Seriously it was a very beautiful writing, keep it up :pinkiesmile:

1260600 I'm glad you liked it! More coming soon!

I mean, good God and sweet Celestia, that's one of the most heartbreaking things I've ever read on this site.
All hail to you!
You depressing little oddball...:fluttercry:

1260706 I got a comment with the Nostalgia Critic in it! My life is complete. I'm glad I could break your heart. MUHAHAHAHAHA! :rainbowlaugh:

Well that's horribly depressing.....

omg i think i am going to cry!!!! i loved it plz have more plz!!!:heart:

....You took my feels, beat the crap out of them, and then kept them.

beautyful yet depressing i wil fave


Ach, Smash Mouth is old? The eighties are more than 10 years away? Time flies.... :rainbowderp:

1260104Love the new profile pic.

Also, good so far with the story. I'll keep track of this.

1260003 Oh I know things can develop. I'm just saying, how many times will Twilight become incapacitated? The answer is, "doesn't matter TWIDASH :twilightsmile::heart::rainbowkiss:"


I know, right? NyuuChanDiannePie makes the best RD pictures I've ever seen.

1261458 Exactly! Twidash forever! :rainbowwild::twilightsmile:

1261472 speaking of Twidash, read my dribble.

1261444 Glad to hear it!

1261402 I hope! :twilightblush:

1261193 When my story is done, you have my permission to cry.

1261482 Added to my too read list!

1260104:pinkiegasp: your right:pinkiesad2: now i feel old too (25)

this was interesting to say the least i mean it wasnt good but it wasnt bad either. then again ive been reading tear-jerkers and grim-darks all day so it might be the stories talkin anyways kinda lame and overdrawn but it was bearable

There was another TwiDash fic a while ago with a similar premise. It got the feature box but I can't remember the title; where you by any chance influenced by it?


I believe you're speaking of Dream of Me, yes?

12616421261736 I did take some inspiration from that, but I also got a lot of inspiration from other sources. I'm also doing something a little different in this, but that's all I can say.


Aye that was it. Good fic. I'll read this one later, to the queue it goes!

1261781 I know the problem when you have too many fics to read. I have 83 in my to read list. Its a pain.

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