• Published 11th Sep 2012
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The Magicians Duel - TheTwerp

Twilight Sparkle must fight for her life but who is it that is attacking her?

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Chapter 3

It’s strange but when somepony thinks about the void or infinity they often expect it be a place where it just goes on and on until the horizon is a small speck just out of view. That’s not really the case as there is no horizon or even a view and this gives a void the feeling that the wall is right in front of your eyes and yet you know that nothing is there. Well it would if Twilight was paying attention to her surroundings or lack of.

In this place were two figures, one sprawled on the floor with cuts and burns littering her body and the other stood stock still a little ways away. Twilight Sparkle had been involved the greatest fight of her life, had stripped her opponent of all defence and ability to fight back leaving her broken on the floor.

Now however Twilight could summon no strength to move or courage to finish the mare off. It’s kind of hard to kill something, it’s even harder if that thing looks just like you.

“This is impossible…” Twilight whispered. “All time travel spells have the paradox fixed by the nature of magic! I can’t be you from the future I would of come back to save them!”

“Really? Why?” The murderer choked.

“Why?! They are my friends and I love them all!” Twilight snarled.

“Twilight dear, can’t you see that they are just holding *Cough* holding you back.” She sputtered.

“What are you talking about? What are you?” Twilight returned.

“Me? Well I’m nothing more than the other side of your mind speaking.”

“My mind? This is in my head?”

“A dream to be exact. As for why I’m here well lets l-look back at *Cough* at what you just did.” The murderer brought herself up to one knee and grinned at Twilight.

“In one instant you went from little weakling of knockout spells to fire spewing, sword flinging, rock blasting death machine.” Rising from the ground and taking steps towards Twilight all her injures healed and the large black cloak reformed around her leaving the hood down. Along with this she summoned images that floated around them both showing the previous battle.

“All that Anger.”

“All that Hate.”

As she reached Twilight she raised a purple hoof to her face and caressed it so gingerly.

“It made you strong, stronger than any other pony on this world of equestria.” She whispered with honey dripping from her words.

“Y-your wrong!” Twilight started. “I was stronger because I had the memory of my friends and –“

“Oh grow up.” The murderer barked. “You think that Love~ and Friendship~ were helping you today?”

Twilight merely began to whimper.

“Fine, you don’t believe me?” The murderer turned and summoned another set of images. “I’ll prove it to you!”

The images conjured showed Twilight Sparkle and her friends on the many adventures they had shared over the years. Like the day that Twilight had arrived in Ponyville and the time that they had all journeyed to retrieve Applejack from the cherry farm.

“Ah, here it is.” The murderer exclaimed. “Look at this. Do you remember this little Sparkle?”

The image showed a pony dressed in a black and purple costume with a large hat.

“That’s the mare-do-well costume. We all dressed up in it to show Rainbow Dash a lesson in being humble.” Twilight responded.

“Pfft. Is that what you tell yourself? That it was all to teach her that bragging was wrong?” The murderer smirked.

“If that is true then how did you accomplish this?” She pointed at the image. It showed Mare-do-well casting a powerful spell that fixed the broken dam before it could flood all of Ponyville.”

“I don’t follow.” Twilight was starting to tremble. This demon knew her and all her secrets and had no qualms in showing them.

She couldn’t be her minds darker half.

Could she?

“Well then I shall explain. Think back to the time you gave Rarity wings.” The image distorted and reformed showing a gorgeous white unicorn that was being showered with blue light. After a moment the unicorn sprang forth with a pair of butterfly wings adorning her back that almost seemed to glow wit their own radiance. It then panned to Twilight showing her exhausted and sweating on the floor.

“One spell as a gift to another using the power of kindness and you could barely stand!” The murderer continued. “Yet when you become angry you can summon gouts of magma and death like there is no tomorrow!”

“S-so w-what does that p-prove?” Twilight could barely stand throughout all her terror induced trembling.

“It proves…” The image switched back to a huge dam being fixed with magic “...that when you are being mean you gain in strength.”

“I wasn’t being mean!” Twilight went to defend herself.

“Oh really? So humiliating Rainbow Dash in front of Ponyville was just bad luck? What about when you went a little crazy with the Smarty-pants doll?” The murderer gestured with a crazy mare hoof sign and swirl in her eyes.

“That was different.” Twilight stuttered.

“You brainwashed an entire town!”

“I didn’t me-“

The murderer placed a hoof to Twilights muzzle and whispered. “Face it, whenever you do something aggressive it makes you feel good.”

“No…” Twilight spoke in a pained tone.

“You love feeling magical power run through you…” The murderer whispered in Twilights left ear.


“You love seeing ponies that are weak stumble in pain and suffering…” she cooed in her right ear.

“No!” Twilight stumbled back onto her haunches

“You love it when somepony tells you how powerful you are. Come with me Twilight, come with me and you can have that all the time…” The murderer finished with her muzzle pressed to Twilights.

“Please sto-.“ Twilight tried to finish but found that the other mare was now kissing her. As the murderer fed her tongue into Twilights mouth her mind blanked and could not move a muscle.

Tears began to stream her face and down her coat as she began to kiss back.

It feels so good.

It’s wrong!

I want this.

Stop she is just using you!

As the murderer broke away from the passionate kiss she spoke again.

“Will you come with me Twilight Sparkle?”

I could be powerful.

You will lose everything.

I could make new friends.

Your friends love you for who you are.

“Twily” The murder ventured.

Moving forward Twilight kissed her again and felt that passion and power flow through her. She could hear the other mare moan and as she did Twilight broke off.


“What?” The murderer flummoxed.

“I said no.” With that Twilight struck the murderer onto the floor. Charging her most powerful version of the knockout spell she screamed.

“Now, BUCK OFF!”

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