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Homestuck might be dead, but the stuckies never die! Long live Sburb!


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Very nice. Don't let the like/dislike ratio get to ya. Foalcon is just a rather...sensitive topic around here. Mare on Filly is my JAM, so I really hope this continues!

thanks for that, it means a lot. I'm prepared for the 'uptights' to come down with a vengeance. Once they pitter out though, the supportive folks will be the only ones left.

this was really good don’t worry about the sjw’s disliking the story they are just as unimportant on this place as they are in the real world

Ummm, okay. Interesting name of the story

Haven’t started reading this yet. I just saw the title. But from the title I was just wondering. Is this based off that South Park episode between Mr. Garrison and his father?

BTW can you give a link to the picture? I want to see this comic in it’s entirety.

It is not inspired by the south park episode though that's something I've heard before lol. It is indeed just inspired by that picture. Unfortunately the person who commissioned the initial work did not provide a full link to the comic. Jut that one picture.

If only more of her friends were actually fillyfoolers, they could all have a lot of fun with the CMC.

Really hope this story ends with an orgy!

Applejack sat up, pulling herself away from Scootaloo a little. Just as Scootaloo looked as if she feared Applejack would just leave her, she grabbed Scootaloo by the haunches and picked her up. Sitting down like this she was able to bring Scootaloo’s butt to her face. That small well-shaped ass was posed and vulnerable, just the way she liked it.

Applejack ran her tongue between those ass cheeks and could taste the sexual fluids mixed in the salty flavor of sweat. She licked across Scootaloo’s asshole and then kept licking. Each time she did she would push deeper into Scootaloo’s back door. The filly was groaning so loud she was almost afraid somepony would hear them. Well nopony on the farm would care, they were all used to this kind of behavior here.

Scootaloo spoke between groans. “M-my ass, feels so, hot!”

She took that as a compliment and worked her tongue in deeper than before. It took a little force but she managed to get her tongue to slide inside of Scootaloo’s ass. The filly practically screamed with pleasure, her young marehood was winking with pleasure as fluids continued to run up and over it spilling down Scootaloo’s upside-down belly.

Love this! :pinkiehappy: Hope to see more of this in future chapters!

Rarity looked up at Fluttershy. “So, you and me will be taking care of Sweetie’s needs from now on I guess.”

Fluttershy smiled. “We could both take her at once.”

Rarity licked her lips. “Oh I do so hate myself for loving that idea. Not yet though. Let’s give her some time to adjust to this new world of pleasure. Once she’s ready though, let’s both wreck her.”

Fluttershy leaned over the table and gave Rarity a gentle kiss on the lips. “I’d love nothing more than to have a threesome with you and your little sister.”

Same here! :twilightsmile:

Good story! Although, a couple things to point out: Technically, females don't urinate when they 'squirt', it's just their own version of ejaculate, like a man's cum, in their case a natural lubricant, rather than seed.

And stallion's do not go into heat, nor does any other male animal, only females.

the best way to teach sex.

oh yeah i remember that story. the author moved to AO3

i do hope we see some flash backs to those times that Celestia and twilight did this

Calm down just enough to realize that Cadance was here researching some kind of magic that was making mares have sex with their own little sisters… oh… that was probably a bad thing.

or a good thing. its a mater of perspective really

I find all this just funny. I want more plot and more foals. Maybe spike as well

With a game of Rock Paper Scissors.

How do they do that with hooves?

I aim to find out what it is and stop it.”

I'm telling you, the solution is simple: an orgy.

How many stories are there with Rarity and Sweetie? Not enough?

Not nearly enough.

The authors note is almost as golden as that tiny shower was.

Looking forward to more!

Where did you get the cover art?

It was provided to me by anon. though someone linked the original comic in the comments somewhere

fuck that was good! and twi watched cadance and shining fucked? i would love to see a bonus ch or side store with that

A bit TOO much watersports for my liking in this chapter, but aside from that it was awesome. Hope to see Twi having (hopefully cleaner) fun with her own fillies!

nothing like a little sex to get the “creative juices flowing”

Maybe it's Celestia's evil twin sister Molestia?!?!

Fluttershy could still use their wings (sometimes they are used like hands). At Pinkie Pie? I don't know, but with so many things, you wonder what she does. :rainbowderp:

The CMC are probably playing sex in their clubhouse right now. It’s their favorite game too.”

Hopefully we get this scene in the next chapter. And maybe later Dinky will join them.

She wished she could ask half her friends for advice but she probably wasn’t supposed to know they were all filly foolers in the literal sense.

What's going to happen when they all find out that they all have this in common? Orgy maybe? :rainbowhuh:

Pinkie Pie looked up at the window next to her bed to see Ditzy Doo herself watching them, her hoof was firmly stuck between her legs as she was masturbating to the sight of her own daughter being violated and molested. Their eyes met and Pinkie spoke, “You can come in, this party’s only just beginning.”

I'm hoping we get the continuation of this chapter in the next one.

what was the name of the pinkie and Diamond and Silver story and please do a sequel to this with ditzy fucking her daughter and then Dinky gets her cutie-mark

Ok molesting innocent fillies is one thing, but accusing sweet princess cadence of arson... that just going too far.

Pinkie rubbed her hooves together. “Bringing families together one molestation at a time, call me Pinkie Pie.”

I hope this gets explored more in later chapters.

Dinky moved on the bed and came over to Pinkie’s giant soft ass. “W-wowie, she’s really wet.”

“She’s so good to us, to let us have our fun first. Let’s repay her. Can you lick there for mommy?”

Pinkie gasped as two small hooves pressed against her ass cheeks and spread them wide open. A moment later she felt hot breath brush against her backdoor, followed by a tongue licking at her asshole. Pinkie gasped and groaned as her rear entrance was being massaged by a small, hot, and wet tongue.

Dinky’s small tongue slipped deep into her ass at the same time.

I hope we get more of this in future chapters.

Ditzy looked down at Pinkie beneath her legs. “You know, we should invite you over some time. Next time we’ll have Carrot help out too.”

Pinkie swallowed, still tasting those juices in her mouth. “I’d love that.”

Same here!

i always love mother and daughter bonding stories

remember kids, the age of consent is 16 years old

I believe we need now spoiled rich and diamond. Then silver spoon or whoever is those fillies mother's

“Well Ah reckon Ah might have to try out Sweetie Belle mahself then.

Ah’m gonna go have a nice long talk with both Rarity, and her little sister. Ah expect t’ be making things even by the end of the night with everypony.”

Mmm! Really looking forward to the next chapter!

“So, Applebloom, which hole do you want me to use?”

Applebloom took a moment to reply. “My v-vagina.”

Ah shame, Fluttershy could go for a good ass fucking

My thoughts exactly.

Putting a hoof on either side of Applebloom’s ass, she gave the filly a hard slap in the ass

Love this! :pinkiehappy:

11112320 Given Spoiled's personality and how she acts, I really can't see that happening anytime soon. I could definitely see Diamond doing this with Silver Spoon or the CMC, though.

"Where is that useless husband of mine?! I'm so fucking pent up Im considering fucking my own daughter!....in fact. Diamond come here and eat mommies pussy!"

Than diamond gets to eat pussy but spoiled is a bitch and doesn't help her daughter cum and then diamond goes to silver. They fuck close to the clubhouse. The cmc grabs em and takes em to flutters for some real mare loving. Do you see where I'm going with this my gamer?

11112713 Yes, an orgy with Fluttershy, the CMC, Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon would be lovely! :pinkiehappy:


This may be one of the filthiest comments I've ever read... and I think I love it lol

This is a very nice story keep up the great work

Comment posted by Mayhew Cullen deleted January 21st

This story is going to get raked over the coals but it’s absolutely adorable.

Not what I expected, and that's Good.

This was well worth the wait! Can't wait to see what comes next!

Could you please link to it in the description? Please respond to this comment.

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