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And I'll always find you, again and again/And I'll love every version of you/And you're never truly gone/As long as a part of you in me lives on.

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Looks interesting. I'm guessing the cover art is Versailles?


Good work with music and story. The first three songs were spot on as to who I thought would be Rarity's dance partner. The forth song thought stumped me as I thought it would be RD. When it was SS, I realized you had a theme going so I was able to guess the last partner.

Starting strong with the best ship, Rarlestia. Bravo!

Poly Cadance is everything, and it's so painfully rare, so seeing it here is an absolute blessing.

Also, the Raritwi is very cute, and rather on point for how I'd imagine Twi getting dragged onto the dance floor.

This was so cuteeeee! I love myself some Rariships, and this ones definitely made my night

This was delightfully gay. And adorable!

A whole fleet of Rariships! Excellent story.

In short: everypony loves Rarity. :raritystarry:

These were all really sweet! I listened to the music afterwards, and they were all indeed quite fitting. I especially enjoyed Twilight's song. Cadance's song unfortunately is forever linked to commercials for me, lol.

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