• Published 24th Nov 2021
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La Danza D’Amore - Undome Tinwe

Rarity dances with her lovers at a gala.

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Avec mes souvenirs, j'ai allumé le feu

Author's Note:

Final Song: Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien, by Edith Piaf

After Sunset's disappearance, the gala had begun to wind down. Some of the older members started excusing themselves, making their way towards their carriages to return home. That had started an exodus of other bored nobles who were quite done with the networking that they had come here to do.

In the end, as the band began to play the final song, the only remaining guests were the ones who feared the loneliness of returning to their empty homes, and the loving couples who were too lost in each other's eyes to notice their surroundings.

And then there was Rarity.

The unicorn flitted about the dwindling crowd, searching and searching for a face that she longed to see tonight, but had been denied the pleasure of doing so.

At last, as the first notes of an old, foreign song began to filter through the hall, Rarity spotted Love Herself standing atop a balcony overlooking the ballroom, her gaze fixed on her lover standing in the middle of the dance floor.

The alicorn took flight, landing beside Rarity with a faint whoosh of air. "Hello, lover."

"Cadance!" Rarity rushed forward to embrace her final lover of the night. "I haven't seen you anywhere tonight!"

"Sorry." Cadance chuckled, hugging her back. "Flurry was being fussy, and I didn't manage to get her to sleep until now. Besides, I hear your dance card was quite full already. I'm surprised you even noticed I wasn't there."

"I always have room for you," Rarity replied. "Just because my other special someponies are here, it doesn't mean I don't feel your absence quite keenly." She stepped back, her body swaying to the music and she and Cadance began to dance. "I'm sure you can understand."

"Fair enough," Cadance allowed, leaning in closer to press a kiss against her cheek before pulling away playfully. "I wish Shining could be here and not stuck in the Empire dealing with the Maretonian delegation." She narrowed her eyes. "By the way, I can't believe that the two of you conspired together for my surprise birthday party last week. When did my lovers turn against me?"

"You know what they say," Rarity replied, dipping Cadance low and sneaking in another kiss. "All's fair in love and war. And you really have no place to talk after you and Sunset ambushed me at the Ponyville Days Fair."

"I'm the Princess of Love!" Cadance exclaimed in mock outrage. "I'm allowed to do that!" Immediately, she dissolved into giggles, and Rarity followed suit.

"Well, either way, I'm glad you could make it here," Rarity said when they'd calmed down a bit.

"Me too," Cadance replied. "So, tell me about your night. You know I love hearing about my domain being fulfilled."

"Well, I was dazzling, as usual," Rarity said humbly.

"Naturally," Cadence said, nodding.

"And my partners were all wonderful, and wonderfully different," Rarity continued, her motions reducing down to basic swaying as she lost herself in her recollections. "I daresay between Celestia's grand entrance, Luna's spectacle, Twilight's debut, and Sunset's flair, we shall be the talk of the town for some time." She sighed dreamily. "I could not have asked for a better collection of mares to own my heart."

"And do you regret any of it?" Cadance asked. "Having to divide your heart into five pieces?"

Rarity snorted. "You know very well that's not how it works. The more love I give, the more I have to give. It is a never-ending fount of wonder and joy that years to be shared."

"Spoken like the true spirit of Generosity," Cadance said with an approving nod. "It's been wonderful seeing you embrace love in all its forms."

"It's been a marvellous experience for me as well," Rarity replied. "Now, tell me more about your own adventures in love, Cadance. It's been far too long since we've had the opportunity to chat as lovers."

"Very true. I'm looking forward to having you over at the Crystal Empire next month." Cadance's eyes smouldered as she dropped her voice low. "I've missed your touch so very much."

Rarity shivered at her tone. "I've missed yours as well," she replied.

"Anyways, have I told you about Shining and my attempts to court Sunburst?" Cadance's smile grew playful as she asked the question.

"You told me some of it when last we met," Rarity said. "But do tell more. I love a lovely bit of gossip."

And so, the night came to an end, and the final song came to a close on a most magical night, while two lovers spoke of love, both shared between themselves and given to others, as they watched the stars light up the sky.

"Oh!" Rarity exclaimed as the pleasant hum of music was replaced by the quiet murmuring of the crowd. "I have an appointment with Celestia!"

"Go get her, lover." Cadance grabbed Rarity's head and pulled her in for one final kiss, before giving a sultry wink. "And I'll see you next month, when we can continue our journey of love."

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Looks interesting. I'm guessing the cover art is Versailles?


Good work with music and story. The first three songs were spot on as to who I thought would be Rarity's dance partner. The forth song thought stumped me as I thought it would be RD. When it was SS, I realized you had a theme going so I was able to guess the last partner.

Poly Cadance is everything, and it's so painfully rare, so seeing it here is an absolute blessing.

Also, the Raritwi is very cute, and rather on point for how I'd imagine Twi getting dragged onto the dance floor.

This was so cuteeeee! I love myself some Rariships, and this ones definitely made my night

This was delightfully gay. And adorable!

A whole fleet of Rariships! Excellent story.

In short: everypony loves Rarity. :raritystarry:

These were all really sweet! I listened to the music afterwards, and they were all indeed quite fitting. I especially enjoyed Twilight's song. Cadance's song unfortunately is forever linked to commercials for me, lol.

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