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What’s up everyone, the name’s DyKaiowyn or Kaio/K.O. I like anime mainly Bnha and Beyblade Burst


In the battle training, Bakugou’s hatred for Izuku grew stronger and stronger until he snapped. Luckily for Izuku, his soul carries on.

Written By DannyPhantom79 and BioQuillFiction

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My interest is peaked.

This story looks like it might be great!!

died from crushing just to go to another wold and almost die from fall damage. i wonder if we can start a list for this story of all the ways he almost dies? might be a bit strange but this is the same charicter who broke their arms over and over so not far from the usual things he would do

welp. Bakugo is expelled.
Ain't no way they would allow him to keep studying there, even if it was accidental. Still manslaughter.

will he be fully healed of all damage that his original body took (potental weak points from past broken bones and stuff) and will he have one for all.
also the vestages?

Will this be an interesting AU. Hope it doesn't get abandoned right off the bat.

I think the fact he's a pony now is going to make his body far more durable, and better able to handle OFA.

Not bad start, you have my curiosity :twilightsmile:

One thing i edit / improve is the shift between the human world events, to the MLP universe, it's sudden and abrupt, and might sound corny even with how many times described, some events leading up could help the story :twilightsmile:

i love this. i just hope you don't abandon it right from the start.

Izuku is going to rock this world upside down.

Huh, interesting. :rainbowhuh: I will follow this with great interest. :pinkiehappy:

The only reason that the anime version of the explosion obsessed pomeranian wasn't a psychopathic serial killer that the Joker would want locked up was because of writing, never read the manga.

Let's see where this goes

Earth pony? Oh, did you hit the structural integrity lottery this time...but at the cost of no hero training and no direct advice on learning your quirk.

Not to mention it's gonna seriously weird out any successors later when they meet the *humans* that came before...

This looks adorable

(reads description)
I can just imagine... :ajsmug:

BAKUGOU! You've been warned enough. There will be no suspension; You are hereby expelled! GET OUT! :flutterrage:

I standby what I misspelled.

“I told you to go make some friends, nothing more,” Celestia corrected, “I saw the signs of Nightmare Moon’s return, and I knew it was you who had the magic inside to defeat her, which you could not unleash until you let true friendship into your heart.”

To paraphrase DWK, "Celestia isn't just some immortal god-empress; she's basically Equestria's Mom. She's been around the longest, she knows the most and (even if it seems like she's full of it sometimes) you should probably at least listen to her."

Luna felt tears pooling in her eyes, and with a quiet sob, she threw herself into her sister’s warmth, “I’m so sorry! I missed you so much, big sister!”

And set to my tracking list, so I can know when it gets updates!

As he looked along his body, Celestia realized the colt was begging to panic as he began breathing rapidly and stared with horror at his own body.


Celestia eyed the colt. He didn’t lie to her, but he also didn’t tell the whole truth. Years of dealing with nobles, politicians and foregn delegates taught her to tell when someone was withholding something. Still, It worried her that he seemed to be withholding the whole truth from her. Still, if he was from another land, one not known to even her, then technically he wasn’t even her subject. Still… To have such a power, and it causes harm when used…

Wisdom: Lie of omission: still lying.

As much as I enjoy this. Wouldn't the swearing and violence land this puppy in the Teen category?

What if quirks started appearing in the world of Equestria because of the strange phenomenon?

If you need to borrow an OC for this story, just let me know.

honestly was kinda thinking of something similar and what would every characters quirk be.

Should be in the main page. There's that gear images for settings and you can adjust it there.

His smile lit up even the princess of the sun day !

I want to see how many mares fangirl over Izuku's smile. :rainbowkiss:

Pretty good, I'll keep an eye on this

I will keep my eyes on this one

you sir, have made a interesting premises here

... I foresee the Dekusquad somehow finding out about all this, and finding a way to reach Equestria somehow... :D Sorry, I'm an unapologetic Green Tea shipper (Izuku / Ochako). :D

The cold looked up.

Did you mean colt?

Comment posted by DannyPhantom79 deleted Oct 22nd, 2021

This is laid out really well, for what appears to be only your second story.

This is very good story so far. I'm enjoying it. Can't wait for the next chapter

This is interesting so far. I can’t wait to see where you go with it.

You have my attention! :twilightsmile:

Curious though, why doesnt Izuku just say "Hey I think I am in a differnt world, and I was once human?" given all he has seen and such he has no real reason to not tell them, I mean its not like its some big secert

I have one pet peeve causing me to sperg-out here. Nitroglycerin as dangerous as it is was INVENTED back in 1847. How did ponies seemingly invent Nitroglycerin almost two-hundred years before humans managed to and even with magic existing why did they ban it? As dangerous of a substance as it is the very profit to miners due to it's industrial applications would give would be incentive enough to allow it to continue it's manufacture and use. (Not every unicorn can become a Wizard of enough power or knowledge and skill to perform similar explosions, remember Twilight Sparkle is the exception not the rule. And earth-ponies and pegasy cannot rely on unicorns constantly for industry.) And also given Equestria's seeming eclectic between 1910's to 1930's technology (with some things form the 80's) wouldn't it have made more sense if Nitroglycerin was invented around 40 to 50 years before the show or so?

Only thing brighter than the sun:

Midoriya's Smile

cause its toxic and they have steam powered trains and freaking zeppilins. Don't argue about the technology being weird. Also this story is obviously AU and its the author discretion what he wants to be part of the lore

Both of which were around by 1900, the steam train was invented in the early 1800s so your point doesn’t mean much. Also judging by the fact they have large cities like Manehatten and the products shown within they already have at least some form of industrialisation which comes with pollution.

Because Equestria isn't a capitalist society, it's a relatively compact, sparsely populated country, micromanaged by an immortal being of immense power and experience. If she decides nitro is banned, then nitro is banned. If she wants to fund specific branches of research, they'll be funded indefinitely.

Also, technological progress isn't a straight line. The order in which we made discoveries isn't random, but it could easily have been different here and there. The steam engine was invented 2000 years ago, and then again 200 years ago.

Expelled...and soon to be ARRESTED!...and possibly sent to some insane asylum considering he's always berserk.

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