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My Little Izuku - DannyPhantom79

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Chapter 2

Ponyville general was usually a quiet facility. Their most frequent visitors were the local mail mare, Rainbow Dash, and the Apple Siblings from time to time. There was rarely anything worse than a fracture. Then, Nightmare Moon returned, While nopony had been harmed in her attack, one light green colt surprised everypony not just with his arrival, but his condition.

Multiple fractured and broken bones across his upper and lower legs, almost every rib was cracked and his skull was almost like a jigsaw puzzle. His flesh wounds were just as bad. He had lost a lot of blood, and his wounds were so varied and random. Deep bruising and gashes across his barrel and back. It was a miracle for him to be alive. His surgeries and treatments were the busiest the small town hospital had ever been.

Many long nights and advanced healing spells were spent on the young colt, who now was as healed as one could get given his prior injuries. Still, even so he remained asleep, dreamless, according to Princess Luna.

Princess Celestia sat in the room across from the colt. From the moment he arrived, she sensed a strange magic within him. Nothing dark, or violent, but… powerful, old but not ancient, and it seems to bond with him, yet not originating from him. Like an organ transplant, his body accepted the power within him, but it still was not his. That much she knew, and until he awoke it was all she would know.

The Main 6 were out in the hallway equally worried for the young colt even Pinkie was quiet as Twilight was pacing around much to Dash’s annoyance.

“Can you stop that already, it’s freaking me out!” Dash yelled in annoyance until Applejack slapped her across the head.

“I can’t help it, did you see his injuries!” Twilight was going to yell at Rainbow until Rarity stopped her with her hoof.

“I know you’re worried darling, but calm down, the doctors are treating him with the best care Ponyville hospital has to offer.”

This seemed to work as Twilight calmed down but still worried.

“I just wonder how he ended up in that strange storm.” Fluttershy spoke. “He’s not a pegasus, how did he end up there, and with all those injuries…”

“Maybe he tried to shoot himself out of a cannon?” Pinkie Pie suggested. “I tried that once. Didn’t end up so good. On the bright side, Caramel now has a lovely sunroof.”

The rest of the mares just stared at Pinkie while Applejack had a narrowed expression until Rainbow spoke up.

“Umm… disregarding that, did you see his injuries? It’ll take a massive miracle to live that and walk alone.”

Back in the room, Celestia watched, surprised as the colt began to twitch and move. He seemed to be sore, as he should be, but the way he moved told Celestia he was accustomed to such a feeling given how quickly he began to sit up. “What happened?” He muttered as he tried blinking his eyes open.

He opened them, revealing his shiny emeralds as his eyes traveled across the unfamiliar room.

“This isn’t Recovery Girl’s office.” He said confused.

“Indeed it is not, Little One.” Izuku froze as he slowly turned his head to see a majestic equine figure before him. She, and from the voice it spoke in he knew it was a female, was tall, almost hitting the room ceiling. She has a white coat and wings, her mane & tail is striped of pink, purple, aqua blue, & green with sparkles around, her eyes are light grayish-magenta she wears a golden crown with a purple gem on it, a golden necklace also with a purple gem on it, wears golden hoof shoes, and also has a sun based cutie mark. She seems to have a long horn atop their head and large wings folded to her sides. “It is good to see you awake my little pony.”

Izuku stared at Celestia for a time, wondering if maybe her presence shocked him too much. He soon looked down at the bed. “How hard did Kacchan hit me?” He asked himself. He tried to rub his temple, only to notice he no longer had his proper limbs.

As he looked along his body, Celestia realized the colt was beginning to panic as he began breathing rapidly and stared with horror at his own body.

He was now sporting a light mint green nearly blue coat while his underbelly was pure white, his hooves were white with dark strips and faded to red to represent his J’s. His cheeks and back had white freckles.

“Wha-what the heck happened to me?!” Izuku stammered as he look at his new appearance. Celestia had no idea what he’s talking about.

“Whatever do you mean?”

He looked between his hooved and Celestia, several times before finally looking back over to the solar princess. “Um, where am I, exactly?” Did I get hit by some quirk and didn’t notice or… Izuku thought as he tried and failed to understand his situation.

“You're in Ponyville Hospital.” The solar princess replied calmly but that didn’t calm his nerves.

Hospital! What happened to me?!” Izuku was about to mutter out loud but Celestia rubbed her wing on his head inwardly thinking about how soft his mane is.

“Be still my little pony, you are fine. When we found you, you were gravely injured. It’s a miracle you are even alive. Can you tell me how this happened?” Celestia asked, hoping to both calm the colt and gain some information.

Izuku then remember what happened at the Combat Training when Bakugo went overboard.

“I… Was training with Kacchan, er, my friend. As usual he was angry. Mainly cause I was more easily dodging his explosions than usual-”

“Excuse me what?” Celestia asked, now worried.

“His explosions… his… Quirk?” Izuku said as his head tilted to the side imitating a puppy.

Quirk?, what is a Quirk?”

The question was simple, but it surprised Izuku greatly. For someone to not know about Quirks… “Am… I’m… Where am I exactly? What’s this country?”

“You’re in Ponyville, Equestria.” She replied, but Izuku didn’t know what Equestria was.

“What’s Equestria?” Now it’s Celestia’s turn to be surprised. She has never met a pony who didn’t know about Equestrian. It was the kingdom of Ponies after all.

“Equestria is my kingdom little one, the nation of Ponies founded thousands of years ago.”


Celestia was worried. Something about this colt was beyond strange. She considered her next questions carefully. “Well, let me ask, what is your name, young one? I am Princess Celestia, but please, just call me Celestia.”

“I’m Izuku Midoryia, it’s nice to meet you!” He finished this off with a bright smile that could bring world peace.

He is so adorable and innocent! He reminds me of Luna when she was a foal! Celestia mentally thought. She coughed, trying to push down her desire to immediately hug the colt. “Yes, well, Izuku Midoryia, you also mentioned something about a Quirk. Mind explaining what a Quirk is exactly?”

“Well, little over a hundred years ago, something changed in… where I come from. Suddenly, people started developing amazing Super powers seemingly for no reason.” Izuku then started to get excited. . “Nobody knew what was causing these Quirks, and while our governments were trying to revise laws with Quirks in mind, a lot of bad people began using them for terrible reasons. Others though, seeing the government and law wasn’t able to protect the civilians, began using their Quirks to fight back against the villains. Soon a new profession took over in our collected consciousness. Heroes. These days there’s many heroes and thanks to the number one hero, All Might, the crime rate not just in my home country but… everywhere, dropped to near zero. I was enrolled in the most prestigious school in my country that trains people like me to properly and safely use our Quirks to become heroes.”

Celestia nodded. Her years of diplomacy kept her expression neutral, but her internal thoughts were a mess of worry and curiosity. An entire nation, possibly more, where the residents all seem to manifest some form of magically anomalous powers? And one of these powers according to Izuku himself was to create explosions. Are they like the explosions subclass of magic from the Pyromancy Class or something else? What are little Izuku’s? She thought to herself. “I see, and this friend of yours, Kacchan, has one that generates explosions? How does that work exactly?”

“His name is actually Katsuki Bakugou, his Quirk allows him to produce powerful explosions. He does this by sweating a nitroglycerin-like substance from his skin which he can then detonate at will. He initially used these explosions for the offensive purposes, but overtime, he has gotten more creative with his Quirk and has been able to use them for defensive purposes, as well as boosting his speed. He is able to continue to hold in and fire his explosions at continuous pace, allowing him to break through structures and barriers such as Ejiro's shield hardening and Shoto's ice. He cannot spam his Quirk recklessly, however, as doing so will cause his arms to ache and his explosions to weaken.”

Nitroglycerin-like sweat?! That substance was banned in Equestria five hundred years ago! And this other colt produces it by sweating?! How is his body even able to resist the heat or pressure? How does his body convert simple drinkable liquids into such an explosive compound through sweat?! At least there seems to be a limit, though from how he talks of it, it seems he can build up resistances to the strains through practice. If these Quirks were purely magical in nature, then he wouldn’t have such a high tolerance for the output of the explosions… could these Quirks somehow be both magical and biological? “I… See. And, what of your own Quirk?”

Izuku seemed silent for a time. He seemed to be thinking over how to answer her. “Well, mine is a… boosting Quirk. Of sorts.” He started. “It works by compiling and building up energy that I can then use to, well… enhance my physical abilities. Speed and strength, agility, stamina and all that. Though… I was a late bloomer. So my body isn’t completely compatible with my Quirk yet. The first time I used it I broke my right arm completely and both my legs… back legs…” Celestia’s eyes went wide. “But I'm getting better!” Izuku countered at seeing the Princesses panic. “I can limit how much I use to 5% and it helps to build up resistance to the strain. With luck, in a few years I can use it all. I’m going to use everything in my power to be the hero everyone needs.”

Celestia eyed the colt. He didn’t lie to her, but he also didn’t tell the whole truth. Years of dealing with nobles, politicians and foregn delegates taught her to tell when someone was withholding something. Still, It worried her that he seemed to be withholding the whole truth from her. Still, if he was from another land, one not known to even her, then technically he wasn’t even her subject. Still… To have such a power, and it causes harm when used…

It reminded her of how she and Luna used to be, first taking on raising the sun and moon alone…

“I see… Well, thank you for your time Izuku Midoriya. There are others who will be here shortly, they were present when you were found and would like to see you awake.”

With that, Celestia left, exiting the room and closing the door behind her. She sighed. Too many questions and so little answers. She soon arrived amongst the new Elements of Harmony bearers. The six mares all looked up towards her. “He is awake.” She informed, the six mares all took a long breath of relief. “Before any of you speak to him, I feel I must inform you about… his unique origins, and powers.”

“What about it?” Fluttershy asked nervously.

“He….is not from here, as in from Equestria?” Twilight asked.

Celestia nodded. “It seems to be the case. Despite how ridiculous it seems, he is from a land where nearly every resident possesses some unique form of magical and biological mutations they call Quirks. These Quirks seem to give his lands residents what can only be described as Super Powers.”

“Like, from Comic Books and such?” Rainbow asked.

“Indeed.” Celestia nodded. “He spoke of his friend, one he refers to as Kacchan, or Katsuki Bakugou, having the ability to sweat Nitroglycerin and detonate the substance at will. Creating explosions he uses for everything from attack to defence and offence, even flight.”

“What?! Nitroglycerin has been illegal for centuries!” Twilight spoke with a yelp.

“Yes, I was the one to ban it. Remember though, his friend produces it naturally though sweat, not by choice. Plus, his land and home clearly are not under my domain. I didn't even know of such a kingdom.”

“And yer sure he’s telling the truth Princess?” Applejack asked.

The Princess nodded. “Yes. He himself has one of these Quirks, a form of Energy Buildup and Physical enhancement ability that if he doesn’t limit the power output, can and has shattered his body prior.”

“Oh my!” Rarity spoke as Fluttershy hid behind her mane in freight.

“No way, that’s ridiculous!” Rainbow Dash yelled as she hovered in the air.

“Believe me it’s true, but he’s found a way to control his power by using 5%.”

“5%!” The Main 6 said in shock.

“So, how strong would he be with just five percent?” Applejack asked.

“I do not know. However, I will be releasing him into my student’s care after he has been cleared by the doctors.” Celestia informed.

Twilight gulped. “Princess, are you sure that’s wise? I mean, if he is telling the truth his power could-”

“His land is full of mysteries, but he did inform me that those that wish to do good, that those who wish to use and master these mysterious gifts for good can train to be a proper Hero. He told me he was enrolled in his land's most prestigious school for such teachings. Plus he seems really smart, just has a muttering problem.” Celestia informed. “Plus, it would help both him and us understand this power of his. If anypony can help both him and us understand what causes these… Quirks, then I know it’s you, my student. As for the rest of you, I hope you all will aid in his recovery and understanding of his power.”

Twilight was still unsure until she gained a determined look.

“We won’t let you down, Princess!”

“Very well, oh and before I leave, be careful around his smile, it's blinding.”

The six mares gave one another a curious glance before Celestia vanished in a flash of Teleportation.

A few days passed and since the Main 6 each met with Izuku one by one. As far as any could tell from first glance, he was an average colt, if a little strange, but he can make anyone’s day with a smile. The day came when he was finally released, and in the early Morning he met again with his apparent guardian, Twilight Sparkle.

She was smart, and Celestia’s personal Student. She was nice and Izuku liked her a lot. The mare was only a little taller than him, he assumed it was the age difference, and was a unicorn. He learned about the three tribes and that he himself was called an Earth Pony. While training, Izuku realized he’s a lot more durable then normal as he reached 10-15%. He found this realization to be amazing, but kept the percentage low so he could get used to the extra power.

Twilight walked into Izuku’s room, amazed but not surprised to see the colt performing push ups. It amazed the mare that he was so dedicated to mastering his power and training. “Good morning Izuku.” Twilight spoke as she announced herself.

The cold looked up. He wanted to correct her, given that in Japan; only close friends and family used first names with one another, but he wasn’t even in Japan anymore. Most likely wasn’t even on Earth. Or in the same universe… Or dimension… “Oh, Morning Twilight.” He said as he stood up on all fours. Getting used to walking on all fours wasn’t too hard, it was almost like crawling in a way, though easier, and given his new body, more natural. “So, guess I’m moving in with you.”

The mare nodded. “Yes, and we have a room set up for you in the library I’m staying at. You’ll be living with me and my assistant/little brother Spike.”

“You have a little brother?”

“Yes, Actually, I have an older brother, Shining Armor, back home in Canterlot. Spike is actually a Dragon I hatched by accident during my entrance exam into magic school. He’s just a baby dragon, but is already as smart and sarcastic as a colt twice his age.” Twilight said with an eye roll but kept her smile.

“Oh. Well, I hope we can get along.” Izuku said as the two walked through the hospital and outside. “So, Princess Celestia said you’d be helping me to understand my Quirk?”

Twilight nodded. “Yes, nothing like a Quirk has ever existed in Equestria before. Celestia thinks it might be a mix between a Magical and Biological anomaly, so she asked me to help study how your Quirk works and how Quirks work in general.”

Izuku nodded. “Well, I am a Quirk nerd back home so I hope I have all the answers you need.” He said with a smile.

“Good.” She said, pulling out a quill and paper from her saddle bags. “So, Izuku, according to Celestia your Quirk is an energy build up/ Physical amplifier quirk, yet you said your friend had an explosion quirk where he sweats Nitroglycerin and manually ignite the explosion at will. How varied are these Quirks?”

“Well, pretty varied actually. Yes two people can have the same quirk but usually there are still differences. Usually two people share a quirk if they are immediate family, Mother, Father and child or siblings, though usually the kids have a unique combination of the parents' two Quirks or can in rare instances, mutate a completely new and random Quirk.”

“I see, and was this the case for you?” Twilight asked.

“Uh… No. I got a mutation.” He said, though he answered slightly uneasy, Twilight didn’t seem to notice.

“I see. And what were your parent’s Quirks?”

“My mom would float small objects towards her. It was kinda like Telekinesis but weaker and less useful, but my dad could breathe fire.”

That made Twilight pause. “Were they a unicorn and a dragon?!”

“No, just normal people like me.” Izuku answered.

Twilight nodded. He uses general terminology like mix species towns and cities. Interesting. Twilight noted to herself. “Okay. So usually Quirks are genetic, passed from parents to child and often combining in some way to create a new quirk. In rare cases, even mutating into a Quirk completely unrelated to the two, like yourself, right?”

“Right. Though there is the chance some can be born Quirkless, meaning they have no Quirk. Oftentimes when they have a family of their own, the Quirk they would have gotten had it manifested would pass onto the child or if their spouse has a quirk, the child will often be born with the quirk of the parent with a quirk.”

Twilight wrote down the information rapidly. “And you said these Quirks first appeared in your Kingdom over a hundred years ago?”

“Nation and yes. No one knows how or why they appeared. The first recorded event of a quirk was a baby born with the ability to glow. After that they started popping up everywhere. Soon 90% of the total population all had one.”

“Interesting. So, the Princess said when your quirk first manifested, you… broke your hind legs and front right leg, right?”

“Heh, yeah. Hurt like crazy. Ended up passing out but thanks to Recovery Girl I was fixed up in no time.”

“Another Quirk User?”

“Yeah, she has the ability to heal most injuries simply by kissing the skin of the injured, however the healing uses up the person's stamina and endurance. If she uses it for too long trying to heal a very badly injured person the person will be too exhausted to move even though they are fully healed or can even end up killing them by accident.”

“Oh my, are all Quirks so double edged?”

“Most do, yeah.” Izuku nodded. “Very few have no drawbacks on the person. The majority have some drawback that either affects them or affects others. Heroes train to adapt or lessen this drawback or even overcome it so they don’t hurt themselves or others. Villains usually don’t care, infact most seem to enjoy it when their Quirk has the drawback of harming others, gives them an advantage when dealing with the heroes.”

“That’s… horrible.” Twilight said, sickened by the thought such creatures exist that take pleasure in being so violent and cruel.

Izuku nodded. “That's just how it works back home. It’s why the Pro Heroes work so hard to catch them all, but usually the villains caught are basically just lower threat thugs, working for a smarter, more deadly threat avoiding detection and sneaking through the shadows.”

The more Twilight heard the more she began to worry. These Quirks, while amazing and possibly even revolutionary… could also be so deadly if misused or in the wrong hooves.

The two soon arrived at Golden Oaks Library. Izuku found the structure completely fascinating. “Woah. Was this grown like this or hollowed out?”

“From what I’ve gathered, it was grown by a local wizard back when the town was founded. It’s special in that all a unicorn with a magical level of six or higher can funnel magic into the tree and grow it more if needed.” Twilight explained with a smile. “It’s a really good example of unicorn and earth pony cross magical experimentation.”

Izuku had stars in his eyes at this point. “So cool.”

Twilight smiled and opened the door to the library. This immediately surprises Izuku as he sees an entire row filled with books that look to be in alphabetical order.

“Wow, Alphabetical?” He asked. And in japanese? Wait, we're also speaking it too… weird, well guess I just lucked out when I arrived here. He thought.

“Well, yes, By both author and title. I was planning on reorganizing it later though. Feel free to read whatever catches your interest.”

With a nod, Twilight led Izuku to his room. It was bigger than his bedroom back home, and contained a single bed, desk, and bedside table. “This is nice. So, when do you want to start those tests?”

“Tomorrow. Right now you just get comfortable and settle in, alright?” Twilight stated. With a nod from Izuku, she closed the door, leaving the human hero student turned pony alone.

Izuku promptly collapsed onto the bed. “How… How am I even here… Different world, different species…” He frowned, sitting up. With practiced ease he activated One for All, just one percent before shutting it off. “At least that hasn’t changed. At least I made new friends.” Izuku thought with a smile before falling asleep.