• Published 20th Oct 2021
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My Little Izuku - DannyPhantom79

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Chapter 1

It happened, granted it always happens so no one was really surprised when the building came down with a crash and no warning.

In the distance class A-1 of U.A could hear an angry shout from none other than the hot-head that took down said building. What he was yelling about they weren't sure but one could assume it was about, Midoriya.


Bakugou exploded -literally- when his former favourite punching bag decided to counter attack and promptly flipped him on his back and then disappeared.
He let out a small blast nothing that should have made a difference, merely a thing for sound rather than attack or destruction, nothing that should have caused the building fall on them. The useless Deku could be crushed because of this and he would be blamed, so of course he was pissed.
This wasn't supposed to happen.

"DEKU! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?" Moving and exploding rubble so he could trek through and try to find the other, he might dislike the nerd but that didn't mean that he wanted to kill him. Even if it was an accident "I SWEAR YOU SHITTY EXCUSE FOR A HERO IF YOU DON'T ANSWER ME I'LL KILL YOU!"

Minutes ticked by, there was no movement other than Bakugou, no other voice. Slowly the enraged tone changed to concern (not that he would admit it) . If the other wasn't answering he must be severely hurt. But only hurt cause he refused to be the cause of someone's death. He was a hero after all! Dammit! Where could that boy be?!

Eventually the sun started to set and by this time teachers and students were searching the rubble, there were no jokes, hardly any talking unless it was to direct people where to go. There wasn't much luck and as time wore on everyone feared the worst. Around 10 at night 7 hours after Bakugou originally started the search a scream filled the night air without warning. Uraraka had screamed in horror as she floated several large things away from herself. Below her was a pool of blood, most of it was already drying. If one were to follow the trail to find its source, just a bit further was a red stained glove that was attached to the tattered green jumpsuit. It was unmistakably Deku, or at least part of him.

Faster than anything before everyone started to dig, remove and slowly free the severely injured boy.

It wasn't long before Midoriya "Deku" was fully uncovered but when he was the sight was more then the group could handle. Many gasped in horror, while others turned away, but Bakugou walked toward the prone bloody body and sank to his knees. No, this was NOT supposed to happen his blast wasn't that big. There had to be a gas leak no one knew about! He didn't do this.


Recovery Girl had no luck reviving the child when he was brought to her, he had been too long without proper oxygen and too long without sufficient blood.
One-for-All was lost, a life was lost and one mind was lost, all thanks to this accident.
All Might didn't care about the quirk right now he was mourning his pupil, his friend. He was worried for Bakugou who retreated into himself the moment Midoriya was pronounced dead. He was worried for the other students who didn't know how to deal with the sudden loss of the most lively soul.

Twilight Sparkle was stunned.

“W-Where’s the Sixth Element?”

She didn’t have a moment longer to realise the failure of the orbs in defeating Nightmare Moon. The tall, imposing alicorn of darkness laughed maniacally. With a stomp of her front hooves, the orbs shattered in a cloud of crystal shards.

Twilight gasped in horror.

“You little fool!” Nightmare Moon declared, “Did you think some silly little orbs could defeat me?!”

Twilight quivered under the menacing aura.

“Now you’ll never see your precious Princess Celestia, or your sun ever again! The night will last forever!”

The purple-furred unicorn shrunk under Nightmare Moon’s evil laugh, thinking that all the effort she and the others had made to get here, the trials and obstacles they overcame with their defining traits, was ultimately all for nought. For once in her life, she was at a loss of what to do. There really appeared to be no solution to this burgeoning crisis that would have widespread ramifications to everypony in Equestria.

And yet, when all seemed to be lost, came familiar voices hurrying the staircase to the room where she and the alicorn of darkness were.

Twilight recognised those voices, and suddenly, she came to an epiphany, her eyes sparkling.

“You think you could have just destroyed the Elements of Harmony just like that?” she turned back to Nightmare Moon, “Well you’re absolutely wrong! Because the spirits of the Elements of Harmony are right here!”

Standing by her, were her new friends that she made during her short time in Ponyville - Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash.

The broken shards began to glow in coloured hues, and levitated up.

“W-What?” Nightmare Moon took a step back.

Undeterred, Twilight turned to the blonde Earth pony, “Applejack, who reassured me when I was in doubt, represents the Spirit of Honesty!”

Orange-glowing shards came to orbit around Applejack.

“Fluttershy, who tamed the manticore with her compassion, represents the Spirit of Kindness!”

Pink-hued shards orbited around a nervous buttery-yellow pegasus with a pink mane.

“Pinkie Pie, who banished fear by giggling in the face of danger, represents the Spirit of Laughter!”

Blue-hued shards rushed towards the excitable, party-loving pink Earth pony.

“Rarity, who calmed a sorrowful serpent with a meaningful gift at the expense of her own appearance, represents the Spirit of Generosity!”

Purple-sparkling shards swirled around the white unicorn.

“And Rainbow Dash, who would never abandon her friends for her own heart’s desire, represents the Spirit of Loyalty!”

Red-glowing shards circled around the rainbow-maned pegasus.

“The spirits of these five ponies got us through every challenge that you threw at us!” Twilight declared.

“You still don’t have the Sixth Element!” Nightmare Moon rebuffed, “The spark didn’t work!”

“But it did,” Twilight retorted, “a different kind of spark.” She then turned to the five ponies whom she could call friends, “I felt it the moment I realised how happy to hear you, to see you, and how much I care about you all. The spark ignited inside me…”

Tears began trickling down her eyes, “...when I realised you all…”

Wiping them away, Twilight turned back to face Nightmare Moon, “...are my friends!”

Suddenly, rays of light burst overhead. There hovering above, was the sixth orb. As it lowered down over Twilight, she continued, “You see, Nightmare Moon, when those Elements are ignited by the... the spark, that resides in the heart of us all, it creates the sixth element: The Element of... Magic!"

Nightmare Moon flinched back when the glowing orb ignited into a supernova of light. The shards orbiting the five ponies coalesced into golden necklaces bearing a jewel that resembled their cutie marks. As for Twilight, the glowing light morphed into a crown bearing a star from her cutie mark. Then, light from all six ponies converged together and split into a double-helix rainbow that shot up towards the ceiling of the ruins, then rushed down towards Nightmare Moon.

Her anguished wails echoed throughout the chamber as the rainbow wrapped around her. The energy built up larger and larger until it exploded with seismic force, throwing all six ponies to the floor hard. It would take several moments for the light to fade.

Rainbow groaned, “Oww...my head…”

Applejack winced as she picked herself up, “Is everypony okay?”

“Oh thank goodness!”

All eyes turned to Rarity, ecstatically marvelling at her regrown tail.

“Why Rarity, it’s so lovely,” Fluttershy quietly gushed.

“I know! I’ll never part with it again!” the white unicorn hugged her tail.

“No...I mean your necklace...it looks just like your cutie mark,” Fluttershy corrected.

The five ponies all gushed at their new accessories.

“Gee Twilight,” Applejack turned to the purple unicorn, “Ah thought ya were just spoutin’ a lotta hooey, but Ah reckon...we really do represent the Elements of Friendship.”

“Indeed you all do,” came an unfamiliar voice.

Everypony turned to a window which faced the mountains. The night was quickly pushed away by the rising sun, filling the room with its warm rays. From the shining star that brought daylight to the world, an orb of light shot into the chamber before the six ponies. And from the orb, out stepped a majestic white alicorn who towered over the six ponies, with a long flowing mane of green, blue, purple and pink - Princess Celestia.

One by one, everypony except for Twilight bowed before their monarch.

“Princess Celestia!” the purple unicorn rushed up to her mentor.

“My faithful student,” Celestia nuzzled Twilight, “I knew you could do it.”

Twilight took a step back, “But...you told me that Nightmare Moon was only an old ponytale.”

“I told you to go make some friends, nothing more,” Celestia corrected, “I saw the signs of Nightmare Moon’s return, and I knew it was you who had the magic inside to defeat her, which you could not unleash until you let true friendship into your heart.”

Twilight turned to her five new friends, who nodded in agreement with Celestia’s words.

“Now if only another would do the same as well…”

All eyes turned to the pony whom Celestia was referring. Laid prone amidst the smoking pieces of her armour as Nightmare Moon, was a night-blue alicorn.

“...Princess Luna.”

At the mention of her name, Luna suddenly awoke with a gasp, eyes flitting about in confusion. When she noticed Celestia approaching her, she flinched.

“It’s been a thousand years since I’ve seen you like this…”

Luna shied away from the white alicorn, only opening her eyes when Celestia crouched down to her level, “It is time to put our differences behind us. We were meant to rule together, little sister…”

“Sister?!” the six watching ponies were shocked.

“Luna, I am so sorry for not noticing your pain, and I hope you forgive me for my error. The night is equally important as the day, and you mean so much to me. So please...will you accept my friendship?”

Tension filled the chamber, all six ponies leaning in with anticipation, though the moment was broken by Pinkie Pie, who leaned so far out she toppled over.

Luna felt tears pooling in her eyes, and with a quiet sob, she threw herself into her sister’s warmth, “I’m so sorry! I missed you so much, big sister!”

Celestia felt her own tears pool as she embraced Luna, “I missed you too.”

All six ponies sighed in relief, incredibly moved by the reunion.

Pinkie Pie wiped away tears of joy, “Hey! You know what this means? We should throw a celebration par-”

Suddenly, there was a blinding flash of lightning, and an almighty clap of thunder so strong it shook the eroding foundations of the ruins, sending bits of stone falling from the ceiling. Twilight and her friends stumbled from the tremor, Celestia immediately shielding Luna from the falling stone.

“W-What’s going on?” Rarity shrieked.

Applejack quickly found her bearings and galloped over to the window.

“What in tarnation…?”

Everypony gathered around the orange Earth pony. Outside, the blue sky of the morning had turned deathly overcast, with bolts of lightning cracking over the clouds. But this was no ordinary thunderstorm, the clouds appeared to be swirling in a circle, growing faster by the second. Suddenly, the centre of the swirling clouds opened up in a hole like that of the eye of a hurricane. Out of nowhere, something akin to a green comet shot out of the hole and plummeted to the ground at alarming speeds. It hit with a loud boom, the tremor shaking the ruins for the second time.

“What the buck is that?!” Rainbow Dash exclaimed.

“Everypony stay close,” Celestia instructed as the overcast clouds began to dissipate, “We’re going to investigate.”

It took the group a while to cut through the Everfree forest into the clearing where the green comet crashed into the ground, I’m fending off the creatures that tried to hinder their path. Celestia led the way, coming to a stop at the clearing where the ground had been kicked into a crater with something smouldering within.

“Twilight, you and the rest stay here. Luna and I will go inside to see what it is.”

The purple unicorn nodded, and the Mane Six took to peeking over the edge of the crater to get a better look. Celestia and Luna approached the smouldering object, and gasped when they realised what it was.

“Big sister...is this…?”

Celestia gingerly rolled the object over, only in doing so confirmed that it was not a mere object.

It was a colt, probably no older than Twilight or any of the Mane Six. His fur was a light mint-green, slightly blue, his underbelly was white, his mane cut short, curly, and a dark forest-green with black highlights, as was his tail. His hooves were white with dark green stripes and red hooves representing his J’s. He had cuts and scrapes all over his body, no doubt from his collision with the ground from such a great height.

“Oh by the sun!” Celestia choked, “This colt needs medical attention!”

Quickly and as carefully as possible, the monarch of the sun lifted the unconscious colt up with her magic, and turned to the six ponies watching, “We must make haste, everypony! We need to get to Ponyville General Hospital immediately!”

“Why? What wro-” Twilight’s curiosity died and was replaced by concern when she noticed who was wrapped in her mentor’s magic, “Is that…?”

“It’s a colt, my student, and he needs help right now!” Celestia replied distractedly, “There’s no time to waste! His very life is on the brink of extinguishment!”