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I write on here periodically. Twilight is still best G4 pony. Best G5 ponies are Sunny and Izzy.


Sunny's been an Alicorn for a few months, but doesn't seem to know what her purpose is. More than that, she's recently rediscovered one of her father's dreams: to find out what happened to her long lost mother. It's a quest that will take her and her friends to the very end of Equestria and, hopefully, answer some of the questions regarding the former rifts between pony species. She might also find her purpose...and the love of her life.

Rated T for some death and some violence. It's my first story in quite some time, so apologies if I'm a little rusty. Hope you like it!

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Not bad good strong start keep up the good work.Not sure if you’re planning it but I’m hoping for a bloodline to twilight or acounter with Nyx Twilight’s adopted daughter from past sins by pen strokes.Highly recommend to anyone who has not read

One possible fan fic seed you might want to water. We know nothing a out Sunny's mother even her name but.. was she even an earth Pony? What Sunny didn't just have a Alicorn in he blood line, but said Alicorn was her mom?

This story is so intriguing and interesting, good job!

A good start so far! I'm definitely interested to see where this goes

With that said...oh boy. I have a bad feeling Sunny is overestimating their chances. And it's gonna come back to bite her horribly if things go south

Sprout is a dumb stupid asshole of a jerk who just needs to fucking learn how to make friends with other tribes before he sends everyone back to the age of the wendigos.

I used to wonder what friendship could be…until you all shared its magic with me

one last hurrah for Gen 4, :3


You’ll just have to keep reading and find out! :)


Ok, so far I’ve seen only SunnyxHitch and SproutxIzzy stories. There was one story of HitchxPip but that was only a one chapter dream story Hitch had and I think there are HitchxZip.

I guess the Princesses are ban from home?

Sunny turned and saw Izzy standing there with a goofy grin plastered on her face. The young Alicorn couldn’t help but smile at this as her unicorn friend took up residence on the bench opposite her. Izzy held the extreme opposite of doubt: endless optimism. She carried the happiness of life within her soul, and she sought to bare it to the entire world. Sunny immediately felt better, just by having her best friend so close. As much as she loved her other friends, she knew that Izzy was just the pony she needed to see in this situation. The skies outside the train car may have been gray and gloomy, but inside, Izzy was as bright as the noontime sun. She looked across the small canyon between the two benches and brought an inquisitive hoof up to make some kind of point.

The two ponies shared a laugh as Zipp sat on the bench across from Hitch. Having his deputy there made the sheriff feel a whole lot better. In fact, she’d become more than just a deputy to him. She was a very close friend, and somepony he knew he could trust. Firing Sprout and hiring her had been the best decision he’d ever made, and he was very happy working with her. But as she sat across from him, he got a chance to admire her physical appearance for the first time. Her blue eyes seemed to pierce right into his soul, and he suddenly wondered if she could see the pony within.

Beautiful chapter as always

Meadow is a descendant of Fluttershy isn’t she?

“Yeah…happy,” Pipp said with a doubtful look thrown Izzy’s way.

I don't blame her, but I sense that these negative vibes are gonna cause problems within the group if they're not dealt with soon

So... Hitch x Zipp (for this story, at least) official?

“My parents…” Meadow said, eyes moistening and ears drooping, “…were executed for the crime.”

You are full of nasty bullshit you mother fucker, BURN IN HELL!
And don’t come back until you have learned your lesson that is a crime yes but anyone who dieded a pony/person for that needs to be banished to the deepest depths of Tartarus!


I suspect that Sunny X Izzy is also going to be a thing.

The title of the book was simply…The Journal of Friendship.

Oh my, looks like that’s still around! Can’t help but wonder as to how the group’ll react to the contents though…

“[…] my parents were arrested for selling knock-off Pipp Petals merchandise!”

“My parents…” Meadow said, eyes moistening and ears drooping, “…were executed for the crime.”

Okay, now that’s definitely an over-reaction! Seriously, execution? For selling Knock-Off Merch?!?!

Also, for some reason I’m getting the feeling that there’s some sort of conspiracy afoot that was trying to keep the different pony races apart.



I literally have no words.

Okay, so selling fake merchandise is bad, but getting executed for it?


Well that escalated quickly.

Someone needs to throw Pipp and Haven in Tartarus already.

I agree whole heartedly with Zipp on this matter.

And I highly doubt that Pipp was that much of the city’s economy. She was probably like, 9%, if that.

And if anyone wants to argue with me about this then feel free to argue, what haven and pipp did was not simply unjust or immoral, it was straight up evil, like it was more evil than even some of equestria’s greatest villains evil.


like it was more evil than even some of equestria’s greatest villains evil.

No not really.

Oh yeah?

Give me one example of one of equestria’s greatest enemy’s KILLING someone

Dude your initial comment already makes it clear that nothing I say will change your mind.

The only reason I say that is because we never saw any of the actual mlp villains KILL anypony/creature, so yah

“Something that we can use to get through these woods!” Sunny exclaimed. “It’s a song that my dad taught me when I was a little filly and I’d get scared of the dark!”

Pinkie's song, I'm guessing :pinkiehappy:

Still spreading joy after thousands of years :yay:

Yes, indeed!!

Mistrust can destroy friendships and, for some reason, everypony in the group suddenly felt like distrusting someone close to them. Zipp and Pipp were already at odds, but others began feeling the stench of traitorous malefactions. Even Sunny, friendly as she was, couldn’t help but look around at the ponies with her. Could she trust them? Was it even possible to tell? Was their singing masking some deeper sense of evil? She couldn’t answer any of these questions for the moment, but she shuddered at the thought that somepony would betray her. Death was a very real possibility and she knew that keeping the group together as friends was their only defense against such an eventuality. Her eyes darted this way and that, seeking potential danger.

This bad 😩

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