This story is a sequel to Movie Night: Judgement Neigh

Another weekend has come to Maretime Bay, and for Sunny and Hitch, that means their second, and first "official" date. The ball is in Hitch's court, what does he have in mind?

Content Warning: Hoof-holding, ponified Blazing Saddles quotes

Cover Art: siroc@derpibooru.org

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How does a new story that (apparently) has zero views, and not enough likes/dislikes to show up, appear in the popular stories bar?

It probably deserves to be there soon, or even in the Featured box, but not before any numbers are available.

Don't ask me, I didn't design the site.

Yeah, I know. I was just remarking on something weird.

... Unless you're secretly knighty's alt account.


I'd make an uneducated guess that its the volume of G5 content I've posted in the last three weeks; this is story #6 for me.

Fantastic as always! :heart:

Aww, what a cute and adorable story, I love it! Sunny and Hitch are adorable together!

Really sweet story. Hopefully we'll get to see something like this when the show airs.

This. Is. Great!
Enjoyed reading it very much :pinkiehappy:

Lets gooooooo! I was checking for the sequel the past couple of days, glad to see itโ€™s here! I need my Sunny and Hitch romantic fix.

D'aww. Very cute. Sunblazer is gonna go far.
I do have to point out, though:

she grabbed a mane tie from her bottom drawer, and did her mane in her favorite braid,

A mane tie? Did you see the sheer number in that drawer? :trollestia:

Yes. She grabbed A SINGLE mane tie.

Should she grab dozens of them? :rainbowwild:

Well that's all cute and fuzzy. I'm not sure I wanna go back to more "hardcore" fics now. I like it here. It's all fluffy.

Well, we know she wears at least two with her normal style. :ajsmug:

Honestly with a mane that long I was imagining each braid being a hair tie. :rainbowlaugh:

Awww another shipping story of Sunny and hitch and it's very nice of him to cook dinner for both of them and not only that they watch a movie and it looks like Sunny fell asleep so he decided just to let her rest this is pretty sweet keep up the good work

Another lovely little story about Hitch and Sunny. Awesome little sequel Miles. I look forward to seeing what you might take this next.

It has to do with the way the database populates data for stories. I don't know the underlying procedure that does this, but I suspect that view statistics get stored in one table, and then the permanent record for a story (number of views, likes, etc.) is updated later. That's why things don't match up immediately.

"Throw out your hoofs, stick out your tush! Hoofs on your hips, give them a push! You'll be surprised, you're doing the Prench Mistake. Voila!"

All the references made me realize how long it's been since I saw Blazing Saddles (or Space Balls).

As for the ship, you're doing some wonderful work with Hitch and Sunny. Can't wait to see if you write a third date. :twilightsmile:

I have no problem with the apparent view count and the true view count being different; YouTube definitely does that, especially for new things. But even once the views did appear, they alone weren't so high as to justify being anywhere but the New Stories list.
I think milesprower was about right. I think it's the connection to other stories that definitely are popular is what got it on the list. Perhaps if a story appears on the Also Liked, Similar, and/or Author lists of another story (one with available metrics for current popularity), then that bumps it up the popularity list.

LOL at the chapter title.



Certainly a possibility. I honestly have no idea how those metrics are determined on the backend. For all I know, it's all done by kobolds.

Tiny, tiny kobolds.

Another sweet and comforting story. You're a great writer and I'd love to see more fluffy love stories from you!

This was a nice sequel. Properly written too, which I appreciate more than you'd think.

This was a nice short story.

Thanks for reading, thinking about doing a third.

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