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Twilight decided to invite Starswirl the Bearded to a convention. And he can't shut up about how everything's wrong or weird.

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This story is so true:

If we transport famous person from the past, the famous person would rightly point out that we got most details wrong; while we, unfortunately, see the dark parts of the historical personality history glosses over.

I feel so guilty after reading this.

I feel like this needs a sequel where Twilight ends up in the future with Sunny and co....and Twilight finds herself in Starswirl's shoes.

“How would you feel if somepony wrote about you becoming intimate with your familiar, Spike?” Starswirl asked in turn, earning a shiver from Twilight as she sent an understanding look at the book stand.

Shamefully looks at the Splight story I'm working on. :twilightblush:

This was a hilarious read. :twilightsmile:

Star Swirl needs to just ask AK Yearling how SHE handles it. Also you know even in universe by now Twilight X Spike exists, and ones will all her friends and ones with ALL her friends.
Also mirrors real life, Charlie Chaplin famously lost a Charlie Chaplin look a like contest.

To be fair, that contest was specifically for his character "The Tramp" and he didn't bother changing out of his street clothes. Probably deliberate on his part to give everyone else a fair chance, because he was much less of a jerk than the other famous person with that style of moustache.

With blackjack and hookers!

Glad someone got it. Shame there's no pony pun that rhymes with hookers.

I like this a lot. Not because it is particularly funny or anything (though it did make me smile) but because of your style to work mostly through dialog. You don't see that often.

Good job friend.

“Yes! You know what! Buck your convention! I’ll make my own bucking convention! With Black magic! And hoof crafters!” He threatened to the wind. “You historian hacks won’t know what hit you!”

Heeey! Futurama!

You're telling me there's a literal Starswirl convention and the organizers didn't even try to invite him? I mean, he probably wouldn't have come if they did, but that's just rude.

Also love the good old "Twilight writes smutty fanfics" angle, it just works.

Indeed. Loved that show

It's nice to see a celebrity taking on whitewashing in popular culture.

“Really? Then why am I white? I’m clearly grey! And look at that beard! It’s longer than Celestia’s mane!”

And this suddenly got controversial. :twilightoops:

I mean… It happens in both directions.
Glances at MJ from Spider-Man
…Some from modern Disney.

Jesus comes back.

Nobody notices, because nobody recognizes him.

(I'm not commenting on religion, I'm agreeing with Hotel_Chicken on how I think distortion from time and retelling is true.)

More like "he gets arrested at an airport because he's a Middle Easterner who doesn't speak English". To say nothing of how basically the entire Gospel is him calling out the existing power structure and occasionally violently forcing a bank closure.

I’m talking about actual history, not made up characters

There is an entire card game about Twilight writing crack ships. Unofficial though...

Oh yeah, I remember that from a few years back, I forget the name though.

Twilight will have the same experience as Starswirl in a few hundred years... what goes around, comes around, right?

Yes, and? What if it happened today with fictional characters from hundreds of years ago? Stories that everybody of that time knew, and that influenced the world? Would it still be just a fictional character? Or would it be history? I’m not quite sure how I’d feel about Chinese Folk-lore being shown with the wrong people in it.

Twilight Sparkle's Secret Shipfic Folder.

Not everything has to about that you know. Learn to keep it in every now and then.
Facts get muddled, things go undocumented, for a time they very well could’ve believed Starswirl had white fur.
In essence: History only cares for those who remember it, not for those who are right. What if I told you that (apparently) the Land Bridge theory is being broken down despite what history itself says? That the Natives of the Americas actually crossed a Land Bridge between Russia and Alaska to cross into North America where they settled. Well apparently it’s not true, but that’s not what history says now is it?
Facts are muddled, things go undocumented. This... whitewash and controversial Hakka you’re spouting means literally nothing to the story at large. The author knows what he’s doing and if you don’t like it, then don’t say anything. Better to walk away in silence than to cause a problem by saying something.

On that note, Chicken this is a funny story, keep up the good work


On that note, Chicken this is a funny story, keep up the good work

Thanks for the kind words!

No, it's just one aspect of the story that was up for discussion. It's a very well written story, and incredibly humorous, but interactions and discussion with other people aren't quite as limited. I'm not saying that things haven't gotten changed over the centuries, or that errors have not happened with the recording of history, but I'm making a comment about something in the story that people will take to the extreme. And if we do find errors in the history books, then the best thing would be to correct them. What good came from erasing history?

Thought that tidbit about the early colonization of North America is interesting.

“Who the buck would put forty-seven bells into their hat, you moron! It’s forty-eight! Forty-eight! I count them every bucking morning to make sure I’m not missing one!”

Shouldn't Starswirl be a judge, or authentication expert, not dragged through the back door by a fan?

For that matter did no one recognize Twilight, or is this just Season 8 and 9, where no one cares about her?

Regardless this was a story which hits close to home. So I sympathize with and support Starswirl against the forces of lazy researchers, and history revisionists.

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