• Published 25th Oct 2021
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Pegasi Pillow Talks - Undome Tinwe

Three pairs of lovers talk after magic is restored to the world.

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You Blaze The Trail, I'll Watch Your Tail

You Blaze The Trail, I'll Watch Your Tail

"You think they'll be okay?" Izzy asked a few days later, lying in bed next to Sunny.

On the other side of Izzy's bedroom, the TV was playing a news show that showed the Royal Sisters appearing at the opening of a new school. Pipp was her usual outgoing self, smiling and waving and flitting about the crowd, while Zipp was doing her best to put on the mask of a smile as she positioned herself in the background.

"They're going through a lot," Sunny said in response, shivering as a cool breeze blew in through the window and responding by pressing herself up closer to Izzy. "We all are."

"You can say that again." On-screen, Pipp bumped hooves with a filly who seemed over the moon at being acknowledged by her idol. "These are crazy times we're living in. Crazy times."

"Good times, though." Queen Haven was giving a speech now, and Zipp was clearly bored with the whole spectacle, her wings fluttering impatiently as she glanced up at the skies. She definitely wanted to take to the air and soar among the birds at that moment.

Izzy nodded so hard that Sunny was worried she might hit something. "Definitely. I just hope they can find a way to be happy now."

There was some kind of commotion on screen, and the couple turned to see the camera pointed upwards, where Zipp was doing some truly death-defying acrobatics while all the fillies and colts were cheering.

Sunny's phone buzzed, and she saw her feed light up with an image of Pipp taking a selfie with Zipp flying in the background. The caption read "lol my sis finally got tired of smiling and waving. She's gonna make this opening lit." Sunny smiled. "I think they'll be just fine. After all, they've got each other."

"And us," Izzy added. "Zipp said she'll be coming over tomorrow to, uhh, do politics stuff with Lighthouse, so I'm gonna need this bedroom."

"That's fine," Sunny replied. "I might pop over to Zephyr Heights tomorrow night to see how Pipp's doing."

"You know, we really need to get one of those beds the royals have up there," Izzy said. "They're so comfy. Although Zipp says it's nothing like sleeping on a cloud. Hey, you think I could whip up a spell to let us sleep on clouds?"

"According to my research, the pegasi used to sleep on cloud beds all the time," Sunny said. "If you can get that spell working, we could try it too. And I'll talk to Pipp about getting us a bed here, maybe one big enough for two." She shifted again, trying to position herself so that she wasn't slipping off the bed.

"We'll still cuddle though, right?" Izzy asked, suddenly concerned.

"Of course," Sunny promised, leaning in to pepper kisses against her cheek. "We'll still kiss a lot, too. That's not changing."

"Oh, good." Izzy grinned. "I never thought I'd have anypony to practice that with either."

"Me too," Sunny admitted. "Crazy times, huh?"

"Good times," Izzy corrected, snuggling in closer as they watched Pipp sing a snippet of her newest song while Zipp flitted around her. "The best of times."

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Comment posted by MistyShadowz deleted Oct 29th, 2021

And poor Hitch is left out in the cold.

Nice character exploration. G5 is still largely unknown territory, so the time is right for this sort of thing. The pairings feel a bit pulled out of a hat, but we have so little to go on that it's hard for them not to if they've been established offscreen. Some quite nice vignettes, though they feel a little shallow at the end of the day. Still, thank you for this and best of luck in the judging.

All good ships, all very cute. Nice job.

Really cute! Characterizations don't feel quite right, but I suppose we only have so much material. Good job.

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