• Published 25th Oct 2021
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Pegasi Pillow Talks - Undome Tinwe

Three pairs of lovers talk after magic is restored to the world.

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Brave and Strong and Weird and Clever

Brave and Strong and Weird and Clever

"I can't believe that worked," Zipp said as she lay on her bed, staring up at the ceiling.

"Hmm?" Next to her, Izzy was rolling back and forth, humming happily to herself. "Wow, the Royal Bed is really soft and comfy. Is this what sleeping on a cloud is like?"

Zipp snorted. "Sleeping on clouds is a million times better. Just like how actual flying is a million times better than parkour."

"Opening cans is way easier with magic too," Izzy added, nodding sagely. "Anyways, what were you talking about? Did you think we weren't gonna be able to bring the magic back?"

"Nah." There was a rustling of sheets as Zipp's wings flapped softly. "I mean, I did think it was a long shot, but that's not what I'm talking about. I mean, what Mom said, about spinning the story so our people would take us back. And I guess what Sunny and I told Pipp, about how everypony would love us again once we got the magic back."

"I mean, when it comes to bread and circuses, everypony being able to fly is pretty circusy." Izzy leaned over to press a quick kiss against Zipp's cheek. "Also, you did help bring back magic and flight, which is a pretty big deal."

"I guess." Blushing at the kiss, Zipp hesitantly wrapped a wing around Izzy, who let out a happy coo at the embrace. "I'm not really surprised that Pipp still has her fans. Plenty of influencers do, uhh, not so great stuff and stay popular, and Pipp's still a hero, like you said. But I can't believe we're still the royal family. I thought for sure once they figured out we couldn't fly they'd give us the boot."

"Well, you can fly now," Izzy pointed out, snuggling closer to Zipp.

In response, Zipp rolled her eyes, but still tightened the wing hug. Izzy was so soft and nice. "You know what I mean. We lied to them all their lives, and they still want us to rule them."

Next to her, she felt Izzy shrug. "I think they trust you to do what's best for them, and that's enough to make them happy."

"Still doesn't feel right," Zipp muttered.

"Maybe not, but hey, at least you get to enjoy living in the palace still." There was a pause, and Zipp turned to see Izzy looking up at her, concerned. "This isn't about those ponies still wanting you to rule them, huh?"

"I just." Zipp sighed. "It should be Pipp. If anyone deserves to rule over Zephyr Heights, it's the pony that everypony loves and who cares about her people."

"But you do care," Izzy pointed out. "You went on an epic quest to give everypony back their special abilities."

"I did that because I wanted to be able to fly." Zipp shook her head. "I don't deserve to rule."

"Maybe nopony deserves to rule," Izzy said. "But you gotta, and you gotta decide how you wanna do it. You don't have to be like your mom, you know."

"I always said that if I became the queen I'd tell all the ponies the truth about our flying." Zipp smiled, but it didn't reach her eyes. "Guess we'll never know if I'd have chickened out on that."

"I don't think you would." The total confidence in Izzy's voice warmed Zipp's heart, and her smile grew wider. "You ran off with a weird unicorn and a very pretty earth pony to who-knows-where because of a chance that you might be able to bring magic back."

"Hey, the unicorn was really pretty too!" Zipp countered, pressing a kiss against Izzy's forehead.

"Okay, fair." Izzy fluttered her eyelashes. "I am quite the catch."

Zipp nodded. "You are."

"Anyways, my point is, you're brave and clever and you don't have to do things the way they've always been done." A small giggle escaped from between Izzy's lips. "I mean, you're dating a unicorn, after all. You can do whatever you want, and find your own way to be queen."

"I guess."

"You've heard the stories from Sunny, right?" Izzy continued. "About how the Princess of Friendship used to go on epic adventures to save Equestria? You could be a warrior princess like her."

"We don't have many monsters to fight these days, besides hate and distrust." Zipp paused. "I'd rock a set of armour, though."

"You would," Izzy agreed. "And those are pretty big monsters to slay. The Lighthouse Initiative is really cool and all, but there's only so much Sunny and I can do. We'll need your help to bring back the old Equestria like Sunny wants."

Zipp shook her head. "No, not the old Equestria. The new one. You're right, Izzy, we can shape the future, and I can make sure that we never have to lie to our ponies again. When I'm queen, I'm going to do what the old princesses did and fight for what's right, and leave the ruling to our ponies. That democracy thing the earth ponies have going on seems like a pretty good idea, anyways."

"It's better than letting whoever's the best at games run things," Izzy said.

"If I'm gonna be traveling around to bring unity and stuff, we won't be able to enjoy this bed as much, though," Zipp said, nuzzling Izzy's mane. "You still gonna wanna be with me when we have to rough it?"

"Well, you've still got your wings." Izzy squirmed delightfully under the assault. "I love Sunny and she's a great kisser, but nothing beats a nice, warm wing hug."

"Good to know I'm still useful without the crown," Zipp said. Her smile softened, becoming warmer. "Thanks for the pep talk, Izzy. I needed that."

"Any time." Izzy reached upwards, and the two of them pressed their lips against one another, basking in their shared love. "And thanks for the wing hugs, they're really comfy."