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Hello! I’d love to have comments on my story, I appreciate them! It shows me support and keeps me motivated. We are welcome to be friends too.


Update! The comedy tag was removed as it got a bit too dark

After a bet with the Great and Powerful Discord the trashed and Useless Trixie Stinky must face the consequences of the bet that she had done with Discord.

She always was, always is and will always be known as Stinky and there is nothing she can do to change that!

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Comment posted by twidash1993 deleted Last Wednesday


:derpyderp2: were you expecting something else?

It was just a really sad ending.

I was expecting it to be a prank! Discord is mischievous, not evil - this is too extreme even for him. And wasn’t he friends with Trixie?

Oddly, this reminds me of



I made an alternate ending, hope you like it!

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