• Published 13th Oct 2021
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The Great and Powerful... Stinky!? - Lulamoon Crystal

A bet with Discord goes wrong and the Great and Powerful Stinky must face the consequences

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Alternate Ending

Trixie basically gave up, “Just call me Blue” she mumbled, at least ‘Blue’ was better than ‘Stinky’.

“Alright, Blue! Let’s go to Zecora, she might be able to help” Trixie smiled in response, she got up and walked outside with Starlight.

Discord suddenly appeared just outside of the castle, Trixie growled “Discord!” she shouted.

“Well... hello, Stinky” Discord laughed, “I hope you’re enjoying my- ahem... go on with your day, I need some more popcorn!” He laughed. Trixie growled and Starlight chuckled as they walked through Ponyville.

“Discord is so funny, isn’t he?” Starlight asked.

“What!? No! He changed my name! I can’t say it!” Trixie complained angrily. The two stopped near Sugarcube Corner, Starlight went inside, “Hey! Where do you think you’re going?” Grumbled Trixie.

“A snack” Starlight replied nobly to have Trixie grab into her.

“No! We are going to find a cure!” She replied.

Starlight started to laugh loudly, “There isn’t a cure!” She said before vanishing.

“Fine! I’ll go by myself!” Trixie stomped towards the Everfree forest but Discord had other plans, a rain cloud fall of popcorn emptied itself onto her and the second she stepped inside the forest she was back at the castle. “What!?” She shouted. She went back to try again.


After many tries into getting in the forest and being teleported back to the castle she sat down and started to think, she heard Discord’s laugh. “You given up, yet?” He asked.

“What?, no! I haven’t given up!” She mumbled, “I am not giving up!”.

“Well... then what are you doing here instead of finding a cure?” He asked “Am I the better one?”.

“I’m taking a break” she replied before getting up and trotting towards Ponyville, she had an idea this time. Trixie looked around for any member of the Main Six, she walked to Sweet Apple acres and Discord threw apples at her but she ignored it. She made it to the barn and knocked on the door, “Applejack!”.

“Howdy, Stinky” she said as she opened the door, “You need something?”.

Trixie sighed, “I need help! I need you six with me! Gather them up and meet me at the fountain” She ordered before galloping away.


Trixie mumbled as she stood in front of the fountain in Ponyville, she was waiting a while she was starting to get impatient. Soon the Main Six appeared in front of her, along with Discord. “Took you long enough” She groaned.

“Have you finally given up?” Discord asked only to get a big ‘no’ shouted at him.

Trixie hopped up to the ledge of the fountain like it was a stage, “This is all a prank isn’t it! As I sat here thinking I discovered that drink wasn’t a potion! It was spicy coloured water mixed with lemon juice! While I was unconscious you gathered everypony and told them to call me Stinky!... and me saying Stinky I instead of Stin- my name was just a spell!” She argued, “And one of you were teleporting me whenever I went into the forest!”.

The Main Six, Spike, Starlight and Discord laughed out loud, “I thought that you would have never gotten it” Discord chuckled, “I hate to say that you won...”.

Twilight nodded and zapped Trixie removing the spell she placed on her, Trixie smiled in response, she proudly flicked her cape in the air she got on her hind legs.

“No pony messes with the great and powerful- Woah!” Trixie squealed as she slipped during her boast and fell into the fountain water, everyone watched her, “Trixie...” Trixie finished as she blushed a bit in embarrassment, everyone laughed in response, including Trixie.

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I made an alternate ending, hope you like it!

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