• Published 13th Oct 2021
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The Great and Powerful... Stinky!? - Lulamoon Crystal

A bet with Discord goes wrong and the Great and Powerful Stinky must face the consequences

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Trixie opened her eyes, she was on the grass near the lake. The slate of rock, stage or anything from the show for that matter, were all gone! She looked around and noticed that her hat was back on her head, the damages and mess made to clothes and body were all gone.

“Was that all a dream?” She asked herself as she got up, she didn’t feel any pain at all. Trixie shrugged still a bit confused but something felt different, she walked to the lake and looked at her reflection, well until a fish slapped her hooves. She was nervous but she decided to go to Ponyville, maybe Starlight could help.

It was a sunny day so most ponies were out doing whatever. As she walked through she saw Pinkie Pie pronk last, she stopped and waved at Trixie, “Heya Stinky!” She cheered out.

Trixie looked at Pinkie a bit disgusted, she looked around making sure she wasn’t talking to somepony else, the gestured to herself with her hoof, “Me?” She asked. Pinkie Pie was already gone, she was confused but shrugged it off assuming Pinkie was talking to somepony or something else, or just being random.


Rarity was the next pony she walked past, she saw her with a bag full of ribbon, She looked at Trixie, “Stinky, darling, isn’t it a marvellous day?” She asked politely. Trixie gasped in shock and looked around once again.

“Who are you talking to?” She asked Rarity who only looked at her confused.

“Why?, you of course, darling, who else in Ponyville has the name of Stinky?” She questioned. Trixie angrily scoffed and walked away she made sure to have a talk to her later, no one calls Trixie such a mean name like that.

Applejack spotted Trixie and waved to her from her stall, “Howdy Stinky, would you like ta’ buy some apples?” She asked with a smile. Trixie growled angrily and walked along, ignoring the pony that just called her stinky.

Trixie stopped for a minute once out of Applejack’s sight, she smelt her mane and clothes to see if she smelt, she didn’t wish was a relief but only rose more questions.

Two pegasi walked along the paths chatting, “Thankyou for helping me find that baby owl” Fluttershy thanked, Rainbow Dash was a bit bashful about it.

“It was nothin’ you can always ask me for help when there’s a runaway”. Both pegasi looked at Trixie who seemed to be pretty grumpy about something, of course Fluttershy would see what was wrong.

“Uh... Stinky, are you-“ Fluttershy managed to say before Trixie ran away angrily, she ran towards Twilight’s castle.


Starlight was sitting in the library reading a book, she wasn’t studying she was just reading a fun book. Then the doors suddenly slammed open and Trixie looked desperate, she shouted out loud, “The great and powerful Stinky nee-“ Trixie froze in shock, why did she say that?”.

“Oh hey, Stinky, haven’t seen you all morning” Starlight smiled happily.

“You as well?” Trixie asked, defeated.

“What’s the matter, Stinky?” Asked Starlight.

“Stop calling Stinky that! The great and powerful Stinky doesn’t like it! My name is Stinky!” Trixie shrieked only to get a confused response from her friend, Trixie sat down in defeat it took her a while to realise that she couldn’t say her own name, it’ll all be replaced by that smelly word “Stinky...” She muttered.

She started to think, she needed a way to tell Starlight that it was a curse, it started to make sense! The potion she was forced to drink, it must’ve done something to stop her from saying ‘Trixie’ when she did it would turn into ‘Stinky’, she tried to think of what to say. “Stinky- I have been cursed and need your help!”.

“What? By what? Tell me as much you know” Starlight replied with concern.

“I... Discord gave me this potion a while ago and I’ve never been able to say my name! My name is not Stinky! It’s-“ Trixie started to wave her hoof around to write her name in thin air, “That!”.

Starlight cocked her head in confusion, “What?” She asked.

Trixie groaned in annoyance, she knew she couldn’t say it but maybe she could spell it out, “T, R, I, X, I, E...” She smiled in response but Starlight looked at her confused.

“S, T, I, N, K, Y? But that spells-“.

“The curse won’t let me say it!” Growled Trixie who grabbed a ink quil and a piece of paper, she started to write her name but the second she finished the ‘E’ the whole word vanished and was replaced by ‘Stinky’. Trixie angrily crumbled up the paper and stomped on it. “You know what... just call me-“, Trixie was about to say her last name but was smart enough to check it first.

She uncrumbled the paper and started to write “Lulamoon” on it expecting for it to change, she smiled happily when it didn’t, “Call me Lulamoon” She told Starlight.

“So by your last name?” She asked, Trixie nodded in response. Starlight got off the chair and put her hoof on Trixie reassuringly, “Don’t worry, we will break this curse! Even through I don’t know or remember your actual name I can tell by your reactions that’s it’s not Stinky!”.

“Maybe you can trick the curse, maybe there are words that sound like your name when they are together” Starlight replied.

Trixie nodded in agreement, “Trick” She started, she smiled when it worked, “C” she finished, she smiled happily, she found a way to say her name.

“Hmmm” Starlight thought, “To me that sounded like Stink... E”, She watched Trixie’s face drop. “I guess you tried to say a word and a letter that sounds like your name... I assume you can’t tell me the first letter...” Starlight started to ponder.

Starlight tried to get some ideas, “I got it!” She exclaimed, she grabbed a book of newborn foal names and passed it to her friend, Trixie flipped through the book in search of her name “Try to point it out”.

“It’s not here!” Trixie exclaimed when she saw a blank space where her name would be, she groaned in defeat but Starlight tried to lift her spirits.

“Maybe... there’s a name similar to it?” She tried, it resulted in Trixie gasping happily. She flipped through a few pages until she pointed at a name, “Here!” She exclaimed.

“Beatrix?” Starlight asked, “What name is that similar to?” She wondered. Trixie gave her an unamused face, she growled slightly the longer it took her friend. “Beatrice? Beetroot? Astrix? Astrid? Bean? Bea? Beau? Wait that’s a colt’s name... um... Beat? Maybe your name has something to do with music?”.

“No...” Trixie groaned as she put a hoof to her forhead, she put her hoof on the paper and covered the ‘Bea’ leaving the ‘trix’.

“Trix? Isn’t that a type of cereal? I thought we were looking for your name, I didn’t know you were hungry” Starlight replied.

Trixie yelled annoyed, “That is my name! If you add an I and an e on the end!”.

“Ietrix?” Starlight asked.

Trixie fell to the ground on frustration, “No, No Nooo!”.