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haha rainbow machine go brrr

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Super excited that this is finally out!

Have some alternate cover art too!


An AuroraDawn story hot off the presses! I can't wait to see how Sunny overcomes adversity and absolutely nothing bad happens to her. :trollestia:


Today is not gonna be her day, is it?

That's not the real Twilight. :twilightangry2:

Just one of those stupid nightmares.

Ahhhh it’s finally here!!! So.much.hype! The beginning is incredible already and is setting up for a great story. The descriptions and characterizations are phenomenal and if you asked me to pick my favorite part so far I would just be wildly flailing at the entire thing XD. Can’t wait for the rest, great work you guys

I have a feeling that all the other princesses left her to her own devices.
And then twilights friends started dying to natural causes so she turned to dark magic to keep them alive but when time overode even the dark magic artificially extending there lives twilight snaped and went insane

Oh Sunny, you had no idea. Did you dear?

Okay... now that's some weird mojo coming from these dreams. And this falling thing where Sunny is nevertheless giggling all the way... is someone, something trying a takeover ?

From what I've seen, it could be a princess from ages past, come mad from power... and that put this whole Summer Sun Celebration in quite a bad light (eh) indeed.

Things will go bad. It's all but spelled.
I can't wait to see how exactly :pinkiecrazy:

You never know how far you may be willing to go for people/ponies you care for. I think it is twilight but she’s nightmare harmony.

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, it's finally arrived. A horror story from the combined minds of two infamous authors; one responsible for a dark little factory, the other for a bright big apocalypse.

This is going to be one for the ages. Buckle up, everyone.

“You were giggling.”


So… Twilight didn’t have too good a time after the show.
Unless you count becoming a beastial cannibalistic creature that might have severed ponies connection with magic or of been defeated only be ponies being severed from magic.

My best guess is that somewhere in her subconscious, Sunny realizes that she has damned Equestria through her actions, and she laughs at the absurdity of the horrible truth.

Loving this story mate, can't wait to read more.

Also, when will we hear the winners of the Rainbow Factory competition?

"I've got a bad feeling about this... " - Luke Skywalker

This story already has me hooked beyond belief. That last line for this chapter, oh that last line... This is gonna be an adventure of a lifetime isn't it? We're witnessing history here folks, just like the Rainbow Factory all those years ago... :pinkiecrazy:

In the next few days! By Halloween at the latest.

That last line...


I pictured Sunny on Joker Gas and.....it terrified me.

Jesus Christ, this is not gonna go well is it?

The story is literal Fire though.

I can already tell that this story is going to be solid gold.

That magic,” the thing hissed, “was not yours to give.” pbs.twimg.com/media/FAethjMWUAgQyQF?format=jpg&name=4096x4096 so this basicly?

Yes! I linked to that image (and the source!) in the description :)

Was I screaming again?” Sunny asked, trying to crawl out of the cot without making more of a mess.

Izzy froze, her face locked in a grimace. “No,” she said slowly, looking her friend over. “No, Sunny. You were flailing, and your eyes were open, you looked terrified, like you were fighting something off, but you…”


“You were giggling.”

now that's how you open a story!

I'm intrigued about what Twilight must have done, from the newest nightmare sequence and visions. I'm also wondering what she could have made Sunny do while sleepwalking...

Someone better check on Pipp, no one else thought to, and she is an adorable young Pegasus who only recently learned to fly...

Perhaps the past should have stayed buried.

And it seems that Twilight (Or, at least, what used to be Twilight) is essentially taking control of Sunny's form while she's asleep and is moving her about. The fact that it only seems to be getting worse and worse does not bode well.

The second guard turned immediately into Zipp’s room, and Sunny let out a blast of air in relief. While she waited, the second guard stared at her suspiciously, but said nothing.

I think this was meant to be the first guard, and not the second?


Thank you, I’ve fixed it.

Alright, it does feel a bit like the calm before the storm. I can only hope, even if it's sound a bit bad to hope for that, that it's something that's affecting Sunny and Sunny only. It could just be the vengeance of a spurred Princess, render mad when her lifework collapsed and getting a futile revenge against what is basically her successor.

Yet I'm pretty sure it's not this. Something's lurking in the magic. And I can't even know if Sunny will be the (unwilling, I hope) herald of the end due to some magical possession, or if the end of the world is already coming, and she'll just be powerless against it (it is Grimdark, after all !). Or if that's going to be something else altogether.

Halloween is two days away. The clock's ticking.
Soon we'll have the answers.
The characters probably won't like them. But I'll do :pinkiecrazy:

Oh... They say "Never meet your heroes", but jeez!

Did anyone else notice that Sunny slept during the day and did not appear to have the nightmare?

Dear God, the option to "Giggle at the Ghosties" is officially off the table! :pinkiegasp:

In a flash a dozen scenes ran through her mind, each image present only a fraction of a second yet burned onto her retina still. Visions of Pegasi being cut down by a ray of magic. The grotesque and mangled faces of Pegasi, bloodied by a dozen hoofprints. And finally, piles and piles of charred wings, their feathers long turned to ash by raging magical fires.

is this story showing a Tiwlight that had gone 100% Mad?

you can say that again, o.o

I don't think anyone or anything could stop Twilight right now. Was Nightmare Twilight the reason the tribes became disbanded? If so that would be very cool and I would kind of wish that was cannon.

“Her Excellency can rest easy,” he said, handing the crystal to Zipp. “The Queen sleeps soundly. In fact, her guards state nopony has even walked by her room this evening.”

Yeah... something tells me she's not fine at all.

Very far back in sunny's biological processes something understood what was said and made her start giggling

And then Sunny was awake, not screaming, not crying, but not in her bed, not laying down. She was still in the guest quarters that had been provided to her, directly in the middle of the room, light and warmth around her. Sunny blinked once, confused. Had she dreamt? She hadn’t woken up in terror, but she had woken up.

Uh oh folks I think we have a mild case of body possession

Hopefully now that other ponies can see her insane-twilight won't posses her body

She still managed to make her laugh when Izzy was watching... And without much knowledge of magic, there isn't much they can do.
Their only hope is to try and reform Twilight.

No, I think Twilight used Sunny’s magic to teleport into her room to take the Crystal.

But that was laughter pretty normal. Hope twilight doesn't do anything abnormal

the best there ever was

Hahaha where's my pokeballs?

Oh man...visions of bloody pegasi...a stolen crystal...
I think I need to hit refresh until the next chapter pops up :pinkiecrazy:

Not a bad concept for a story. I think it needs a slower pace though. It doesn't feel like there's enough build up for the horror or time to digest it.

It flashed as Sunny’s eyes locked onto it, the miasma of blue magic clearing away like fog in the sun, and within it came a new rush of horror. Bodies collapsed in front of her, disfigured as jagged crystals grew rapidly out of them, blood flooding out of their mouths as they gargled in pain. A city atop a mountain much like Zephyr Heights billowed black smoke as towers fell down over fleeing ponies. A pile of unicorn horns, none with owners, each fractured and sparking, burned beneath an eclipse that oozed fire.

oh she didn't just go mad, Twilight lost it completely. there's this small thing she would break IRL with this, what is it now? ah, yes. The Geneva Convention.

Okay... the most obvious seems like Twilight went bonkers because of immortality, and decided that the best way to proceed was to avoid forming new friendships and links by killing of everyone (pretty sure it wasn't what her friends had in mind). Well, the good news is that the world isn't ending on this Summer Celebration !

... the bad news is that apparently, uniting the crystals sealed Twilight, and now they're close again. And apparently Sunny isn't alone in her head anymore. But as they said, the Summer Sun Celebration is tomorrow, and it'll bring the merriment it promise on delivering !

Most probably for us. For our poor protagonists... well :pinkiecrazy:

Oh, buck.

Twilight needs the crystals gathered at the lighthouse so it can bring her back.

“P… Pinkie Pie?”

There is silence.

Oof. My heart.
Also, why does it feel so right that Pinkie would be the last survivor?

Evil Demon Twilight is scary as hell. Like, she was creepy before, but seeing her motivations.....damn.

next time...
The exciting conclusion of Elemental Crystal Z!

The Titania's Wrath.....

I haven't read this, but it's in the featured box a lot so I see it frequently. But i swear to God, every time I see the thumbnail, Sunny gets smaller and Twilight gets more aggressive.

The Elements were used to save a fallen Princess on the night of the Summer Sun Celebration. Now they're at risk of being used to release a fallen Princess on the night of the Summer Sun Celebration.

There's a bit of dramatic irony there, but I don't think anypony is going to be able to appreciate it since the sanctity of the entire world is at risk.

Wow this is the scariest twilight I have ever seen. She just wants death and everything to suffer like she did.

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