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As the shadowy plans of a scheming genius loom over Manechester, two ponies step up to solve the mysteries surrounding them and bring justice to the land.
Shetland Hames (Sherlock Holmes) : Famous detective / Lunatic?
Flutterbreeze: Secret Agent / Mailpony
"Dangerous at both ends and crafty in the middle!"

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I recently discovered something in my writing that may cause a bit of confusion:
"He took off his leather jacket..." :facehoof:
Notice: LEATHER. It is a material made from cow skin. Something you probably would not expect ponies to wear unless they are very disturbing individuals. :pinkiecrazy: This is not what I am trying to get across with the character of Pompadour, so let me give you two reasons why I can leave this here without making a scene:
First, others have made this mistake before, particularly in the use of PARCHMENT. Most probably don't realize that parchment, unlike paper, is made from cow skin, and therefore as forbidden a material as real leather. :pinkiegasp: That is why you will never find me using parchment in my fanfiction. It will forever be paper.
This isn't a good excuse for one who has found this error, though, so here is my second reason: It's not real leather. It's an artificial material that was probably produced with a little bit of magic and some pony ingenuity (and some fancy mathematics :eeyup:) to make a unique fabric that ponies like Pompadour enjoy wearing. Thus, no cows were harmed in the making of this jacket. :pinkiesad2:
I'm sure I've bored you to death, though, so RIP you poor reader. :trollestia:

Finally got this chapter up. I've been a bit distracted by Christmas and things lately. :moustache:

Sigh, just realized that in the show they call it parchment. :facehoof: Well, good luck explaining that one!

Yeah, I must be crazy to be noticing things like this. :pinkiecrazy: But since when was this news?

Just as I thought: Finals week = me writing about ponies. We all do that, right? Right? :facehoof:
Anyways, here it is, updated at last. Only 1 (or slightly possibly 2) chapters to go!

In case anyone was curious, all of the chapter names are and will be the names of soccer (football) teams from the UK. Clearly, not all of them are particularly famous, but someone should at least recognize Manechester United and Arsenal if they watch soccer at all. Who's got two thumbs and too much time on their hands? This... oh wait... WHERE ARE MY THUMBS!?!

So there it is, finally finished! I must admit, I enjoyed writing the last chapter the most, and not just because it means I can move on with my writing/life. Maybe that's why it's the longest? No, it's probably because that's where the most happens.
So, yay! That's my fourth story, ended at last. :yay:

Now, all of you ponies! Go forth and live the rest of your lives without regret or fear! RUN FREE MY FILLIES! :pinkiehappy:

“Need a hand?”
just fix that. but otherwise, great chapter :pinkiehappy:

Nice catch, usually I don't miss that sort of thing. :twilightsmile:
I didn't go over it with as fine-toothed a comb as I usually do for chapters.

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