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Story teller at heart. I like to examine the unusual. I spend too much time being 'reasonable'. I write to play, and hope others enjoy the results.

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Well, this was a pleasant surprise! :twilightsmile:

The beginning felt a little rough but the rest of it kept me hooked and quite interested to see where it went. The somewhat-meta perspective of the protagonist, especially when Discord repeated the first half of one of Q's exchanges with Picard and the protagonist repeated the rest of it, leaves a large setting to be explored.

This can't be completed, it just can't! I want to read more of this!

Welcome back and with another top notch story.

Well Done

“On her doorstep was Twilight Sparkle. While Derpy deeply respected the mare, like most in Ponyville, they wished she'd either switch to decaf, or start hitting the harder stuff.” -Dan_s Comments
I couldn't resist

Always the musical number launched with ill intent, lol. Glad to see you appear in my timeline.

Will they STOP calling him "The Monster". That is just f******* Prejudice/Raicst/Xenophobic to it's disgusting core, and you know it!

mine god y are u everywhere? do u just read every knew story. Like I swear half the stories with a human in Equestria ill see one of ur comments down at the bottom

"Sounds like what my father did," Blue Bell said, "My mother `banished` my father from their bedroom once too often after he dragged his hooves on redecorating, he just moved into the shed in back. He still paid all the bills for the house to work, but never for redecoration and he never set foot in the house again," the maid sighed, "And everypony in the neighborhood knew it. It drove my mother crazy because he never complained or spoke ill of her, he just kept living his life like he didn't need her anymore."

Marriage is give and take


Sometimes I like to read new stories. But please, don't do that "I seen you everywhere" speech. I seen it happened to different people on YouTube. Seriously, what is with watching or reading stuff online almost everyday a big deal to some people like you?

Celestia thinks of him as a monster once (when she thinks she's going to have to lay back and think of Equestria), before he names himself 'The Monster', which is entirely political theater to allow Celestia to do whatever she needs to to 'control' him.

Dude, I see you on just about every HIE story I start reading! Don't get me wrong, I like them too, but you don't have to read them all LOL


Actually, I didn't read them, nor comment them all the time. You just didn't find the right ones that I haven't commented.


Well, I don't like it. He has a name for them to properly know. And the fact that he is a human. Not a "monster". Plus, it doesn't help make the ponies into a "good light", when they are supposed to peach friendship and harmony to non-ponies, EXCEPT him ( The first human to boot ) for no reason?!

A bunch of pathetic hypocrites and major misanthropics, that's what they all are!

its not a big deal its just gotten to the point of ridiculous cause ive seen u on at least 30 different stories, maybe we have similar tastes? maybe I read too much into this? maybe you;re a fourth dimensional being that has no concept of time? whatever the case, I just commented cause It's just strange to me how often I see you is all


It's probably a coincidence, because I do comment a lot.


Well, I don't like it. He has a name for them to properly know.

Do you know his name?


To our main character? No, they just keep calling him "The Monster", and he himself doesn't get mad, or complain about it?!

This kind of stuff in stories like this really piss me off.

He names himself 'The Monster'

It was a pointed question. The protagonist doesn't give it out and doesn't use it for internal monologuing. A number of stories use this style, it was used consistently and there was never any confusion about when he was being addressed or when he was speaking. The protagonist himself explained it to Celestia on the first day: "perception and reality"; deliberately withholding it adds another unknown to his image and maintains an air of mystery about him.

The reason I asked you was because the other characters in the story didn't know his name either and he wasn't the least bit bothered by that. Given all that, the vehemence in your reaction seems to be purely from personal preference and not because of anything happening in the story.

You need to get off internet and live a little.. To be so bothered by a mlp fiction of all things . You've completly missed the point about his name. Reread the story again in a calm manner and think a little. Thought i dont expect anything from you with such name and behaviour..

I have honestly no clue if you are a troll or just a crazy person...

What the fuck did i just read here..
All my knowledge on english language screaming to my face..

I'm a tiny bit startled at how quickly the events were staged, but it's written well enough that it's still enjoyable to read. Hope the next chapter is soon :twilightsmile:

I quickly discovered I was immune to magic. Not the logical of try and bind me with magically-moved chains and they'd fall away on contact, but the totally irrational of drop a magically-lifted rock on me and it would have no effect, throw a magical spear at me, no effect, use Earth Pony strength to back up a kick, no effect, etc.

Magically lifted or not, a rock is still a rock and you can still get crushed by it

"Celestia, what are the nine most degrading sexual practices among ponies?" it asked and her horror resurfaced.

This is important why?

This was an awesome read but I’m a bit confused, it’s marked as complete but doesn’t feel complete. Do you plan on writing a second chapter or a sequel?

This entire story confused the hell out of me

drop a magically-lifted rock on me and it would have no effect, throw a magical spear at me, no effect, use Earth Pony strength to back up a kick, no effect, etc.

I appreciate the shout-out. :twilightsmile:


You don't get to tell me how to live my life! I actually fine as it is. I just have a lot of free time to have fun in the internet. And what the heck is wrong with my name or "behavior"?! There is no "contest" in here that forces us to have "better" user names. I have seen user names with profanity and stuff. And you think my name is "bad"??!!

And sure, I get angry at stories. BUT, its not like I actually bully or insult the author themselves for their own decisions that I don't like when they are writing their own stories.

Believe me, there WORSE people with crazy anger issues than me. And I'm actually a calm person in real life ( I just don't like certain things happening to the human protagonists. And aren't everybody in here have different tastes for stories? ).

Just be grateful I'm NOT one of those type of people that personally insult people or threaten them with nasty death threats.

And then, you accuse me of being a frickin troll or "crazy person"!

One: I personally keep defending and helping a different author in here that keeps getting bullied by the real haters and trolls. And you THINK I'm one of them of all things??!! You don't know me.

And two: That's rich calling me out on my own user name, my "behavior", or accusing me as a "troll/crazy person". But, it's coming from a user named "Grumpy", and has a picture of one of Twilight's worst moments in the show. :ajbemused:

That's so not "hypocritical" at all. *Sarcastic*

Just stating the damn facts here.

I'll be honest, I didn't understand what I read.

The lack of....detailed descriptions left me all confused...


The answer is simple If you want him out use not direct atack magic

If it is trown something and let go the trown object will it count as not magic trow orwillcount as magic trow

and are blades , just trow stuff .and bind it is so keen on atacking ,

at least from your comments

I don't know what the fuck I just read.

A bit 'wordy' but I enjoyed it.


Just be grateful I'm NOT one of those type of people that personally insult people or threaten them with nasty death threats.

Just because you don't do those things doesn't mean you're not being obnoxious and overly confrontational.

Also yes, you totally did indirectly insult Grumpy there with the "No surprise coming from someone named blah blah blah" card you just pulled.


I can't deny that. But, I don't just let somebody accuse me of something I'm not. Or insult my own lifestyle and my username without saying anything back. And no "offense" to the other person. But, I was just stating on what I am seeing, no malicious behind it.

Persistence Predators. Yup. That's humanity.


"I see fingers, a tongue and an imagination,"

Wait a minute... is that a Callahan's Crosstime Saloon reference?

Well, I read it. Didn’t quite comprehend it.

Even though you may never continue I just like to have it known that I enjoyed this concept and I hope there's another part if not oh well

Me too. This really needs a Sequel.

the totally irrational of drop a magically-lifted rock on me and it would have no effect,

Hmm what about a rock on a plank that is lifted by magic? The rock is NOT being actively acted upon by the aura of a unicorn. Or an arrow from a bow pulled by magic?

Welcome to the fucking internet.

Well... he could say EXACTLY the same to you ^^;;

I've to say that I really don't like the characterization of Luna in this. It really sell her short.
Then... the story is marked Complete, but a) doesn't feel finished b) the chapter is numbered as 1) so that seems indicative of a multi part story.


I'm already introduced to it a long time ago. And they were all upset just because I didn't like what's happening to the poor human protagonist.

Like I said, welcome to the internet.

This was great. Thanks.
I would normally clamor for a sequel, but this tied up perfectly for a sense of vague contentment.

A good read. Love to see more

its....different. gw


Dude, chill out. You're taking all of this far, far too seriously.

I do love how you portray your main characters in these stories. They are the 'Batman of Blokes', in that they are people of no extraordinary abilities (active ones in this case) and just use a bit of wit, expectations, and whats currently available to control the situation. ('Jackie Chan of Commoners' was another, but I didn't think it fit as well.)

Re-reading your stories again and can't wait to see what you release next.

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