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Angel Midnight

Nightmare Night is near... the spookiest time of year.


After receiving a strange letter Luna sets out on a quest to the famous city of Aurora, the capital of the Crystal Empire set deep in the heart of the Frozen North, with no idea of who or what awaits her arrival there.

On her journey, she meets several different ponies who each give her a little glimpse of what is to come, but eventually she must face her enemy.

A story from the second main story arc of the Tales of Shadows and Stars, and a prequel of sorts to Sombra's Bat. You don't have to read any other stories in the series for this to make sense.

lredwolf - thank you for helping with the proofreading and editing. :)
ARandomLonelyDude - thank you for the inspiration and letting me look at the story with "new eyes."

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