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Birth of A Storm 2.0 - WinterStormed

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Chapter 3

Miraak, the first dragonborn, get's transported to Equestria. Fine! I said to myself. Faust wants a crossover, I’ll give that mare a crossover. It took me a day to come up with a prophecy. A day! Universe breaking time might I add and I’m sure you all had heard about it. I even gave it a cool title. Birth of a Storm . Cool right? Anyway as I handed it personally to the goddess herself, she had the cheek to tell me, that something has change ! Not one or two but three fricken people (or should I call them ponies now) got transported to Equestria. Besides adding the fact that two of the three were basically gods while the other one was a fricken ninja which could totally mess up a peaceful kid rated world like Equestria, and is now my problem to make sure things do not go sideways.

You probably thinking why I could of said no. Trust me, you never ever tell a mare no, especially when she bats her eyelashes and does that pout-y look and, especially if the mare in question is not only an alicorn but a fricken creator of a universe. Sorry but I prefer living than being particles floating around in space.

Hmmm…I forget to introduce myself, the names Prophecy. Mr Prophecy. Or Prof(ph) for short. I’m in charge of prophecy that pertain in tragedy, drama, mystery, dark and the occasional fate of the world nonsense .

OK, you probably thinking why I am so lax about this, I'm not. It's my job and it would be totally unprofessional for me to show my emotions or opinions on the matter. Romeo and Juliet. They both die in the end. I submitted that prophecy. It hurts, honestly, knowing from the beginning they are fated to die. But it was the best happy ending they could ever have. Just think of me like that scene in Avengers Infinity war, when Doctor Strange goes through million possibilities’ ,trying to find the best one. That’s my job in a nutshell. So whatever you say is bad, sad or tragic, it could have been worse. Most of the time there are more than one possible option. For example. I wrote the prophecy of the two alicorn sisters fighting each other. There were two best and most viable options. 1: Celestia could had destroyed Nightmare Moon but at the cost of her sisters life. Or trap her on the moon, knowing full well she will break out a thousand years later. She loved her sister, more so than I thought, and banished her to the moon. So you see, sometimes you mortals do have a choice but verily, rarely do you idiots choose the right one.

Okay, I think that is enough for an introduction and getting on to the problem that was entrusted upon me. Let us see how our friends are doing.

At the outskirts of Maretime bay, close to the cliffs, sea and forest, all in one stood a humble abode. The house was neither too big nor too small. It was just right (Goldilocks can go to Putney on a pig ) for the family. Winter Storms family. There were six member's in all, including Winter storm….So without further Ado, let me introduce them….

Winterstorm. Yes. The obvious one. This is his story after all, so I think he deserves to go first. As you all know that he was called Miraak in his past life and this is his second chance at life.

Ebon Heart. From his name it is obvious who he really was. The ebony warrior is one of the three who entered the Equestrian universe, unlawfully. Is often confused with his other brother due to having similar coat colours.

Kakashi bloody Hatake. The fricken ninja. I mean who would ever think he would get caught in this mess ? What I really find surprising is the fact that he managed to keep his name

Inferno Blaze, the former god, Akotash. He is the other idiot (Don't tell him I said that ) who illegally entered Equestria. He is the reason why I am assigned to this job. The bastard.

The last but not least are the two parents who took them all in. Really good heart-ed folks. Unknowingly taking four aliens as there foals unaware that they can destroy the world five times over , alone.

The three brothers, standing in a straight line with there faces gazing at the dark oak door. The one in the middle was the tallest from the three, about one and half head taller. His coat was ice white and unbelievably brighter,as it travelled towards the tip of his wings. His mane was kept long in front with the sides cut short and the back shorter. His horn was long and sharp, with intricate details of patterns. His mane colours consisted of yellow, red and orange while his eyes were a flaming blue.

The two brothers on either side of him were similar in appearance. Except that the brother on the left was a Pegasus with a charcoal coat and silver mane that had a similar haircut as the latter but shorter. The brother on the right was an earth pony, had a dark grey coat and silver-Gray mane that was spiky in the front to one side. He had a scar on the left eye and was donning a mask that match his coat, making it appear that he had no mouth.

“So…How we going to explain this Pa ?” asked the middle brother, nervously .

The Pegasus on his left scoffed. “We ? If I recall, you were the one who pulled the lever. You on your own, Inferno daze.”

Inferno scowled at the Pegasus. “Then why are you and Kakashi here then ?”

“Hmmm…actually I do not know,”said Ebon heart as he put his hoof to his chin, looking over to Kakashi. “Kash why are we here again ?”

Kakashi looked up from the book his was reading. ”I believe we are his moral support.”

Ebon heart mocked in realisation, making sure Inferno could see his expression. “Ah, thank you brother, we are his moral support, after all his brain does not have the capacity for it.”

“Watch your words tin can,” said Inferno, narrowing his eyes at Ebonheart. Behind the two Kakashi sighed as he placed his book by the the small table by the door. ”Here we go again.”

“ No, no .Not this time and not in my house.” kakashi and the other two brothers looked at the source of the sound, revealing a middle aged mare.

Inferno and Ebon heart nervously chuckled as the mare gave therm a stern look.

“Kashi,” said the mare to the quiet earth pony.”Why are you all in front of your fathers study room ?”

Kakashi snuck a glance at his two brothers behind his mother. Inferno signalling him to lie and Ebon heart was on the floor, his mouth being covered by Inferno. He took a deep breath. He loved his brothers but he loved his Ma more. “It concerns the whereabouts of Winter Storm Ma.”

Ma sighed. “Did you lock him in the basement again ?”

“No Ma,” said Ebon heart as he managed to pry out infernos hoof on his mouth.”Inferno-” Immediately Ebon heart stopped talking as an orange aura around his mouth appeared.

Ma looked strongly at Inferno. “Ferny what did I tell about using magic in the house ?”

Inferno grinned slightly. “Sorry Ma” As he released Ebon heart from his magic.

“Now where is Winter ?,” asked Ma, a worried tone. “Is he hurt ?”

“No Ma,” said Kakashi. “He is okay, the problem is that he is in a cloudy situation.”

“Where is he ? ” Ma face contorted in horror. “Is he in town ? Do the ponies know-”

“No,No Ma.” Ebon heart quickly said.”He is just stuck in a possible dangerous environment.”

“Where ?”

Inferno took a deep breath. “A cloud”

“WHAT !”

As Ma went into a mental breakdown, all brothers simultaneously thought : ’We are so screwed’

"Can't get worse than this," whispered Inferno.

The door suddenly slammed opened , revealing an aged stallion. "What is with the racket !"

Ebon heart faced hooved. "Had to open your big mouth."

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