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Twilight's Final Salvo - iAmSiNnEr

The villains team up to take Twilight down, once and for all. Too bad she's already experienced with this sort of thing.

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Special Edition Chapter - The School of Explosions

Twilight’s Final Salvo

Special Edition Chapter - The School of Explosions

Written by iAmSiNnEr

“So this is the School of Explosions?” Luna peered down the hallway of the expansive building. “Seems quiet for a school that advocates explosions.”

“The walls are all soundproof and explosion-proof,” Twilight explained. “I’ll need to introduce you to the ponies helping to run this place, since I’m making you the new Headmare.”

“Of course,” Luna nodded. “Since you’re going to be the new ruler of Equestria and all…”

“Ugh,” Twilight grumbled. “Don’t get me started. First of all, Celestia guilt-tripped me into it. Next, she guilt-tripped me again to not blow anything up again. Or, at the very least, anycreature. Then she got Fluttershy to convince Discord to hide my stash of dynamite. I can procure more, but my stash was all self-made. Still don’t know what she did with it.”

“That sucks, yeah,” Luna winced sympathetically, looking at the labels on the doors. “If I can help with anything…”

“Nah,” Twilight shrugged. “Enjoy your retirement. I’ll link Silver Shores to this place if anything crops up for you to handle it personally. Even I don’t do much, my teachers do everything for me.”

“Who’s on the staff list?” Luna asked, interested.

“We’ve got Trixie,” Twilight listed. “Discord, Zecora, the Cutie Mark Crusaders-”

“Aren’t they a little too young for this?” Luna raised an eyebrow.

“Pft,” Twilight snickered. “They may or may not have proved themselves to me by blowing up Trixie’s cart with her own fireworks while trying to steal the fireworks. Let me tell you, the event after was spectacular. Talking about Trixie, here’s her classroom.” Twilight pushed the door open a little. “Look in, if you like.”

Trixie’s voice floated out of the classroom as Luna peered in. “So, class, did you get what Trixie said about fireworks?”

“Yes, miss,” A colt by the side said. “But I don’t understand what you meant about gunpowder and trajectory.”

“Ah,” Trixie grinned and pushed up the brim of her hat. “See, class, fireworks have a certain art to them. If you want the biggest explosion, you gotta apply science and magic. You would require a definite amount of gunpowder to produce enough sparks, and the angle to get the firework as high as it can go.”

“What’s the angle, Miss Trixie?” Luna called out, poking her head in. The class went still at the sight of the alicorn, all staring at her in surprise and awe. “Oh, don’t do that. I’m no longer a princess. Twilight here is your ruler now.” Twilight huffed silently at that.

“Well, Headmare Luna,” Trixie smirked at the gasps of the students. “Yes, she is becoming our headmare. The angle needed to carry the firework as far as you can depends on the weight and moment you are using. But Trixie suggests seventy-four degrees from the direction you’re aiming it at. Ninety degrees never work. Trixie can attest to her hundreds of field tests. Especially if the fireworks carry over sixteen grams of gunpowder.”

Luna raised her eyebrow, impressed. “You’ve certainly done your research, Miss Trixie. I would like to pay you a visit later to get one or two of your firework formulas. I’ve heard so many good things about the ones on sale, I can’t wait to see the ones you keep away.”

“Trixie doesn’t hide any of her formulas-” Trixie protested.

“Yes, you do, Trixie!” Twilight grinned. “What about S-924, eh?”

“Fine,” Trixie huffed. “Anyways, can Trixie get on with her class? We have sixteen minutes left for Trixie to explain the correct procedures to launch a firework.”

“Of course, Miss Trixie,” Luna inclined her head and began to close the door. “Carry on.”

“I like her, Twilight,” Luna said as they continued down the hallway. “Brash and proud, but definitely knows her stuff. I’d say she reminds me of my younger years.”

“Please,” Twilight snorted. “She talks about herself in the third person. She’s nothing like you. She’s also stuck-up, but we came to an understanding. We’re friends now, even if we keep attempting to blow each other up outside of school hours. Friends with benefits, if you understand that term.”

“Celestia used to talk of herself in the third person,” Luna informed Twilight, smirking. “She used to go, ‘The mighty Celestia conquered you, foul villain! What hath you to say?’. It was a hilarious few years when she went through that phase.”

“Did she really?” Twilight laughed, the sound carrying through the air. “Anyways, this is Zecora’s. Mind you, she speaks in rhymes most of the time. The only time when she doesn’t is when she’s drunk and really smashed. She still rhymes then, but with the first word. It’s quite endearing, honestly.”

“Rhymes?” Luna raised an eyebrow. “Am I right to assume she’s a Zebrican Shaman?”

“How’d you know that?” Twilight asked, surprised.

“I once visited the Zebrican homeland, many centuries before my fall,” Luna explained. “They were a pleasant bunch, very welcoming. Their shamans had a habit of talking in rhymes. Although, after my return from the moon, I paid them another visit in disguise. Their shamans had died off, and no one continued the trade. Until now, it seems. I shall have to ask her a few questions in her free time.”

“Want a look?” Twilight offered.

“I would love to, Twilight,” Luna beamed. “I’m going to be the Headmare, anyways. Might as well take a peek into what’s going on.”

Twilight pushed open the door a little, letting Luna take a peek. Inside, fumes filled the air, and liquids bubbled in clear glass beakers. Although, there were a few giant metal vats that lined the room, the more dangerous liquids in them. The students seemed to be concentrating on mixing their concoctions, and every so often a beaker exploded in their face, only for the shield spell on their protective glasses to repel the glass and liquid.

“Looks like they’re busy,” Luna murmured as she watched Zecora rush over to the student whose beaker had exploded. “Best not disturb them.”

“I agree,” Twilight said as the door closed. “Their class still has another seventy-four minutes. You can look for Zecora, then.”

“What do they even do in her class?” Luna wondered.

“Find the most explosive potions that can be created, and mix them together,” Twilight explained cheerfully. “I’ve enchanted the school’s lab coats and protective glasses to have shield spells on them, so the students should be safe. We’ve only had three melted tables so far, and around nine hundred exploded beakers. Or maybe more. Some of the students just repair them with their own magic.” Twilight blinked suddenly.

“What is it, Twilight?” Luna asked in concern.

“I’m late!” Twilight yelped as a teleportation spell built on her horn. “I gotta attend this meeting with Fleur De Lis to arrange my wardrobe with Rarity! Oh, I’m such a muddlehead-” At that, the lavender alicorn winked from existence.

“Oh, sure,” Luna shrugged. “Guess I’ll have to find another tour guide for the school.” A pop sound could be heard behind her, and she could now hear someone guzzling at some drink. “Oh, not you…”

“Oh, yes, very much me, dear Luna,” Discord’s voice filled the air. “After all, I helped build this place. Shall we go, mademoiselle?”

Luna sighed. “Fine. Remember that I’m your Headmare, please.”

“Oh,” Discord chuckled. “I wouldn’t dream of forgetting that…” With a snap of his fingers, the two were gone.

Author's Note:

don't ask why I wrote this
just enjoy it

if y'all want more, just leave a comment

I could spin this into an entire story

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*squeeze in pure joy*

My work day just got so much better.

Honestly this is great, but I'd like to see Luna in the future with discord and sparks and would want to see the new gen ponies faces when they realize who sparks really is

Mayhaps. I just do these spinoffs whenever I feel like them

The school of explosions. I wonder though, why doesn't Mister Torgue High Five Flexington teach there?

Why is it so easy for me to see a Celestia speaking in 3rd person, And for some reason i can see Celestia Speak Just like Cato Sicarius Form TTS it Fits far to well in my head, And shame on Her for Stopping Lavender Dynamite doing her Great work of art, Oh well at least She got The school of explosions made before Celestia art block her

It lives!

This absolutely needs more.

Hooray friendship is explosions. Also that sounds like a way better school system than Arizona has we are like 48th best in the US And There is 50 states

a school of explosions.... That is an interesting concept. I approve! as long they don't touch radioactive stuff. Trust me there is dire problems with that type of stuff and I would like to see more.

sooo.....what is the daily cost of repairs for this school?

Yeah, that tracks. All of it. Though I'd argue Pinkie still has a place in the school given her skills with applied partillery.



I- I-

I neeeEEEEEd it!

Moar! Please!

I agree, Twilight hasn't finished her sentence for the list of staff yet. Pinkie's definitely on there.

Now I am curious to see where this goes.

Man I love this stuff.

Delightful little addition. Good to see the art of explodery will be passed on to the younger generations.

And seconded. :pinkiehappy:

Might I suggest you have Twilight go through different universes DBZ has quite an explosive moveset that's for sure. (Also I could really see demoman working with Zecora and Trixie to make the make the most powerful explosive concoctions ever)

If Zecora’s class ever starts in on 1-Diazidocarbamoyl-5-azidotetrazole, fair warning — don’t trot, GALLOP out of the building as fast as possible. This is a compound that an expert in hellishly unstable chemical compounds described as, “exciting.”

  • The compound exploded in solution.
  • The compound exploded on any attempts to touch or move the solid.
  • The compound exploded when they were trying to get an infrared spectrum of it — at least twice!

It may not be as unstable as nitrogen triiodide (which may-, or may not be able to be set off by alpha radiation[!]), but it’s one heck of a lot more powerful.

“Things I Won't Work With: Azidoazide Azides, More Or Less”

What a fun series! I’d love to see more if you get the inspiration for it! :pinkiehappy:

“Looks like they’re busy,” Luna murmured as she watched Zecora rush over to the student whose beaker had exploded. “Best not disturb them.”

Nice save. I wouldn't blame you for that, btw.

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