• Published 10th Oct 2021
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Pony Bad Days - Lulamoon Crystal

Everypony has their bad days

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Pinkie Pie’s Bad Day

I’m Pinkie Pie! And you are going to read the story of my not very nice day!

It started when I woke up and I saw that all my balloons were deflated! That made me sad but it was okay, I had plenty of them, so I went to wake up my alligator named Gummy but I saw he wasn’t feeling very well so I told him I was going to take him to Fluttershy’s for a check up!

He sneezed in my face, I didn’t have any tissues for him but I did Jump down the stairs, somepony needs to make wet floor signs more obvious than a yellow cone with a picture of a pony slipping under the word’s ‘wet sign!’ Because I ended sliiiiiiiiiiiiiding across into the main room of Sugarcube Corner and knocked over a table of perfectly good cupcakes!

I went straight into the kitchen to make up some pancakes with whipped cream and chocolate chips! But to my surprise we were totally, absolutely, completely out of chocolate chips! So I decided in sprinkles instead! But the Cakes told me that they didn’t have much flour left and they neeeded it sooooo badly for a very important delivery!

“Okie dokie wokie then!” I squealed as I bounced over to the fridge and grabbed the whipped cream, I poured the expired, yes! Expired whipped cream into my mouth! And let me tell you! Un-expired whipped cream tastes millions times better and it doesn’t give you a huuuuuge stomach ache after you eat it!

I bounced into the bathroom to empty my mouth from that not so good whipped cream! I bounced back into the kitchen and grabbed a cupcake! Then I remembered I needed to take Gummy to Fluttershy’s, so I slippery slided across the wet floor again and bounced to my room to pick up my loyal alligator!

I let him bite onto my fuzzy pink tail and I jumped back down and slipped across the floor and out the door! Then this mean mare kicked me out the way as she apparently was in a hurry, i didn’t blame her, cakes are wonderful! Amazing! I bounced on my way to the cottage that Fluttershy lived it but then I fell over a rock!

“Who puts a rock in the middle of the path?” I asked as I stared at it, of course I went back to bouncing and

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Why was this canceled after only two chapters?

Ran out of ideas/motivation

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