• Published 10th Oct 2021
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Pony Bad Days - Lulamoon Crystal

Everypony has their bad days

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Applejack’s Bad Day

Applejack yawned as she opened her green eyes to the rooster’s crow, she rubbed her eyes and moved to get out her bed. She jumped at the wrong time making it so she would fall face first on the wooded floor, she got up a little embarrassed of her mess up.

“Well, that wasn’t a very nice start” she told herself.

She went to her mirror and picked up the brush in her hooves, she let out a little yawn as she started to brush her yellow mane. The brushing started smoothly at first but during a final stroke of the brush it got stuck, she pulled it but it didn’t budge.

Applejack mumbled under her breath as she pulled the brush until it was free, but not without a price of a huge chunk of her mane being pulled out. She winced at the pain slightly and looked at her brush in regret, she gulped as she mentally scolded herself about pulling too hard.

Next was tying her mane, well, the end of her mane into a band. She grabbed a red one from the draw, she stretched it out but it snapped and flung in her face, she jolted back in surprise and rubbed the spot it hit. It wasn’t much of a big deal, she simply grabbed another one and tied both her mane and tail.

Next was her hat, which was easy, she grabbed it off her table and was a little surprised about a mouse sitting under end, she chuckled apologetically and the rodent scurried off. The country pony was now ready to start her day, after brushing her teeth and eating breakfast of course.

Applejack walked out her room and from where she was she could smell breakfast, it was something apple related of course! She walked towards the staircase not noticing something that was about to cause a bit of mayhem, which it did, an apple got underneath her hoof before the first step so she ragdolled all the way down the staircase.

The mare landed on her face, the apple she tripped on booped her in the nose as she listed her head. She was quiet unimpressed, she made her way to the kitchen. Her family were already sitting down with apple pancakes in front of them.

“Can anypony please tell me why there was an apple on the staircase?” Applejack asked her family.

“Sorry Applejack...” Applebloom apologised, “Me, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle were doin’ some apple stuff in mah room! We didn’t know we dropped one, I’m honest”.

Applejack sighed, “Just be careful next time, somepony could have gotten hurt”.

Applebloom saw the three apple pancakes that stood on the plate, next to apple slices, there was plenty of whipped cream with more apple slices on top, that was her breakfast, “We will”. Applejack was happy to finally sit in her spot, she was just about to take her first bite, she could smell it, her stomach grumble. The only thing that stopped her was some clucking chickens, a flock of chickens raced into the kitchen from the open window, the family watched in suprise.

“How in tarnation did they get out” Granny Smith asked. A chicken jumped into Applejack’s pancakes, the mare tried to shoo her away with her hoof but the chicken pecked her on the nose. Feathers ruffled everywhere and mess was made, whipped cream went flying, Big Mac at some point got a bag of Chicken feed to lead them back to their coop.

“You going to see how they escaped?” Applebloom asked, she munched on some more of her food.

“Eeeyup!” Big Mac confirmed before leaving the room with the chickens behind him. Feathers were in Applejack’s mane and food, she sighed a bit. At least she was able to eat the untouched parts of her breakfast, and she could always snack on an apple later.

“Well, ah think I’ll clean up, I’ve got to meet with Fluttershy to help her with some critters” Applejack said as she finished up her food, she left the table and rushed up the stairs to the bathroom. The first thing she went for was plucking the feathers from her mane and washing her face with water.

“Ow” She said quietly as she mistakenly turned the hot water tap, she shook her hoof from the hot water and turned the tap off and turned the other tap that was cold. Applejack relaxed with the cold water a little, she grabbed a towel to dry her face after cleaning all the breakfast from it.

Next was brushing her teeth, she grabbed her toothbrush and toothpaste. She tried to squirt the toothpaste on her toothbrush but nothing seemed to come out, it seemed to have gotten stuck. Applejack pointed the nozzle at her face as she peered in to see what was blocking it. The orange mare squeezed a little too hard and the contents squirted right into her face, she pouted slightly, that was not what she was expecting.

After wiping away that incident she walked out the house, she walked down the path. An apple tree had its branch sticking out and the mare walked under, an apple fell on her head, she looked up a bit annoyed.

“Hey, watch it!” She scolded the tree, she didn’t mean to yell but the day didn’t seem to be going right for her. As she walked along the path she hoped that it would get better, it should as she was only up for a few hours. Not much happened as she walked out of the farm.

Now when she was in the streets of Ponyville she walked past a large puddle on her way to Fluttershy’s, the walk was going fine until somepony who was in a hurry ran right through the puddle accidentally drenching Applejack. She knew it was an accident and it wasn’t the worse thing that happened to her that day.

One more thing was on her mind, was this day going to get worse or get better? Scootaloo rushed past on her scooter almost hitting the orange mare.

“Sorry!” The pegasus shouted back. Applejack simply walked along minding her own business, this day couldn’t get any worse, right? Well maybe or maybe not for her but maybe for somepony else?