• Published 9th Oct 2021
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Dark Diamonds - Lulamoon Crystal

The story of a dangerous, long journey starts when a cloaked figure leaves a swaddled youth on Trixie's door step, it leads to a diamond adventure that will test just how great and powerful she really is

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The Adventure Begins

Stardust ran as the sun went down, hoping to make it in time to see Trixie’s show. Of course, she did make it just in time before she was about to start, unfortunately the crowd of ponies made it a bit hard to see, so she climbed a tree to watch. As her friend did her first trick on stage, Stardust yawned.

“Needs a bit more humour...”. Ponies clapped as Stardust made her way down the tree and sneaked onto the stage.

Once she got backstage behind the curtain, she looked around.

“Hmmm, what kind of prank should I do?” She whispered, then she saw a bucket of water and giggled quietly, “Time for some laughs”. Stardust climbed to a top part of the stage quietly without anypony seeing.

“Now, be amazed as I do the next trick!” Trixie spoke, unaware of the filly about to pour a bucket of water on her.

Stardust grinned as she tipped the bucket and heard the unicorn scream as she was drenched with water. There were claps and laughs, Stardust climbed back down and got into the stage, Trixie stared at Stardust unimpressed.

The filly laughed, “Pfft! You should see the look on your face! You were like ‘here’s my next trick’ then you screamed!”.

Stardust continued, “And now you’re all soaked up! More like ‘the greatly soaked Trixie!”.

The audience chuckled, but there were a few ponies who were concerned and a little upset at the filly.

“How rude of that filly” a random pony stated.

Trixie nodded in agreement, she used her magic to levitate Stardust and put her into the audience. The eager filly looked at her flank.

“Seriously? That was a good prank!”.

The unicorn looked a little annoyed about having to do her next tricks while soaking wet. She didn’t enjoy it, but she was happy about some ponies being on her side, what Stardust did was not funny, to her at least. A good prank has both sides laughing, and a good prankster apologises if whoever they pranked didn’t find it funny.

Sure, Stardust was still a filly, but she could have some common sense and empathy. It would have been worse, she could have poured something more unpleasant, but it was just water that will dry away.

When Trixie was finished with the show it was nighttime, the audience went home and Trixie packed her belongings into her wagon.

Stardust laughed a little, she was standing on the stage. “Hey Trixie!”.

The unicorn sighed, “What?” She hoped it wasn’t going to be any more rude stuff.

“Can I put on a magic show?” She asked.

The unicorn laughed, “You can’t be serious, you have like no experience! Unlike me!” Trixie poked her tongue out.

Starlight approached Trixie, Twilight and the main Six was nearby having a chat about something.

Stardust happily approached Trixie, “Please! Can I do a magic show? It can be only with your friends!”.

Starlight giggled “Aww” she patted Stardust on the head “That’s so cute! She wants to be like you,” Starlight told Trixie with a giggle.

”Except she’s completely annoying...” the blue unicorn told her friend.

Starlight sighed, “Come on , you’re being kinda salty about all this”.

Trixie growled and argued, “She threw water on me during my show!”.

Starlight giggled, “She probably didn’t mean to upset you, I think it’ll be nice to let her put on a show, it’ll help you learn more about each other before your big journey”.

Trixie had had a moment to think about it, “Fine... if she breaks anything you’re paying for repairs”.

Starlight nodded in agreement. A few minutes went by and the Main Six, Spike, Starlight and unimpressed Trixie was watching the stage. The curtains opened, revealing Stardust in the middle, attempting to wear Trixie’s outfit.

“Come, all of Twix and her friends! Welcome to the amazing Stardust’s... uh... magic show!”.

Pinkie watched with awe, Starlight smiled while Trixie pouted.

“For my first trick, I’ll make this cookie vanish before your eyes!” Stardust showed the crowd a cookie she had.

Rarity, Pinkie and Rainbow Dash look out a few excited “Ooohs!”.

Stardust giggled, “Now be amazed!”.

Stardust turned around and stuffed the cookie in her mouth and ate it. She turned back around and yelled out.


She licked the cookies from her mouth as every pony except for Spike, who was confused and Trixie who face-hoofed,

“She clearly ate that... there’s crumbs around her mouth!”.

Stardust did a bit of a bow, the hat fell off her head. She put her hoof in it and pulled out a leaf.

“Taaa daaa!”.

Fluttershy clapped while Trixie groaned in annoyance.

“This is really pathetic” she groaned.

Stardust grinned, “Now, for my grand final!”.

Trixie rolled her eyes, “Seriously?” She mumbled as she watched.

For her ‘grand’ final, she simply threw a smoke bomb and ran offstage, tripping on the way.

“Tada! I went invisible from a puff of smoke!” Stardust yelled out as she stood behind a curtain.

The crowd, except the blue unicorn, clapped.

“You’re seriously finding entertainment in this?” Trixie asked Starlight, who scolded her.

“Don’t be so rude! She’s trying her best!”.

Soon, Stardust threw a smoke bomb and run into the smoke while tripping to make it look like she magically reappeared.

“Ha! Now you can see me!”.

Trixie mumbled as everyone else cheered for the filly, who did a bow and walked off the stage. “

That was awsome!” Rainbow Dash complimented.

Stardust threw Trixie’s cape at her and looked at her own flank, nothing. “Pfft, I didn’t want to be a performer anyway,”
Stardust replied.

Twilight soon thought of something, “Where will Stardust stay tonight?”.

Stardust pointed at Trixie’s wagon.

“What! Why?” The unicorn responded.

Starlight put a hoof on her friend, “I think it’s a good idea, you’re best for this, both partners on this adventure, and you guys will need to spend every night together as you search Equestia for those diamonds...”.

Trixie lowered her head and sighed, “You’re right... let’s go Stardust...”.

The two went into the wagon, Trixie slept in her hammock while Stardust was on the floor, a blanket was under her and her pink one was on top, she also had a pillow . Stardust slowly went to sleep, hoping to find the location of the first Diamond.

In her dream, Stardust floated. She heard a voice and a figure of an alicorn.

“Who are you?” Stardust asked the figure, who slowly came more clear.

The figure spoke, “We are Princess Luna, we travel the dream realm and watch over ponies dream. We know who thee are, you come to this world to save it”. Stardust listened.

“The creature you’re chasing can only be defeated by thou and Trixie Lulamoon, you two must work together”.

Stardust nodded as she listened, “Thy first diamond is in the ruins of The Castle Of The Two Sisters”.

The filly was a little confused, “The what? Where’s that?”.

Luna’s horn lit up, and the vision turned into the throne room in the castle she was referring to.

“Hey, that pony on that hangy thingy looks like you!” She pointed out, Luna only nodded, she was a little sad.

“This is the room you’ll find the diamond in, you’ll find the ruins if you go through the Everfree forest but beware, the forest has plenty of dangers” Luna explained, “We wish thee luck on thy journey”.

Stardust nodded. To help, Luna picked Stardust up and gave her a view of the forest.

“Listen to Trixie, she will keep you safe, since you’re new to this world” Luna added.

Stardust soon woke up, she opened her eyes and saw that it was morning.

Trixie looked at her a little nervous, “So... did you find out the first one?”.

“Yep! It’s in the ruins in the Everfree forest!” She explained.

Trixie gasped in shock, “The Everfree forest!?”.

“Could be worse” Stardust explained.

Starlight offered, then persuaded Trixie to store some of her belongings into the castle to make some space. Well, it was Starlight who moved some boxes and chest into her room in the castle, Trixie had to watch slightly annoyed.

“It’s for the best” Explained Starlight, “You’ll be away for days, or weeks depending on how long this takes! You won’t be doing any shows on the way, and you’ll have to store food and stuff”.

Stardust started to think, “I’ll be right back!” She said as she ran towards the village.

“Don’t you dare be too long!” Shouted Trixie.

Luckily, Stardust arrived to her destination quickly, the boutique “Hey Rarity!?” She called out.

The white unicorn with a purple mane came down the stairs, “Oh, Stardust, what brings you here, darling?” She asked.

“I want an accessory for the big adventure” Stardust replied with joy.

“it can be something simple like a bandana or... a necklace!”.

Rarity started to think, “Hmmm, alright!”.

The designer pony walked upstairs to her sewing room, now all cleaned up after the incident that happened the day before.

Stardust gasped when she saw some hot pink fabric, “Hey, can you do this one with a silver star on it?”.

Rarity had a look, “Wouldn’t you rather a light pink one with, perhaps... a hot pink star?”.

It took a few seconds for the filly to reply, “Alright! Actually, make it pink with a... wait, can you make a few spares? Maybe a blue one with a pink star or a yellow one with a pink star!”.

Rarity nodded, “Uh... sure, darling...”.

It was easy to make the bandanas, she made four. The bandana’s main colours, except for one were a light pink, but the star on each was a different colour, black, dark pink, purple and blue. The dark pink star was on the white bandana.

“No need to pay at the moment, darling, it’s fine” Rarity assured her as she gave Stardust the scarfs. Stardust thanked the unicorn and ran back to Trixie.

“What took you so long!?” The blue unicorn said impatiently as she stood there with the wagon all ready and buckled to her. Stardust explained and showed Trixie the scarves.

“Want to wear one?” She asked.

In response Trixie shook her head and groaned annoyed, she saw Stardust hold up the light pink one with a purple star in her hooves, she looked at Trixie with puppy dog eyes. Using her magic, Trixie tied the bandana scarf around Stardust’s neck, the filly happily giggled as she opened the door to the wagon and got in. Before Trixie she could start walking to their destination Stardust yelled.


She quickly looked at the filly that just came back out, she put the starry hat on Trixie’s head and threw her cape at her.

“Stardust?” Trixie questioned.

“They have stars! And you look amazing in them! We can start a team that wears stars, if you don’t want to wear a scarf then you can wear these” Stardust said in a slightly ordering tone.

Trixie rolled her eyes, she decided to wear them, she unbuckled the wagon from her to put her cape on. Then she buckled the wagon back on herself.

“Yay! Now we’re a starry duo!” Stardust called out, she sat on Trixie’s back as she walked through ponyville. “We should sing a song!” Stardust called out. Trixie replied with “Sure”.

The both of them started to sing.

“We're off, to collect the Six Diamonds

Our ride might be tiny and small”

“At least we aren’t walking,” Stardust replied as she sat on Trixie’s back.

“I am walking” Trixie replied slightly annoyed before singing.

“But this road trip, will be wonderful, since we get along”

Stardust replied in song, “I'm glad you’re my bond buddy, we’re even singing a song”

The both of the continued to sing as they exited Ponyville

“We're off, to collect the Six Diamonds

Side by side, just like peas in a pod”

Trixie stopped to let some ducks with ducklings cross the path. She sang and looked at Stardust.

“Our magical bond is stronger than Dark Matter’s demands”

Stardust chuckles and replied with “After the journey, our bond will still stand”

“Wait... aren’t you returning to your world after?” Trixie asked with confusion.

“Oh yeah!”

When the duck family was finished, Trixie started walking again.

“We're so bonded, we will not go down

For now, we're stuck together 'cause we're diamond bound”

Trixie smiled, “You’re actually not a bad travelling buddy!”

“You too, buddy!” Stardust giggled.

They walked as they sang together happily.

“We're off, to collect the Six Diamonds

Yes, we are!

We've gotta brave every shadow and flame”

Stardust and Trixie noticed two unicorn ponies arguing.

“Any journey can be pessimistic if you make a fuss,” Stardust sung.

Trixie looked ahead proudly, “That’s why we must get along well, good for us!”.

The duo finally entered the forest, they walked slowly.

“We're off, to collect the Six Diamonds

And there's nowhere else that we can be”

Trixie thought for a moment

“Was that off-key?”

Stardust walked with Trixie happily “Collecting green, yellow, pink, and blue, all throughout Equestria”

“For untold chapters yet to come, our magic bond will be here,” Trixie sung happily.

“Actually...no” Stardust corrected.

“We're so bonded, we will not go down” The two sung together.

Trixie giggled a little, “Like a race where you tie your hooves together, and you have to move in perfect synchronisation to win!”

“We're diamond boooooound”

Stardust replied, “Or like a movie where characters are attached to each other in some way!”

“We're diamond boooooound!”

The two continued to walk through the everfree forest, “Couldn’t you just left your wagon in Ponyville?” Stardust asked.

Trixie shook her head, “Nah, it would be more convenient to bring it...”.

It was hard to pull the wagon through the tight corner and spaces, in fact it got so hard that Trixie gave up, she made a turn.

“I’m leaving it at Zecora’s...”.

“Wait!” Stardust stopped Trixie.

Trixie looked around at the thick spooky pine trees and plants for any danger, then looked at the filly, “what?”.

The filly whispered something into the unicorn’s ear, who smiled in response, “Alright then...”.

Both ponies lifted one hoof and touched eachother’s hoof. Together they cheered their ‘team cheer’.

“Trixie and Stardust, Team Star” then they both lifted their hooves “We’ll save Equestria, ‘cause that’s who we are!”.

They giggled in response and started to make their way to Zecora’s hut. As they walked, Stardust felt weaker and weaker until she collapsed.

Trixie stopped, “Uh... Stardust, you’re tired already?” She gave a little chuckle.

She levitated Stardust in her magic and put her on her back, “I’ll let you lay on me, Zecora isn’t that far away...”.

The filly started to feel lighter, “What’s happening?”

Stardust said quite weakly. Stardust fell off Trixie and onto the floor.

With confusion on why Stardust was acting weird, she took a quick look at the filly, who was now laying on the ground. Trixie gasped in shock, Stardust was fading away! Ponies don’t just fade away!. The unicorn quickly unbuckled the wagon from her and sat down next to Stardust.

“What’s happening!?” Shouted Trixie

She picked the filly up in her hooves and looked at her with worry. “Stardust! Don’t leave me!”.

“Trixie...” Stardust started.

Tears were in the unicorn’s eyes, “Don’t leave me! I can’t do this on my own!”.

Stardust sighed, “You have tooooooo-ugh... I know you can do it... I believe in you...” she put on a smile “Never give up... don’t give up hope”.

“B-but” Trixie replied, now sobbing, “Wh-what about... Trixie and Stardust. Team Star, We’ll save Equestia, ‘cause that’s who we are?”.

Stardust only smiled as she faded to nothing, “Stardust?” Trixie asked, now shaking.

She screamed of distraught and fell on the ground, “Stardust!”.

Trixie got up with tears going down her cheeks and muzzle, “I-I’ll do it... I’ll save Equestia.., I’ll be brave for you.

Trixie buckled her wagon to her and walked to Zecora‘s hut. Fortunatly it wasn’t a very long detour as Zecora’s house wasn’t too far a walk from where they were standing, the zebra lived in the Everfree forest. The blue unicorn knocked on the door of the tree she lived in, it didn’t open for a few minutes, but Zecora soon opened it and replied.

The zebra seemed a bit surprised to see Trixie, “Well hello Trixie. You also brought your wagon, I see...”.

Zecora said as she looked at the wagon behind the unicorn.

“Uh... yeah,” Trixie stated.

Zecora noticed Trixie crying, she felt bad for her. “You’re quite blue. I’m not just talking about your hue”.

Trixie sniffled as tears poured from her eyes.

Author's Note:

Hehe, a parody of Friendship Bound, I love that song