• Published 9th Oct 2021
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Dark Diamonds - Lulamoon Crystal

The story of a dangerous, long journey starts when a cloaked figure leaves a swaddled youth on Trixie's door step, it leads to a diamond adventure that will test just how great and powerful she really is

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A dark blue portal opened in the night and a dark humanoid or dragonic figure jumped out wearing a black cloak, it was hard to work out who it was or what it was, but they were in a hurry. They spotted a purple wagon in the middle of nowhere, a light was on inside, indicating that this wagon belonged to someone. The figure hurried over, not making a noise. She took a quick peek through a window, spotted a blue unicorn in a hammock, it seemed like she was fixing something by sewing it up.

The figure clenched her sharp teeth, she looked something that was wrapped in a pink blanked with a silver star. The figure sighed and whispered to the sleeping creature in her dragon-like arms.

“I’m sorry about this Stardust, we won’t be able to join you on this journey... only you and whoever you’ll choose can defeat Dark Matter for good...”. A tear fell onto the little one in her arms, but it didn’t wake.

Stardust was gently lowered in front of the front steps of the wagon, the figure took one last peak through a window to make her choice. She felt leaving the young one with this unicorn was the right choice, the figure didn’t have much time before having to return to her world. The mysterious dark figure sighed as she put a folded up piece of paper and put it on Stardust, she knocked on the door and ran away, she hid behind a tree and watched.

Trixie of course heard a knock on her door, she moved the curtain and looked out the window on her door, she couldn’t see anyone, so she opened the door very confused. Then she saw it, a filly wrapped in a pink blanket with a note.

The unicorn took a step outside and called out, “Hello?”. She didn’t see any pony around, she decided to take the foal in.

The figure smiled and went back through the portal. In the wagon, Trixie put the foal on the floor, the goal had white fur and a pink mane with darker tips, and one chunk at the front having a purple tip. Trixie soon took the note, wondering what the message would be.

‘Please take care of her, her name is Stardust. She will be a little confused when she wakes up, but she should also have an idea with what is going on’.

The letter didn’t help the unicorn much, she was going to shake the filly awake, but decided to let her sleep. Trixie wasn’t really sure what to do, luckily she had another blanket, so she folded it up and put it on the hard floor, she laid the filly on top of it gently. She went back into her hammock, turned off the light and went to sleep.

Morning came and Trixie was woken up by a scream that caused her to fall out of her hammock in surprise. She looked around in worry and saw the filly, Stardust, sitting where was looking at her hooves. Stardust shouted, “I’ve been turned into a pony!?” She shouted. Trixie looked at the filly a little confused, “Wait- you weren’t always a pony?”.

Stardust looked at Trixie, “Great, the one I share the bond with is also a pony...”.

Trixie gasped in response, “Excuse me?” She asked.

The filly rolled her eyes, “I’m a dragon, not a pony!”

The filly mumbled as she wrapped the blanket around herself.

“Wait... bond?” Trixie questioned as she raised her brows.

“Haven’t my friends told you!? From that other world?” Stardust scolded, “She said that one night, when the stone opens the portal, she will take me to the one I share the special bond with!”.

Trixie was so puzzled at this point, “What are you talking about?” she managed to ask.

“My friend! We defeated Dark Matter, and she gave us this stone, and in two or three years I’ll have to travel to another world to stop her!”.

Trixie looked around, “Any reason why she didn’t come with you?” She asked.

Stardust nodded, “She belongs in that world!”.

The unicorn nodded in response, “Right...” she went towards the door a little, “Well... I’m not too far from Ponyville so let me just go take my wagon over and meet with Starlight...”.

“What did you just say!?” Stardust growled angrily in response.

Trixie stepped back a little worried.

Stardust calmed down and explained, “Do not say that S.T.A.R.L.I.G.H.T word in front of me again!”.

Trixie opened her mouth but decided to nod instead. Not wanting any more drama, Trixie got out of her wagon, buckled it up to her and walked to Ponyville.

Of course Trixie listened closely to make sure the filly wasn’t missing her wagon up, she was happily to not hear much noise. She really did not want this newcomer messing anything up in her wagon. If she did she would I’ve made sure she was sorry.

Meanwhile, in ponyville two unicorns were waiting around for something. Starlight walking back and forward, a little worried.

“She’s late! What if something happened!?”.

Her childhood friend, Sunburst assured her, “I’m sure she just got... uh, caught up with something?”.

Soon enough, Trixie came pulling her wagon behind her, “Something surely did come up...” She replied a little annoyed.

Starlight was a little concerned, “Should I be concerned? Was it a good thing for a bad thing?”.

Trixie opened the door with her magic and pointed with her hoof, with some unimpressed expression.

There wasn’t much difference to the wagon other than a filly in the middle with an open and empty box of chocolate next to her. Stardust’s mouth and front hooves were covered in chocolate, and there was obviously chocolate in her mouth. As soon as she swallowed, she let out a little cute hiccup. Starlight chuckled in response, and Trixie angrily replied with.

“Those were mine!”.

Author's Note:

Here we are, the first chapter, I hope you enjoy!