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"Love can be a memory that no one can steal but love can also be a pain that no one can heal"


As my Senior year is coming close to an end, I decided to go back and think about the past. This is the story of life leading up to this point. I've never seen anyone do this so I thought why not? I'm not here to brag about my life but rather try to bond with others. Somewhere down the line maybe there will be a chapter where you the reader feel a connection with. If there's a way I might be able to spread a bit of guidance or help to deal with a situation or problem then I'll feel as though I did something good for someone else.

Everyone has a story to tell, with everyone's story there's a lesson to be learned and some wisdom to gain. Life is put together by all of your experiences whether it be good, bad, happy, or sad. Don't be afraid to share your story cause it might be an inspiration to others. You could make a difference in someone's life if you tell your story. I hope other's will be inspired to make their own life stories thanks to mine, remember don't be afraid to tell your story, it just might save a life.

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Looking nice. This is very interesting

The story will be very good and meaningful here. I like this.

Looking good and yeah I agree with the moral of the story

Pervert are the worst

Yeah, I don't know why they do it. They think they'll get away with it but they won't

it just might safe a life.

Don't you mean save?

Awww. This was so sweet

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