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An Unpredictable Move In

It had been a few months after mine and Sonata's "wedding." Adagio being a lover of gossip told the whole school in a matter of 3 days, which was a pain. I didn't want anyone to know and now everywhere I looked people were either giving me death glares or just ignoring all together. I hated going to school because of the people there but there was nothing I could do.

It was a Thursday afternoon and I was in my room doing some math homework. I was minding my own business when my mom walked into the room. I turned around and looked at my mom, something wasn't right.

'My mom had work today... so why is she home?'

"Mom, are you okay? You had work today... right?" I asked. My mom never came home until her shift was over, so her being home early was odd.

"I got a call from the dad of your three little friends." My mom started. I looked at my mom confused, what did Adagio's, Aria's, and Sonata's dad calling my mom have anything with her being home early. My mom saw that I was confused and continued. "He said that him and his three girls will being staying with us for awhile."

"Okay... so why I are home from work early?" I was still confused, just because they were coming over didn't mean my mom had to leave work early.

"Well... last night their mother died in her sleep. So they will be living with us until they can find an apartment of their own."

At the time I didn't fully grasp on what my mom meant. My mom explained it as best as she could, after awhile I understood. After explaining it to me I started to wonder how the three girls were doing. Losing their mom... now that would be hard for anyone, unless they didn't know their mom.

"When will they be here? Can I do something to help?"

My mom just looked at me and smiled. "Just be sure not to mention anything about their mother unless they tell you. Also, be there for support if they start to miss their mom. That's the best we can do for the time being, oh and please clean your room before they get here." With that my mom walked out of my room, probably to clean up the rest of the house.

It wasn't for another few minutes until the 4 of them arrived. When they arrived however, I could tell all of them were dealing with this differently. Their dad had a broken expression, Adagio had an unreadable expression, Sonata still had tears in her eyes, as for Aria she looked beyond pissed. As soon as Sonata saw me she ran up to me and hugged me, I could feel her tears soak my shirt but I didn't worry about that.

"Thanks for having us over, I promise we won't be here for long." Their dad said.

"You can stay as long as you need. Plus, now me and Joshua won't be so lonely. Joshua, take the girls to your room, alright?"

I nod my head. I slowly took the girls to my room, it would have been faster but Sonata was holding me as if I was a teddy bear. However, when we got to my room it got quiet. I didn't exactly have any girl toys nor did I know how to keep them entertained.

"Uh... wanna watch some TV? Or some Netflix?" The only answer I got was quiet. "So... the other day was pretty crazy, with those two girls fighting and everything. Good thing they were stopped, they could have gotten hurt." Still quiet, this was harder than it looked.

'How hard can it be to make someone talk? I gotta find a way to make them talk or make them smile.'

"So... nice weather today."

I heard nothing and I was starting to walk out of my room when I heard something. It was a snicker and then before I knew it all 3 of them were laughing their hearts out. Me, having no clue what was so funny just decided to join them awkwardly.

"You have no idea what's so funny do you Joshua?" Adagio asked.

I shook my head, I didn't know what had made them laugh so hard. I hadn't said anything funny, and I didn't do nothing stupid which for me was a miracle.

"You will understand one day, come on, let's do something fun. We need to stop thinking about our mom, mom would not want us to be sad just because she's gone. Come on you two, let's do something fun."

Adagio then stood up and left the room, I turned my head to face Aria and Sonata. Sonata was wiping away her tears while Aria was walking towards me, I couldn't tell if Aria was happy or not from her face.

"Your dumb, but then again you should know that by now." Aria said. I just nodded my head, her words hurt but she wasn't wrong and plus I wasn't about to start a fight with her just after her mom pasted away. "But that dumbness is something I like about you, don't change that." I look at Aria in surprise as she left, she had never said anything that nice to me before. Just then I felt something tug on the sleeve of my shirt, I looked down to see Sonata. The good thing was that she wasn't crying anymore.

I looked down at Sonata and smiled. "Come on, let's go hang out with your sisters."

"Thank you... for everything. Me and my sisters may not say it but you mean a lot to us."

I hugged Sonata and then we left my room to hang out with the others. Sonata's words meant a lot to me, it made me feel special in a certain way. When me and Sonata got to the living room we saw that the front door was already open and Adagio and Aria were outside waiting for us. Me and Sonata were about to walk out of the apartment when my mom stopped us.

"Before the 4 of you go outside and play, me and your guys father need to talk to Joshua for a second."

"Girls, you go ahead Joshua will catch up to you three. Me and his mother need to have a "talk" with him."

The way he said talk... I didn't like it one bit. However the girls just agreed and left the apartment leaving me with two adults, I felt like I was in a pit full of lions. I hadn't done anything wrong, nor did I say anything wrong.

"Joshua, since your the oldest one out of the four of you it'll be your responsibility to ensure Adagio's, Aria's, and Sonata's safety. Can we give you this task and make sure you can keep them safe?"

"You're now their older brother in a way, so as the oldest it's your job to make sure nothing happens to them while we're not there. So, Joshua, can you promise me that while I'm not there you will keep my daughters safe while I'm not."

I looked at the two of them and then I smile. "Yeah, no matter what I will make sure nothing happens to them."

"Good now hurry up, they're outside all by themselves without you protecting them."

'Your the one that told them to go outside and wait for me while you and my mom talked to me, and now I'm the one that's gets yelled at?'

"Right, we will be back around dinner time."

With that I left my apartment and headed to my three new sisters. Things were going to get weird with them around but I sure it'll be normal in a few days. That's what I first told myself, however what I didn't know was that things were going to be much more lively with them living with me and my mom. But I didn't mind their company.

Author's Note:

As a kid this day didn't really mean much but thinking about it now it was sad. I knew their mom and their mom was a nice person. All I can say is that everyday, you should say that you love your family and friends because you never know when they might pass away.