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Siege The Pervert

It had been a week after the School Wars between Pokemon and Beyblade. In that week there had been a rumor going around that someone was touching girls... inappropriately. Now, I wasn't worried since... I was a boy after all. The school had announced that whoever the student was, was going to get in serious trouble. Did I really care for the situation? No. I wasn't the one doing it so what did I have to worry about.

Next thing I knew, me and and every guy at the school was in the cafeteria. You see this school was small, and when I say small and mean small. Even if you added up all Kindergarten through 6th, you only got 600 kids. So half the school was currently in the cafeteria. Why were we in the cafeteria? The school was going to find out who was the person going around being an idiot. So, here I am sitting next to Flash waiting for them to interrogate us and ultimately let us go since we're innocent.

I had a feeling I knew who it was but I didn't say anything. My guess was it was either one of Snails friends or Snips. It made the most amount of sense to me but then again it could of been one of the older kids. I then start to think that it might not even be a boy but a girl. I mean, why did they think it was a boy when for all they knew it could be a girl... also touching girls. Okay, maybe not but it was possible.

I turn my head out of boredom and see Snails talking to a teacher? Looking closer I notice that he's actually talking to the principal... who was his mom from what I heard. And he was pointing over to me and Flash.... oh crap! Now I knew what was happening, Snails was lying to his mom and saying me and Flash did it! Now the thing was, how were we suppose to make the principal believe we didn't do it now? It was her son words against our word, and from the looks of it... Snails friends were also "saying" me and Flash did it.

I look at Flash and he saw it as well. Me and him look at each other with wide eyes. I see the principal from the corner of my eye starting to walk towards us. She had a serious expression on her face, she looked mad. If me and Flash didn't want to get into trouble, we had to go up with a plan and he had to come up with one fast!

"If she asks us if he did it we just say we didn't. They don't have any proof we did it, and plus we'll just say we've been with Adagio, Aria, and Sonata for the whole week. And if they saw Aria beat up one of their friend just saw the kid called her a boy and she went off." I said.

"Smart thinking, Joshua. But she's for sure going to believe her son over us right?" Flash asked. I look at him like he's an idiot.

"Just because Snails is her son does not mean she'll believe him all the time. We just got to hope that she believes us and not her son. Were nothing but good kids, unlike her son."

"Excuse me." Someone said. It didn't take a genius to know that it was the principal's voice.

Me and Flash look up to see the principal right in front of us. She was a tall person... well to me and Flash she was. She had long hair and she looked nothing like her son, she seemed nice... but that could be an act. Just like any kids, we were scared of her. She was the boss why we were just two little kids. She had far more power than the two of us combined.

"Yes?" Me and Flash both said. We looked up to see her starting us down.

"I've gotten word that you two were the one's touching girls. Now I must say, that's a huge punishment that may lead the both of you to being expelled. Do either one of you have anything to say about this?" The principal asked.

"We didn't touch anyone. Me and Flash have been around Adagio, Aria, and Sonata all week. They would of seen me or Flash touch someone. Plus, Flash was absent on Tuesday and I have been helping my teacher during first recess all week. So please tell me how we could have done it?"

Now, I was mad I was getting accused of something I didn't even do. And this principal was actually believing her dumb son who had no proof that me and Flash touched anyone. The principal looks at me and Flash and she smiles.

"I know."

Me and Flash look at her surprised. She knew? Then why did she ask us something if she already knew the answer to?

"if you knew then why did you ask us?"

"I wanted to see what you two would say. We have already found the pervert and he as we speak is getting in trouble. You two are free to go, I'm sorry if I wasted any of your guys time."

Me and Flash just nod our heads and start to walk back to class. I still didn't understand the principal's reasoning for asking us a question when she clearly knew the answer. As me and Flash were walking back to class we were talking about what had just happened until the perv ran past us... with some teachers chasing him. Me and Flash being nosy little kids don't go to class and instead walk over to see the action. The kid had ran out of the principal's office and went into the bathroom to escape getting into trouble.

"Did that kid just lock himself in the bathroom? How is he suppose to get out now?"

"Well Flash, that is what we call an idiot. Just leave him alone and let's just go back to class."

Me and Flash leave the idiot who would sooner or later leave the bathroom and get in more trouble than he already was going to get into. Once we get back into the room, everyone looks at us while me and Flash take our seats like nothing happened. Today had just been a weird day and I wanted it to be over.

Later that day I told my mom about what happened. She was mad but yet glad I didn't get in trouble for something I didn't do. I will admit I didn't fully understand the problem at the time but thinking back, I realize what this kid was doing was serious. However, what I still don't understand why the kid tried to escape and hide in the bathroom. But then again I don't think the kid knew what he was doing either.

Author's Note:

Now why did the kid run to the bathroom and try to escape... I don't know. Moral of the story... don't be a pervert and touch girls or boys it's wrong. Also don't try to run from trouble like the pervert did, it'll only get you in more trouble.