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School War

So... you know when I told you about the 3 facilities at my school. Pokemon, Power Rangers, and Beyblade. Well about a month into school they had a school-wide fight. This is the story of how my whole school had a War.

So, I wake up that day thinking it was going to be a normal Kindergarten day. How wrong I was. I walk to school with Adagio, Aria, and Sonata that day, and once I got to school... I could feel the tension. I look at Adagio and she looks at me. She knew that I knew that she knew I was going to ask what was going on.

"There was some strong words with the Pokemon and Beyblade people. So there's going to be a fight during lunch. Boys being boys like I was saying." Adagio said.

"Is Flash going to be in the fight?" I asked.

"Flash may be dumb but he's not that dumb. Flash is just going to watch with me and my sisters. You coming to watch with us?"

"Guess I have nothing else to do."

'So this is how I start my day, by hearing about a fight about to happen... awesome!'

For the rest of the day I was excited to see the fight. I didn't even pay attention to what my teacher was saying. If there really was going to be a fight I wanted to get front row seats to see the fight. Once I heard the lunch bell, I sprang out of my chair and ran to see the fight. I found a spot on some grass and sat down waiting for the action to begin.

"Hey, Joshua!"

I turn around and see Sonata rushing towards me, with Aria, Adagio, and Flash right behind.

"What's up Sonata?"

"Did we miss anything?" Aria asked.

"Unless I'm blind then nothing yet." I turn my head and see a bunch of kids starting to group around each other. "I think you guys made it just in time, look."

Once they turn their heads the first punch had been thrown. Now, when I say that this school turned into World War 2 it did. People were throwing things, punching, kicking, it almost looked like a Black Friday.

"I'm going to run in and throw a punch or two." Flash said as he stood up.

'What is this idiot thing he's going to do? Does he want to get killed?'

"You gonna join him, Joshua?" Adagio asked.

"Yeah... no. I do not want to get punched in the face just to be like Flash. Plus, I'm not part of any of their groups. I would be like an enemy to them."

"Are you scared? You scared your going to get your butt kicked by some other kids? Poor little Joshua is scared!" Sonata yelled.

"I'm not scared, I'm using my brain! Flash is being dumb thinking he's looking cool but he's going to get hurt."

"Joshua's a baby! Joshua's a baby!"

"I'm not a baby! Fine, I'll join Flash! I'll show you I'm not a baby!"

Now, I shouldn't have done it but I went into the fight like Flash did. I knew Sonata was just saying that to get under my skin... and it worked. But at the same time it probably was best to get Flash before he did something more dumb than he was already doing. I wasn't worried about being caught because teachers and and the so called "yard duties" didn't do nothing to stop fights but watch. Thinking the fight was Endgame or something.

So I jump into the fight and just... walk through it. Everyone's to busy for me since I wasn't apart or their "gangs." I see Flash beating a kid up and I grab him.

"Dude you can stop now. You already knocked the Sonic rings out of the kid." I started. "And plus, all of this just because the kid liked Pokemon? That's kinda messed up."

"The man said we were a bunch of girls because he hang out with Adagio and them. Then he said Aria was a boy!"


Oh crap! I turn around and see Aria, full on Naruto running after this kid. Kids would make of Aria for acting like a boy and that would get under her skin. So for someone to say she WAS a boy... they were dead meat. Me and Flash see Aria NFL style tackle this kid to the ground and start pummeling him with punches. They were getting so violent other people stopped their fight to watch her beat this 5 year old up. Did I feel bad for the kid... no. Did he deserve what was happening to him... yes.

Now what I didn't know was that the yard duties finally decided to jump into action and do their jobs. It took me and Flash to snatch Aria from the kid and run for our lives so that we didn't get caught. We get far away and watch as the yard duties talk to the kids who were fighting. But then the craziest thing happens, one of the kids grabs a trash can and hits one of the yard duties in the head knocking him down. That's when the Power Rangers "gang" decides to become part of the fight and the fight comes back to life.

Now there's at least 200 yes you heard me correctly, 200 kids fighting over something so stupid. But then again their kids so can you really get mad? Two small little kids fight over dumb things like girls, the last cookie, see who gets the to play on the Xbox or Playstation. Not like I've fought for any of those things before... so anyways. Aria was running back to fight that kid from early while me and Flash ran after here. Adagio and Sonata are still sitting on the grass enjoying the show.

Just when Aria finds the same kid from earlier a new kid comes. He's taller than the other kid and he looks tough. Me and Flash look at the kid in surprise while Aria is still mad at the kid from earlier.

"Are you the girl that hurt my friend?" The kid asks.

"Yeah! So what? He called me a boy when I'm a girl!"

"You? A girl? Don't make me laugh. Your not a girl, your just a boy trying to act like a girl but your acting isn't that good."

"Hey! Who do you think you are saying that to our friend? Aria is a girl and she isn't acting! She is a girl your just dumb to not tell what's a boy and what's a girl!"

"Who am I? Who are you? I'm the principal's son! My name is Snails and your going to get into trouble for what you did to my friend.

I've been quite these whole time, I was too busy making fun of the kid in my mind. This kid may be taller than the other kid but he was fat! Now I got nothing wrong with fat people but this kid was fat! I mean this kid was fatter than a Snorlax! This kid was built like a burrito! Sucker looked like he ate all of McDonald's. I hadn't noticed that I was laughing until I noticed Flash looking at me weird.

"What's so funny?"

I look at the principal's son in the face. I wasn't scared of him, wait change that. I was scared of him... scared of him body slamming me and squishing me too death. I couldn't take this kid serious no matter how hard I tried. I look up at him and I said... like an idiot.

"You look like the male version of Rasputia from Norbit."

Flash and Aria stay quite for awhile and then they start laughing. Even the kid Aria beat up was laughing, the kid looks at me in anger. I just look at him and don't care. He was being mean to Aria and I was mean to him, we were even now. Me, Flash, and Aria start to walk away but then I start to think back.

"Your friends with Snips, right?"

"Yeah? So what?"

"Your friend and you are just like each other. Your both idiots."

I start to walk away from Snails but before I'm even 5 feet away I feel myself get pushed to the ground. Before I can get up Snails is on top of me trying starting to beat me up. I easily dodge or block his attacks so I'm not exactly scared of him right now. But the things was that I was stuck because Snails was on top of me keeping me from getting up.


I turn around and see Flash and Aria towards me. Adagio and Sonata had also gotten up and was running to see the action. Flash and Aria push Snails off of me and Flash pushes Snails away from us. I get some help up from Aria and Sonata, while Adagio dusted me off. I get up and look at Snails, he then looks at me with the same anger. On that day I made an rival who would later become my greatest enemy. After that teachers and the principal came and broke-up the Pokemon and Beyblade war. After lunch, the day was boring and nothing interesting happened. I left school that day not knowing what I started with Snails.

Author's Note:

So we did have a war consisting about Pokemon and Beyblade. And I did run into Snails however our first "fight" wasn't as interesting as most probably though. Hope you liked this... and the moral of the story... don't get involved into something even though people pressure you into doing it like I did.