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Back Into The Future

At a hospital in Oklahoma on December 10th, 2004. A little baby boy was born. That baby was none of that me, Joshua. Unlike most babies once I came out of my mom I was immediately rushed to ICU or Intensive Care Unit. I was born about a month early and because I was born a month early my lungs weren't fully developed. My parents say I was very lucky to be born because not only that but my mom had lost 2 babies previous before me. So let's just say they call me their little "miracle child."

We stayed in Oklahoma until I was 2. Then because of my dad's job, we had to leave Oklahoma and move to California. A few years later, was when school started for me. Now... at the time I was too young to understand exactly what was happening to me but that whole school was racist. That school mostly consisted of blacks, black students, black teachers, even a black principal. Only a small percentage of Whites, Hispanics, and Asians went there. Now I saw it every day and I had it happen to me, those of us who weren't black would be treated like Naruto. Outcast and treated like monsters, like we killed their mom or something. All because we weren't the same race. I'll never forget my first day of school at that terrible school.

I was starting Kindergarten, I was 5 years old and I was super optimistic. I though this was going to be fun adventure, where I was going to make all kinds of friends and meet new people. My mom was telling me all kinds of good things about school and now thinking about it all of that was a lie. I got up that day and ate breakfast and walked to school. My parents had left me a note on the fridge wishing me a good day.

What I didn't know was that this wasn't going to the day I though it was.

I arrive to school and walk to my class. I opened that door and what I saw in there was shocking. Everyone was different everywhere I looked people were wearing odd looking clothes. It looked as though I had just walked into cartoon show. Everyone turned towards me like I was some sort of celebrity. It felt like I had just walked into a bank just being robbed.

"Is this Ms. Smith's class?" I asked.

"Yes, and you must be Joshua?" She asked.

I nod my head while still feeling everyone looking at me. Ms. Smith smiles at me and tells me to find my seat like everyone else. I walk around the class my awhile and then find my seat. Now I was a dumb kid but I wasn't that dumb, I knew what was happening and I didn't like it. In my mind I was more confused than a drunk person.

'Why is everyone looking at me? Do I have something on my face?'

I started to feel a little scared since everyone was still looking at me. The teacher was going on about how the year was going to go and what we were going to learn and class trips. After her little speech everyone's moms and dads leave and go to work or back home. Just then she tells us that we could interact and make bonds with others.

Me feeling like a outcast I stayed in my seat while everyone else was getting out of seats and going to talk to others. I could clearly hear others talk about me and what I had on. I didn't care they probably felt the same way I felt about them, we were both confused about each other.

"Your people can not be here." Someone said.

I turn around to see some kid behind me. Who was he talking to? I look around and then I point to myself. And what did he mean can not be here, everyone was allowed to come to school.

"You talking to me?" I asked clearly confused.

"You just found that out?" The kid said.

I wasn't liking this kid so far, in fact I wanted to punch him. Something about me you should know, I have an anger issue. And if you give me a bad first impression... that'll be your last impression. But I didn't want to start any trouble on my first day. Nor did I want to get detention, my mom gave me strict warning not to get detention. Or else she was going to show me some 'Belt No Jutsu.' And let's just say I didn't want to feel pain every time I sat down for a week.

"What are you even talking about 'my people'? You, me, everyone in this room is a person... I think."

"I mean your skin color. My parents told me bad things about your people. Your people were mean to my people, you made my mom and dad feel like bad guys when they have been nice to me."

I just stare at this guy not knowing what he's going on about. 'Since when did this become history class?' My parents always told me to treat others with respect no matter what. This kid either woke up on the wrong side of the bed or he was talking out of his mind. Now, I look back at him and I narrow my eyes at him.

"I do not know if this is your way of saying hello but I don't like it. I do not know you or your family. All I did was walk in this class and sit down and I hurt your feelings? I have no clue what your even talking about, did you hit your head? Now, if you do not leave my face with that dog breath of yours I might treat you like that cat my mom once has."

The kid looks at me in shock then a smile in plastered on his face. I don't know why he's smiling I didn't say nothing funny. As for that cat... that cat gone.

"The name's Snip and my friends Snails is the principal's son. And when I tell her that your a freak, your be in so much trouble."

"Freak? Have you seen yourself? Now get out of my face before I Kamehameha you just like Goku."

"Says the one with two different eyes." With that the kid named Snips walks off.

Not my fault I got Heterochromia. For those who don't know, Heterochromia is where you have two different colored eyes. For me I have one brown eye, and one blue eye. I look at the kid as he walks away from my seat, he must of though he looked real cool thinking he just did something.

'This sure is a good way to start off the year. Who does that kid think he is? I know he ain't talking looking like Randall from Recess. He need to lift up his pants, I don't want to see his poop stained underwear.'

"Is everything okay over here?"

I turn my head to see Ms. Smith take a seat next to me. I look at her, did she just not see what happened or was she just late to things?

"Uh... yeah. Just sitting down."

"But why are you sitting down? Everyone else is walking around and talking with others. Look, I know it may be a little scary on the first day and you may be a little shy but everyone here are real nice and kind. Why don't you go talk to someone."

"Snips is mean. He says people like me are mean and he called me a freak."

'Plus, nobody seems like they want to talk to me anyways.'

I was confused, I didn't know why I was the only one in the class that didn't have no one to talk to. Everyone else was talking to someone; it pissed me off that I was in a class without any other kids like me. Although, I would have to get use to working with kids for the next few years of my life.

"Well... that just makes you special. These kids aren't much different from you, Joshua. Sure they might be a bit different than you but think about it, their still kids like you. They might like the same things you do, so come on let's go talk to some kids."

"... Alright..."

I personally didn't want to get out of my seat or talk to anyone else after my encounter with Snips. If everyone else was like him then I might as well kiss this school goodbye. Ms. Smith takes me over to a group of 4, three girls and one boy.

'Well he sure is good with the girls. Must be nice having people to talk to...'

I then turn my head to see everyone in the room but me talking to someone. Everyone felt comfortable talking to each other and each looked happy. But me? My first conversation was a kid going off about me being white. Ain't my fault being white, I couldn't choose my parents. We get to the kids and they look at me and the teacher.

"Kids, this is Joshua. Now, I hope you can all talk and hopefully get along."

She then walks off, like nothing bad is going to happen. If these kids were like Snips then I may just do something I may regret. The 4 kids look at me for a second and then they all smile. Their smile didn't really reassure me that things were going to be good, but I put on a little fake smile of my own.

'Now just say your name and say hi. Simple... right?'

"Uh... hi. My names Joshua... what's yours?"

"Joshua, have you forgotten about us?" One of the girls ask.

I look at her like she's stupid. 'I wouldn't be asking for your name if I knew you now would I?'


Her and her sisters lived across from me and my family. I would see them ride bikes, swim, and do all kinds of things outside, but I wasn't really keen on becoming friends with them. I wasn't shy just rather... I hated the outdoors. I didn't have a bike, the water was always cold in the pool, and personally I though girls were weird back then.

The girl laughs then looks at me. "I'm Adagio, and these are my sisters Aria and Sonata."

"Hi." Aria and Sonata said.


I then look at the boy, he puts his hand out thinking I'm going to shake it. I didn't know where that hand had been, I wasn't going to touch it.

"My names Flash and I washed my hands so you can shake it."

Me being a dumb kid believed him and shake his hand. Before I knew it I was totally involved with Flash, Adagio, Aria, and Sonata. They were nice, and kind unlike Snips. I felt like I could talk to them about anything and everything. They told me not to worry about Snips if he ever gave me problems and that they would be there. At that moment I understood what having friends felt like.

For the rest of the day, I hanged out with Flash, and the 3 sisters. Snips didn't bother me and I had a good time. Ms. Smith was nice and did what most little kids do. Play games, draw, learn about numbers and words. I also learned that at the school I went to had 3 types of people. People in the Pokemon facility, people in the Beyblade facility, and people in the Power Ranger facility.

People in the Pokemon had their electronics with them all the time. Some even acted like Pokemon and had "imagination battles" as I called them. These kids were at the medium tier at the school, you weren't famous but people knew you.

People in the Power Rangers acted like they were Rangers saving the day. This kids were known as the weirdos and people just didn't like them. Some girls though it was cute when the boys would come and "save" them from a bully if though they got their butt whopped. The only good thing was that if you really did prove yourself as a "Power Ranger" people would like you and you might just get a girl.

People in the Beyblade facility... now that was different. People would line up to see these guys go at it with their spinning tops. This people were known as the top of the top at school. These kids were the most popular, and if you got lucky and won a tournament. Girls would be running to you like you were Jesus.

Me personally... I was none. I didn't have any electronics to play Pokemon on. Power Rangers was cool it's just I wasn't no hero going to save the day. I knew what I could and couldn't do. I wasn't going to save a girl from a boy I knew could whoop my butt in a fight. I wasn't scared... I was just using my brain. As for Beyblade... I didn't have the money to buy a Beyblade and I wasn't going to ask my mom to buy me something with her money. It just felt wrong of me to do, even though she probably would have brought me one. After all, I was the "miracle kid."

That's where the 4 option came in. Become a school failure that wasn't apart of any of the 3 major options of the school. That's how it was for the boys, the girls got it easy. As long as girls looked cute, they would be just fine. Adagio, Sonata, and Aria were all cute girls, and Flash was in the Beyblade facility so people knew him. Me? In the 4th option as a school failure.

For the rest of the day it went good. Lunch came around, recess happened, and before I knew it school was over. I walked home and just watched TV and waited for my mom to get home. That was pretty much my first day of Kindergarten. I went to bed that night excited for what was going to happen tomorrow. Me being little I didn't worry about anything but my friends and family. However what I didn't know was that things were going to get weird very soon.

Author's Note:

The kid that plays Snips really did start his conversation like he did. Now, if we weren't at school I would of beat him down but since we were in school I couldn't do anything. After all I didn't want my butt to hurt for a week straight. My teacher did talk to the kid earlier that day but he never apologized. I never saw Snails that day nor did I have any problems after the earlier problem with Snips. I hope you all liked this chapter and I hope you hopefully like the next one.