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Before this story begins I would first like to talk about some things.

First, this story is 100% true. Everything in this story has happened to me. If some things sound to good to believe or sound fake, then you can kindly ask questions. I will try to explain every chapter at the end to the best of my ability. If you still don't understand something don't be afraid to ask me a question, I wouldn't bite you. Unless it's just a stupid question not regarding the chapter one bit.

Second, I don't want anyone to think this is a bragging story. I'm not saying I have a better or worse than others, I'm just telling my story to hopefully inspire others. If you don't like this story then simply... don't read it. If you don't want to hear about my life then you don't have to. Just don't be that guy or girl in the comments saying rude comments. Saying stuff like; "You're such an idiot, why did you do that?" or "You have some terrible parents."

Third, yes I made a lot and I mean a lot of dumb decisions. But everyone makes mistakes I'm not perfect and neither are my parents. Thinking back to when I was young even I say, "Dang, I really was a dumb little kid." Another thing, my parents acted the way they were to me in this story because they weren't exactly raised up good. My mom and dad both didn't grow up with father's and their mom's weren't exactly the kindest. My mom born in a family of a single mom with 2 other siblings was hard especially because they lived in the country side of Oklahoma. And with my dad living the same but with 3 siblings it was hard for them, he lived in downtown LA or as I like to call it the ghetto. They raised me kinda rough because they wanted me to be strong. And I thank them for raising me that way because I'm the person I am today because of them.

Fourth, I don't know how ya'll feel about cussing but if you've read my other books you know I don't use cuss words in them. Now if you knew me in real life... that would be a different story. It's going to up to you the audience if you want me to cuss in the book or not. If you don't feel comfortable I'll accept it and not cuss. But if you don't care then I cuss in the book. However they will be no use of the 'n' word since... well... I'm not black. I got black in me it's just me as a half White half Hispanic I feel it's not right.

Fifth, I will not go by Y/N or by Anonymous, I will go by my birth name Joshua. I know weird name for a half White half Hispanic person but I personally like the name. Also, this story will be in order. It'll start from Elementary to now, my Senior Year.

Sixth, everyone will play a role from my life. For instants, Twilight might play as my sister, or Flash as my brother. I will explain why everyone has these roles. However my mom and dad will just go by mom and dad. Another thing, I won't say my School's real name, I'll just make something up.

Twilight: (The kid who was more smarter than the teacher. I don't know how me and this girl were in the same grade. She was leagues ahead of my dumb self.) We all know why I put Twilight as this person. Personally, I never liked this person at first because she was too smart even more herself, while I was...well I was average. Although, I got past that and became her friend later on.

Applejack: (Girl you could rely on for anything and she would always be there for you. If you wanted to rob a bank she would probably be your girl to help you out.) As a fellow person born in the country, me and this girl personally got along. Applejack and this person we're practical the same.

Fluttershy: (Sweet but yet shy girl... unless you get on her bad side and trust me you didn't want that.) This girl loved nature with a passion, she was truly kind and sweet. However, there will be a moment where I'll never forget where she went off on someone for something. That story will be told later down the line. Fluttershy and this person we're pretty much the exact same person.

Rainbow Dash: (Girl I wanted to beat the mess out of so many times because she was arrogant, and selfish. She could be cool at times but she was just too egotist for me.) I put Rainbow Dash as this person because Rainbow and this person both got an ego.

Sunset: (Enemy who later becomes my friend.) I put Sunset as this person because this girl loved seeing people in pain. But then she changed for the better, just like Sunset did.

Rarity: (That one girl who loved Drama too much for her own good. This girl loved Theater Class more than any other class but she was a really good actress. I'm telling you this girl was a little version of Jennifer Lawrence.) Do I really need explain this?

Pinkie Pie: (That one girl who seems more hyper than my dad was when his team won in the Super Bowl.) Pinkie Pie was pretty much this person just as a cartoon character. Although, I will say this person was a bit calmer than Pinkie... just a bit.

Flash: (Best friend/Brother. Hopefully most of us boys and girls have a person like this.) Didn't really have any other choice, but Flash and this person both play Guitar so it kinda played in good hands.

Adagio: (Girl that takes 5 years just for her looks) This girl LOVED her hair and fashion just like Adagio. Also she played the leader over her two younger siblings.

Aria: (Tough girl who always got into fights and trouble. This girl got detention every single day.) This girl just loved getting into trouble. You could make fun of this girl for something and she would either punch you or roast you so hard you would become ash. But then again you couldn't blame her since her mom had died at just the age of 6.

Sonata: (Friend who later on becomes something more) This person is Sonata because I just love Sonata, sorry. This person was clumsy, and a big of an airhead like Sonata as well.

Snips: (My bullies friend... who couldn't fight to save his life. I mean this dude didn't even know how to throw a punch.) Personally, I think you can figure out why I put this person as Snips.

Snails: (My biggest bully/Rival. He bullied me because he saw me as weak and fragile and used me for his amusement.) I hate Snails, he was funny in the show I'll admit that. This person was that fat guy that was mean to everyone and never got in trouble. Also, he got away with a lot of things because his mom was the principal.

Now before you say this already sounds fake with me having all those girls as friends. Now the thing is, not all of those girls were my friends, some were just acquaintances or people I just got along with. Although I will say this, I knew Sonata, Aria, and Adagio since we were babies. I had pretty much grew up with them my whole life. I knew Flash, Snips, and Snails from my first Elementary School. Sunset and Twilight, I meet them at the 4th grade Summer Camp, and everyone else I meet was either at Middle or High-School.

Now this story will be full of events from my life. So will be good memories and some won't. There will be a new arc every 10-20 chapters. I'm not sure how many chapters this book will have but I have 5 main arcs for this book. Don't worry about the Epilogue, that's just one chapter.

Arc 1: Grades 1-4/Worst Years Of My Life

Arc 2: Summer Camp

Arc 3: Grades 5-7

Arc 4: Depression/Years 8-11

Arc 5: Senior Year/Best Years

Arc 6: Epilogue

Also, every 10th chapter will be a special chapter. Chapters: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and so forth will be a special moment in my life. When I mean special, I mean it's in the Top 10 or Top 5 best days I've ever had!

Since I'm only in my 2nd quarter or term, whatever you call it. My Senior Year is yet to be finished. So I may have to put this story on Hiatus until my Senior Year is done but until then, I'm excited to start this story to hopefully inspire others. That's the main goal of this story, but also to tell other's my story. Next chapter, will be the start of true story. This was just a chapter of me telling you what this story is about. I hope you all like this book as much as I'll like making it. See you in the next one.