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The alternate universe where he just sat around suckling on Griffons. Truly Fimfiction is the marketplace of ideas.

This was a funny AU for the original

hey man I don’t often see stories about big female griffs taking little stallions on so please continue.

Murky’s first comfortable nights sleep in probably forever and it’s in the embrace of a living breathing killing machine.

Indeed it is pretty sad, big griffon girls are an untapped market of potential waifus.

Now, the question is, will he go back for his drawing booklet?

Will Stern want him to draw her? What will his subconscious draw of these past few days?

I just want you to know that this is some top shit my dude

Thanks man, writing went a little slow with the final chapter but I'm almost done with it.

Hell fuckin yeah

Reminds me of another quote from Emperor Red Eye.
"You ever seen a bird get milked? It's kinda freaky... but also pretty hawt."

Great read!

Strange alternate world where Murky is sheltered. You certainly got me re-invested to finally pick up the fic again. Hopefully, I remembered where I stopped and what happened before.

Nice fluffy work, Wordsmith!

It warms my heart to hear that, glad you decided to pick up MN7 again. It's really worth the read.

I find out last part of this funny

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