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This day was going to be perfect: Twillight and her boyfriend Trixie are about to be married, but then the evil alien overlord Princess Mama Mia Morte Cadenca and her minions attack. It’s up to Twillight and her friends to prevent not only Ponyland and the New Lulamoon Empire but the whole Ponyland planet from annihilation and avenge Twillight’s brother who was killed by Cadenca.

Also… THE BEST OC EVER IS BACK IN ACTION and this time he’s at least 200% cooler. After the betrayls in the last story ADMIRAL Awesome Yonasomun Armageddon became an Anti-Hero. Not only wears he black stuff now, he also acts less heroic. So be prepared for some great character development and Fishing Moves ala Mortal Kombat.

And Fluttershy is still worst pony!

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Return of Commander Killemall! I wasn't expecting that one, but it's awesome.

Darkshadowdeath_113 is an awesome villain.

The spelling seems a bit worse than the previous story though, which is a shame. One of the things I liked about the previous one was that it didn't really take any effort to figure out what a word meant, even if it was still sometimes hard to figure out sentences.

I do agree with Tulip that you went a little overboard with the misspellings in this one.

But everything about Darkshadowdeath_113 was gold. Derailing a character who was already derailed to begin with? Glorious.

And Fluttershy is still worst pony!


Oh, man. Things look bleak. And no Harmony Balls, BEST OC, or friendly astronauts to save the day.

And worst of all, Worst Pony is still alive!

Thumbs up for killing that guard. He thought he could make ADMIRAL Awesome waste a good one-liner. He thought...






WHERE IS SWEDEN? Clickbait, not what I was here for, 2/10

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