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"fear is the building blocks to a creative mind" - unknown


The world of hunters is vast, worldwide hunting of creatures everyday people would call myth. Yet, when myth comes to reality can one justify what they have seen?

Sunset Shimmer stands among her friends as novice hunters, excited to move to the next step in life. This next step, however, tasks Sunset with finding a monster and returning it to the hunters league leader. Clans of monsters are divided into simple sheets of paper for the young hunters to prey upon, yet something isn't right.

Main Clans:
Cavern Green: the strongest of the nature monster clans, known as the strongest and scariest.
Mindful Gaze: monsters who rely on trickery and mind control to get by in life.
Walkers Yard: The undead claim this clan, zombies and vampires and other wonder its borders.
Salty Shores: mermaids and merman who wonder the sea in bliss, haunted by the sirens in the deep.
Shadow Gates: humans turned monsters.
Hell's Grove: demons and fire beings hellbent on anarchy live in this clan.

Small Clans:
Leaping Lily's: the peaceful nature folk, animal human hybrids tend to claim this clan.
Cascading Sky: all monsters who contain air like ability's.
Flesh Fakers: mimic monsters who can change to any monster or person.

Chapters (4)
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Some very neat worldbuilding, here. I would definitely recommend an extra proofreading sweep in the future; there are a lot of errors with capitalization, apostrophe use, and paragraph spacing.

There will be a monster blog every other chapter to help readers get used to the story and its settings, sorry.

Is this a crossover?

No sorry, what do you think its crossovering with?

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