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Dark Avenger

"Un bon mot ne prouve rien." (Voltaire)


Four young stallions decide to form Equestria's very first thrash metal band. Loud, aggressive, and powerful; it is a style of music nopony in the world has ever experienced before. Within weeks, their popularity begins to soar, the heavy riffs and rebellious lyrics apparently striking a chord with their audiences, and soon they become one of the most popular musical acts in Equestria.

However, their incredible success is accompanied by unforeseen perils: greed, arrogance, excessive lifestyle, tensions between friends and loved ones, not to mention the ugly depths of the whole music industry. Powerful figures begin to emerge, their curiosity piqued by the band's "miraculous" rise to fame and fortune, trying to find some sort of hidden power that is at work behind the music.

What does it look like when four youngsters are "living the dream" without any kind of restraint? How do they cope with being caught up in some power struggle behind the scenes, let alone being on tour? What is the secret of their success? What future does it have in store for them, and for all of Equestria?

This is the story of Metallicolt...

(MLP meets Metallica)

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 47 )

...You had a fave the second you opened with a Motorhead Album. May Lemmy's muttenchops look fondly on your efforts.

I haven't read this yet, but being a die hard metallica fan, i will definitely be watching this.


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

The album is actually a compilation from 1999 that I found browsing on the web, and not the original studio album. I only wanted an album that featured both the classic Motörhead logo, and the song "Ace of Spades". I was in luck, because this one has both, and starts off with the aforementioned song.


Indeed, this is a story for die-hard fans. Well, at least I hope they are going to enjoy it. I don't intend to merely "clone" the story of Metallica in the pony universe, since that would just be "jerking off" to the band. That said, even I'm not sure what kind of turns this story is going to take, and whether or not everyone is going to like it.
Thanks for tuning in!

You like Mettalica don't you?:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:


"On June 14, 1982, Metal Blade Records, a brand new record label founded by Brian Slagel, released its first compilation known simply as ‘Metal Massacre.’ Featured on the first pressing of this compilation were bands like Steeler, Ratt, Malice and a little known, unsigned metal band called Metallica.

Rounding out the compilation, Metallica – spelled incorrectly as Mettallica – recorded ‘Hit the Lights.’"

Meh, I guess I do...

Would you believe I had the same idea for the Beatles?

Except it was with the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

3000971 nothing actually.

I really should get on that....

I have just two words to say. Fucking. Metal.


Thanks! :twilightsmile:

Only two words, though? :fluttercry:

Seriously, guys... I NEED FEEDBACK!


Dude, Metallica holds a very special place in my heart and my childhood; it's the band that opened the gateway to becoming a metal head, and this fan fiction is simply metal. I bow to your awesomeness. *bows before the Dark Avenger*

Grammar score 8 out of 10. The only thing I have to mention is colons are not a sentence ending punctuation, therefore do not capitalize the next word after it. You did that every time you used one.

The random paragraphs in italic were confusing to me, they didn't seem to be in a different voice than the regular paragraphs. So why were they Italics? There was a lot of that in chapter one. If you wanted to change it to first person voice then I could understand it.

Pacing seemed a little on the slow side but rather slow that fast, in my opinion.

All in all, not to my preference but still a good piece of work. Have a like but not a fave.:scootangel:


Thanks for the review!

I looked up the proper use of colons, and there doesn't seem to be a clear consensus regarding when you're supposed to capitalize the next sentence, and when you're not. I did the best I could... :unsuresweetie:

The sections in italics are either "flashbacks," or "thoughts" that aren't "said inside the character's head" (as opposed to the ones in quotes, which are sort of like when one says something under their breath). There are also the ones that are in entirely separate sections that serve a different purpose, but I can't go into that yet... :raritywink:

The most clear distinction I attempted to offer is that there is no contraction ("can't, won't," etc.) in the "normal" narration, while the sections in italics do contain them, since we are "hearing" the characters' thoughts. I understand that it can get confusing, though, which is why I'm limiting the use of the first two versions after chapter three.

EDIT: I got rid of those entirely. Hopefully the story is less confusing this way...

Why are there still people who think Metallicolt is the first thrash metal band?


You mean "Metallica"? Never once does this story say that... :rainbowhuh:

Four young stallions decide to form Equestria's very first thrash metal band.


Now listen! Metallica may have technically not have been the first thrash metal band but they did release the first Thrash metal record and is currently the most influential thrash metal record of all time.

Kill Em' All!

And to hell with you if you don't like they're 90's and 00's music! I say all there all records deserve a valid place in metal music. Though I will admit, unfortunately....

Lulu wasn't exactly the best thing this time around :facehoof:


Umm... I know all that... and I never said I don't like their stuff... :rainbowderp:

I'm not exactly sure Kill 'Em All actually counts as the very first thrash record. Also, personally I would say their most influential (and overall best) record is Master of Puppets, but it all depends on which "influential period" you look at. For example, if we are to look at their influence on mainstream music, then their most influential record is The Black Album (since that was what helped them break into the mainstream).

All that said, the only thing I was trying to say here was that this story does not attempt to imply that Metallica is the first thrash metal band. In Equestria, however, Metallicolt is the first such band... :ajsmug:


Yeah I wasn't implying which records were the most influential except that it was the Kill Em' All record that introduced every metal and rock fan to this new speed aggression that seemed unreal and totally of different contrast as opposed to Speed metal.

Basically that was my point.

And like you said.

Master Of Puppets was the most influential for every kid of rock/metal music.

The Black Album or more appropriately; Metallica was the one that broke them to the mainstream and made them sell over a 110 million albums today.

Load was the record that divided everyone but still inadvertently supported them somewhat.

ReLoad had the same effect.

st. Anger was I guess the true record that fucked everyone over. I still don't get the beef, I liked the record and I can head-bang to a song called Shoot Me Again any day!

I do understand the beef but I still don't like it.

And Metallica wasn't the first official Thrash metal band out there. Just watch "Get Thrashed!" and you'll get the whole phenomena around this music.

They were just the first band to successfully create and inspire a whole new breed of fans through their first record.

Then just so happened that they eventually became the highest grossing metal band in the world!

And no Black Sabbath doesn't count! They really fucked themselves over with several different singers throughout the 80's and 90's.

Led Zeppelin doesn't cut it either. They weren't really metal.

There you got my response.

All the best!


No need for the walls of text praising (or criticizing) Metallica and explaining thrash metal, dude. I did my homework... (And if you read any of what is in this story so far, you will probably notice that, too. I mean, the song choices alone aren't coincidental... :raritywink:)

I think we can agree that Kill 'Em All was the record to popularize thrash metal (before then, the genre was far too underground for people to take notice). If I was to name a pioneer of it though, then it would be Diamond Head for example, which, by the way, was a huge influence on Metallica. Just listen to James' singing around 1982: he was clearly imitating that of Sean Harris.


Hmm? Indeed I see you've done your share of homework like myself.



Well that's pretty cool to see another Metallica fan like myself here on Fimfic.

I will ask one last question and you won't have to hear about me talking about Metallica anymore.

Actually two questions or maybe three...

1. Your favorite and worst album by them?

2. Favorite song?

3. Do you think Lars and James are different in musicianship wise?

4. You think they are too overrated, despite the amount of revitalization they've done to the scene of music?


1. Your favorite and worst album by them?

fave: Master of Puppets
worst: this is a tough one for me... the one I listen to the least is a tie between Lulu and St. Anger (though the former isn't really a "Metallica record", but more of a collab)

I don't hate either, by the way. I praise the effort to do something different, I just don't think the result was very good (and no, not because "omg it isnt metal!!11!!1")

2. Favorite song?

Master of Puppets :duck:

3. Do you think Lars and James are different in musicianship wise?

I have no idea, to be honest. As far as I know, they wrote most of the songs together, but I can't tell how they affected each other during the songwriting process itself. I just look at the finished product. Obviously, there must be differences, but these two seem to be able to work together well enough.

4. You think they are too overrated, despite the amount of revitalization they've done to the scene of music?

Look, I have the utmost respect for their achievements. They have a successful career in music. They are known and loved by millions around the world. I am not. It's as simple as that... :derpytongue2:

All that said, yes, in some ways I think they are overrated. But maybe "overrated" isn't the right word. I would much rather say outdated nowadays. In my opinion, they need to start evolving their music, rather than do the whole "going back to our roots" BS. It might have been fun 30 years ago, but the world has changed since then. Oddly enough, despite all the hate that it gets, Lulu was (sort of) a step in that direction, and the response of the fans reflects worse on them than on the band... :trollestia:

Still, this is the reason why I have since "moved on" from Metallica as my main influence, although I still listen to them a lot whenever I need my "metal fix"... :raritywink:

Also: I always enjoy discussing them (or anything, really), so feel free to throw whatever you want at me... :twilightsmile:

One is by far my favourite song by Metallica.


Uh... okay? :rainbowderp:

We didn't get that far just yet... :derpytongue2:

Twas just throwing it out there...didn't really mean anything about it.

When is there a new episode coming out or is there something that made you not do mmore,sorry I'm new here:twilightblush:


Next chapter is in the works. It's currently stuck at around 30% done. While it isn't cancelled, I have a ton of other projects to work on, so I couldn't bring myself to add anything to it for now...

Stay tuned! :raritywink:

I just read the first chapter and me being the biggest Motorhead fan in my town, I got the biggest grin on my face when I heard the Motorhead logo being described. This fic is excellent!


Thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying it so far.

I guess it's about time I upped the ante by releasing a new chapter... :duck:

about time you got a new chapter out. what kept you, buddy?


Partly due to lack of motivation, but mostly due to other projects. I'm working on at least five other stories simultaneously, and that's not even counting IRL stuff... :ajsleepy:

4919742 ah yes, I know both those feelings well. For eight long years I've been fighting a stalemate with them. You sir have a better chance than I. I wish you luck, brother.

Hm... haven't read yet, but I wonder which chapter Dave Mustang will leave the band and starts his own, Pegadeth. :rainbowlaugh:

This story... man, this is Metal.

Not just the band, but the way you describe things. Brash and loud. I love it.




SPOILER ALERT: that incident isn't included in this fic, as are a number of things in the real band's history. It starts off with the "1983-86" lineup straight away. That doesn't mean "Pegadeth" won't make an appearance, though... :trollestia:


Thank you. I do the best I can. :duck:

no... it was cancelled... why?
I just readed the story now, you should contine :twilightsmile:


It was an old ambition of mine, and while I enjoy the ideas I had for it, ultimately this story was never going anywhere. Thanks for the encouragement though. :raritywink:

Video not available, what was the first song?

Nice using ‘Ace of Spades’ as the insperation for Metallicolt, but the description of the song doesn’t exactly line up with the song itself. Sure it’s fast, yeah, it’s crazy, and the vocals are incredibly raspy as well as the bass being tuned incredibly high. But it’s not that heavy.

This story needs a profanity tag. Geez!

It is really great though.


Thanks. Back when I started, it seemed like a unique and fun idea. Unfortunately it wasn't too popular, and in retrospect, the concept is kind of silly.

Sorry I’m late on this, I don’t remember getting a notif for it, but I decided to make a fanfic sort of inspired by this one, it’s about DragonForce though, and I instead try to keep the history stable while giving the story an element of fiction (although this is likely to change after the next couple chapters), as I really have no clue what happened

I may or may not have included Metallicolt in the story XD, but they’e not a major character or anything.


Ha, thanks. Good to have at least some payoff from this fic after so many years.

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