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Thank you for your entry! We look forward to reading it, and best of luck.

I'm always in awe of Obab. It's almost unfair for someone to have such a cultivated and diverse talent set (director, actor, editor, writer) but here we are. I love the Apple-Dash here. It reminds me of "Lost Time" in the sense that the characterization and the relationship in that fic were the standard to which I judge all Apple-Dash. I can't express enough how Scribbler's figurative language never fails to surprise me with its visceral verisimilitude. Like this line, "a tingling like being rubbed with wax-coated feathers" just hit me so hard. Like, I've never been rubbed with wax-coated feathers- but I can instantly imagine what this would feel like (and I have goosebumps thinking about it). Always a treat, this is a very cohesive, compelling, character driven story.

Well, you’ve shown your skill of penmanship once again, and, uhm... you’re gonna win this, I think that everyone kinda knows this, so let me just say, it’s an honor to lose to you.

Comment posted by Flora Blossom deleted September 28th

:3 I think I should read this on October!!! 1st!!!

“Hello, Absentia,” she rasped.

Oh no

Honestly I don’t think so. If I were taking bets I’d say Shaslan’s entry is ripe to win it all this time around.

Well, you have a point, we can’t forget O Daughter of Babylon, but still top three. It’s beautifully written, cohesive, interesting, and it sucks you in. The four big points to make a story great. Your story, Checkmate, and Babylon have all four of those points covered. Mine has interesting, Bronywriter has interesting and cohesive, Kaidan has interesting, cohesive, and it sucks you in. Not to knock on their stories, but they don’t have all four points. I’m not even going to touch the issues my story has, but they have good stories.

Whew, well that was a rollercoaster now wasn't it? This story felt like a combination of both the story 'A Rocket To Insanity' as well as the basic 'The Rainbow Factory' story. An interesting combination, one that was executed incredibly well. It's fascinating to know that sometimes, it only takes just one choice to completely alter a universe. (Although, unless that factory truly exists in this story's timeline, then this is a bit of a stretch).

Gotta say, definitely liked the usage of Discord's dimension being the catalyst for this happening. Not many stories look that deeply into that dimension, so seeing stuff like this is very cool to see. Overall, a nice tribute to the original if I do say so myself. Yet another mighty fine job Scribbler, thanks for the story. :twilightsmile:

I wish you luck in the contest!

Comment posted by FortressMaximus deleted September 29th

Do you wanna know what I hate?

F*cking cliffhangers! :ajbemused:

Comment posted by Blue-Bolt deleted September 30th

Many horror stories end up being open ended like this.

Well done Scribbler! Such an interesting take.

OK, for clarification I didn't hate the story, I very much enjoyed it with anticipation
It's just when a story ends openly I have many theories in my head how it would continue.
So, well done Scribbler

“Hello, Absentia,” she rasped.

that's an awesome cliffhanger

Congratulations on placing in the Rainbow Factory contest, Scribbler!

Please contact me for prize distribution when you’re able :)

Its scribbler so OBVIOUSLY whatever she rights is automatically great

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