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Idk what to say about myself, just someone that enjoys stories made by really talented people. Also a newb writer, can't forget that.


After the ending of gen 4, a young brony that joined the fandom shortly after words, would looked forward to what the new generation will have in store. What he didn't count on was being dragged into a world unlike his own, and unlike the world he has knowledge of.

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Good start, Karma.
Great start, even.

but you need an editor. I see tense changes, I see lacking commas, I see extra commas.

I'd offer, but I don't know if I'd have time.

thank you, I'm happy it is a good start.

As for an editor I thank you for the offer, heck I welcome anyone who wants to help out. Maybe learn some things about writing as well.


The idea is AMAZING! I love what you're trying to do.

but you really need an editor. Someone that can take the time to look over your stuff, find plot holes, fix grammar, etc.

Get one, Please. Because I really want to read this.
Ask around. I'm sure there's someone you talk to that can help you out one chapter at a time.

ask around for an editor. I can't commit to it right now, unfortunately.

but please do so. The story idea is amazing and I want more of it.

I had a similar idea. Just don’t have the time! I read this when I have the time.

As for an Editor try the group Looking for Editor


Good start. It's interesting to see what kind of stories come out of the HiE genre when G5 is utilized.

As the others have said, you should find an editor. There are plenty of grammar and vocabulary mistakes in this. The most irritating example, to me at least, is the incorrect use of the word pegasi. The word you're looking for is pegasus.

Pegasi is the word's plural form.

actually I'm looking for an editor right now, and hopefully I find one soon.

I can edit, if you need it!

This story is very interesting. I’m enjoying it

thank you, I'm happy your enjoying the story so far.

Yes! Finally someone is making a brony in equestrian in the g5 timeline. Maybe this story can help give an alternative light to the movie. I’m still wondering why they decided to destroy Twilight’s hard work in making friends with every creature. Not to mention completely wreck all the lore we learned in g4. For instance who in controlling the sun and moon right now? Is their a hidden alicorn we will be finding and what about all the creatures we met in g4? Did they all go extinct? Gah so many unanswered questions!!!

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