• Published 4th Oct 2021
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Strange New World - karmathewriter

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A new Beginning

Boring, Just boring. That’s one thing I can say about my life. Always getting up, trying to find something to do, learning for college then getting back to bed. Sometimes on days like these you just want something interesting to happen, even if it was something incredibly small… It would at least be interesting.

I enjoyed watching gen 4 of my little pony, sure it’s for little girls, but hey I’m a lover of all kinds of animated shows. The characters were awesome and fun, the stories sometimes had good morals or just a good laugh and the world had such interesting lore. So seeing the ending of the series sucked and hearing that a new gen was coming made me quite anxious.

Just thinking about how they could mess up the show by focusing on the market aspect of the franchise and ignoring the story sent shivers down my spine. As the many reviews I sometimes read say: “A good story has more marketing sway than making the series into a commercial.” Maybe I’m being unfair to the new writers and talents coming in to work on the new gen, so I decided to wait and watch the movie when it was coming out.

So when it was released on Netflix, I was ready. I made myself some popcorn, a cold can of soda and got myself comfortable on the bed. I had this feeling that this would be my chance to experience what many of the gen 4 bronies experienced when they first watched the season premiere of friendship is magic.

Boy was I taken on a loop. For some reason the movie was glitching out on me. Different colors, static vision, cutting audio…it almost felt like it was being possessed by something. So naturally I got up, looked at it for a bit and tried to figure out the problem with my TV or WIFI. I did manage to see the beginning of the movie where they had a little animation sequence of the mane 6. Seeing our main character Sunny playing with them was a nice little throwback to gen 4 and an unexpected introduction too.

As her dad closed the door of his daughter's room, the TV turned completely black. I was really angry because I was hoping to see how the movie would turn out but as I headed to my router and the WIFI to see if it was a technical problem, I felt the air being pulled away from me. I turned around and stared in shock at my TV. Where the screen should have been was, what seemed to be, a portal.

It was consuming anything that wasn’t nailed to the floor. At least that was what I thought at first. I started to be pulled into the void, grabbing the door to not get sucked into the portal. I was completely scared out of my mind and before I lost my grip I screamed: “What the heck is going on here!?“. Those were my last words before I was flung into the void.

When I was in it, I saw light at the other side of where I got sucked in. Feeling myself being pulled into the light, I thought to myself: “what is happening to me!? And why me of all people?“. Little did I know that this was the beginning of something new. My wish of something interesting happening came true and now I got a chance to explore a world just waiting to be explored and discovered!

Author's Note:

I like to thank G-Cis for editing the first chapter, hopefully it'll be less of a grammer mess then I made it :twilightsheepish:. I hope you'll enjoy the story and what's to come in the future.