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Pretty good! Like the banter. Also noticed how the movie saved you having to write dialogue for a bit. lol . Works well, though!

I'm not done writing, this was only the first chapter. It wasn't so much 'saving' me as I wanted to intertwine it directly into the movie so I tossed in a few bits of dialogue directly from it to make that organic. I wouldn't have shied away from it being longer if I felt that necessary.

This is a really cute fic for an absolutely adorable couple. Can't wait to read more.

omfg this is too cute, aaaaaa, my heart! Idk what it is, but since watching the movie, I can imagine these things better.

That was gorgeous, well done!


Nicely done, Scout!

Some adorable romance! This chapter turned out great!

I like this story. I can not wait till the next chapter comes out.

Goddamnit! I’m addicted to this story. Izzy and Sunny are just so incredibly cute. Also really nice intertwining the Movie with your story! Love it, can’t wait to see more! Those two just bring an instant smile to my face

I'm on the edge of my seat for any new Izzyscout stories and/or chapters, so seeing this updated so quickly is like finding an oasis in the desert~
I'm still in that stage of discovering a new ship where experiencing more is never enough, so thanks for feeding my addiction, I suppose! :twilightblush:

A wonderfully cute and well-written dynamic here, I'm definitely gonna have to write some fluffy stuff of my own about these two before my heart thumps outta my chest at how adorable these two are, both individually and together.


I love them so much, even the clop is adorable and tender, I love it! <3

Nicely done, Scout.

Thank you! That’s very nice feedback. I envisioned these scenes while watching the movie and I’m just glad that everything worked so well! I’ve watched the movie about 4 times to achieve this, so it wasn’t without work!

I know!!! I thought there’d be way more IzzyScout fics around. You definitely should write some, I’d love to read that. BTW, have you joined my IzzyScout group? As far as update speed I’m probably going to switch to every other day instead of daily starting today, so don’t worry!!

Thanks! The tender stuff is sort of my forte, I think. I appreciate your comments a lot, though. I was hoping this story would be way more of a hit and it’s a little sad seeing it kind of bomb, so comments like yours are definitely keeping me going. There’s still time for it to hit feature box, I suppose!

I’m writing as fast as I can!

Thanks, Slip Slops!

Didn’t they also have a moment to themselves in the jail cell? Also one thing I’m curious about, not sure if you have plans to address this, but the idea that Sunny is only in love with Izzy because she’s a unicorn. Like, what if she didn’t have the horn, would that have been a deal breaker? 🤔

I decided to skip past the jail cell scene. It didn't really speak to me as much as the other scenes. Plus we had a very limited view of it.
As for your suggestion, we'll have to see. It's an interesting angle but I don't think it fits for where I'm going with this.

“Everypony make yourselves at home! Mi Casa, Su Casa!” Izzy gestured grandly as the other ponies were already settling in. Sunny glanced at the precisely one too few sleeping spaces.

Shouldn’t that be Mi Casa Es Su Casa?

I’m sure that’s the more grammatically correct version, but when English speakers use it as a turn of phrase I’ve always heard “Mi Casa Su Casa”


I'm having an overdose of cute heartburn, and I love it.

Another good chapter, well done!

I will die of diabetes with this.

"Here lies Hakuno: He read too much cute fiction."

this is so good. I always judge characterization and yours is spot on.

Chapter 3 was good too. The previous chapters led to it naturally and the simplicity of it was perfect.

I'm now watching this because this is officially my favorite ship of gen 5 now.

Unicorns couldn’t actually read minds.

i.pinimg.com/originals/dd/c5/21/ddc521a427c9e60a5801fad1651ac450.png Say hello to my friend Ribbon, and her adorable mini-me daughter Baby Ribbon.

Ribbon is a unicorn that can read minds. That's right, she is a telepathic unicorn.

It's funny to me how these things can come full circle, and in what ways.

Huh 🤔 so you have more planned? Cause I’ll be honest; it could probably end here and I would be satisfied, but at the same time I definitely see more you could do 😅

I have 1-2 chapters more planned, but I’m gonna take a bit more time with them, maybe up to a week. After that, a Hitch x Pipp story.

Thank you! I pride myself on being a character writer first and foremost and I spend stupid amounts of time studying character mannerisms and rewatching clips to really get it down.

Yeah, it just reminded of of that character is all.

it shows.

wish I could commit like that. Unfortunately (fortunately?) everything I write tweaks them ever so slightly into my own version of them. No matter how hard I try.

I like this very very much and require more.

Okay, I didn't expect Izzy to turn all seductive there.

I can only describe this story as tooth rotting fluff. And I love it.

Anyone can, but it’s a matter of dedication, I think!

I’m trying! Sometime this weekend for sure. Cross my heart.

Izzy knows what she’s got. Just wait until you read the next chapter.

You know you're right I actually made time yesterday to rewatch the movie cuz I really had to study zip p

Yes, yes Izzy does. It was very adorable.

That was super fluffy.

I do think this pairing will become more common as things move forward by the way. It feels very natural.


I’m trying! Sometime this weekend for sure. Cross my heart

You liar!

Take this seriously and I will slap you

Sorry. I had a migraine that pretty much ruined my whole weekend. There was a lot I didn’t get done. I’m trying, though. :raritydespair:

I absolutely love this story. It is stories like this that move Izzy x Sunny much closer to being my # 1 ship, even above Starlight x Twilight and Starlight x Trixie

Still in the works, don’t worry! I’ve been very very busy with IRL stuff. It’s complicated.

And thus the shipping begins... and it was good.

Being that it's been a decently long enough amount of time and I haven't even approached the next chapter, I'm going to mark this story as complete. After a reread I'm satisfied with how it ends and see no reason to add another chapter.

I may, in the future, write an epilogue or a sequel. Never rule that out!

Thanks for reading!

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